DC Events & Crossovers By A-Z

Contagion (1996)

Crossover: A deadly plague hits Gotham City and Batman’s race for a cure begins.

Day of Judgement (1999)

Crossover: When Hell freezes over, the JLA and Sentinels of Magic seek out a new host for the Spectre

Event Leviathan (2019-2020)

Major Event: Superman uncovers a deadly new conspiracy when Leviathan rises, threatening to turn the world upside down and prompting Lois Lane to form her own team

Final Orbit (1998)

Crossover: The WildCATs face some very familiar Aliens as StormWatch face their final days

The Gathering (2012-2013)

Minor Crossover: What will become of Earth 2 when the forces of Apokolips return and the heroes are gone?

The Golden Age (2021)

Crossover: Superman prepares to pass the torch to his son, Jon Kent, as Warworld looms

Heck’s Angels (1999)

Crossover: Supergirl and Young Justice descend below ground to a demonic ‘70s disco – a special kind of Hell…

Hunt and be Hunted (2013)

Minor Crossover: Power Girl and Huntress are just trying to get home to Earth 2, but DeSaad’s involvement may cost Power Girl more than she bargained for

JLApe: Gorilla Warfare (1999)

Crossover: Can the Justice League stop an uprising in Gorilla City before they fully transform into apes? 

Kal-El Returns (2022-2023)

Related Events: Superman is back from Warworld, but what’s the fate of that conflict-fuelled planet and what new threats await him on Earth?

Legends (1986-1987)

Major Crossover: Darkseid’s plan to discredit the heroes of Earth has major ramifications for the Justice League. 

The Passenger (2021)

Crossover: Midnighter travels from Warwrold’s future to the present DC Universe to end a megalomaniac’s plan to evolve humanity by force.

Reverse (2013)

Crossover: There’s a new Flash in town… and he wants all other speedsters dead!

Sinestro Corps War (2007-2008)

Major Crossover: The Green Lantern Corps come under attack from Sinestro’s new army of fear-based Lanterns

Sins of Youth (2000)

Crossover: Young Justice get to prove their worth when the adult and kid hero teams switch age!

Trinity War (2013)

Major Crossover: Three Justice League go to war to prevent unlimited evil from being unleashed on Earth

Villains Month (2013)

Themed Event: The villains of the DC Universe take the spotlight

The Warworld Saga (2021-2022)

Major Crossover: Superman journeys to Warworld for an epic showdown with the titanic cosmic conqueror Mongul

Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? (1986)

Crossover: It’s the end of a legend when the Legion of Super-Heroes signal the ‘Last Days of Superman’

World’s Most Dangerous (2013)

Crossover: ARGUS’ own Justice League uncover the Secret Society

Y2K (2000)

Crossover : Metropolis truly becomes the City of Tomorrow when the deadliest incarnation of Brainiac takes control of the place Superman calls home

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