World’s Most Dangerous (2013) Reading Order

The Advanced Research Group Uniting Super-Humans (ARGUS) wasn’t created just to liase with the Justice League. It was created to monitor them. But now that Superman and Wonder Woman are an item, the US Government are concerned that there may be a more sinister agenda at work. Amanda Waller is about to create a new Juastice League of America for ARGUS. One that they control. One that can take down the Justice League.   DC Comics’ New 52 continuity expands as we begin to delve into a Secret Society who’ve been hinted at since the Justice League made their debut.

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Crossover: The launch of the new Justice League of America series technically counts as a crossover, though the related issues and tie-in stories aren’t essential reading.  

Must Reads: Story arcs marked with a ✔are must-read stories from this time period, along with any key related stories and often-forgotten tales that are worth a read.  

Anthology Issues: When an issue contains multiple stories, the relevant story is denoted with square brackets. For example, [2/5] refers to the second story of the five stories in that issue, so you don’t need to read the other four.   

First appearances: The listed debuts are in reference to the Prime-Earth versions of each character or team

Previous events that directly impact this story:

  • THE BLACK DIAMOND PROBABILITY – Catwoman breaks into the Black Room

Want to keep it simple? Here’s the chronological reading order without story descriptions, or spoilers:

  •      Justice League of America’s Vibe #1
  • Justice League of America #1
  •      Justice League of America’s Vibe #2
  •      Katana #2
  • Justice League of America #2
  • Justice League of America #3
  •      Catwoman #19
  • Justice League of America #4
  • Justice League of America #5
  •      Savage Hawkman #19 (tie-in)
  •      Savage Hawkman #20 (tie-in)

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Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Justice League of America’s Vibe #1
Young Cisco Ramon was struck by unknown energy in an alley near his Michigan home, five years ago during Darkseid’s attempted invasion of Earth. A Parademon took the life of his brother. Now, one of Amanda Waller’s ARGUS agents tells Cisco he knows about his powers and offers him justice. Giving him the codename Vibe, Agent Dale Gunn uses Cisco to track down a Parademon. He fully taps into his abilities and kills the creature. ARGUS recruit Vibe to help then handle other dimensional incursions occurring in Michigan since Darkseid’s attack. Now he’s a member of the all-new Justice League of America and he makes the mistake of telling his older brother, Dante Ramon. Back at ARGUS, Waller has a number of super-powered prisoners, including Darkseid’s daughter…

1st appearance: Vibe/Cisco Ramon, Cybernary/Katrina Cupertino (cameo), Agent Dale Gunn, Gypsy/Cynnthia Mordeth (cameo), Krakkl (cameo), Armando Ramon, Dante Ramon
Justice League of America #1
Five years ago, Professor Ivo met with a secret benefactor. Now, Amanda Waller proposes a new Justice League of America to Steve Trevor – one that they control and can take down the real Justice League. She lists her recruits as Hawkman, Katana, Vibe, Stargirl, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern (Simon Baz) & Catwoman. Green Arrow infiltrates the Secret Society as the Dark Hunter and finds out who’s in charge. He gets back to ARGUS, but flatlines before he can tell Steve Trevor…

1 appearance: Stargirl/Courtney Whitmore, Justice League of America
Justice League of America’s Vibe #2 (pp.1-16)
ARGUS see Vibe revealing his secret identity to his brother through his glasses. While Vibe tries to figure out why ARGUS chose him, Agent Gunn calls on him for a mission to stop an other-dimensional creature in downtown Michigan. The creature tries to reason with Vibe, but Gunn takes it down. The creature is a courier with a message for ARGUS’ captive Gypsy, asking her to come home.

1st appearance: Gyspy/Cynnthia Mordeth (full appearance)

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Katana #2
In San Fransisco, as part of her mission to restore the Outsiders, Katana convinces Thrust to be her spy within the Sword Clan. He helps get her into the Clan’s private show to face Sickle, her deceased husband’s brother and leader of the Sword Clan. He invites her to join and she promises to consider it. Outside, Steve Trevor recruits Katana into the Justice League of America to deal with Catwoman. In Gotham City, Killer Croc decides he wants Katana’s Soultaker sword.

1st appearance: Thrust
Justice League of America #2 [2/2]
Martian Manhunter stops a would-be assassin sent to kill the President, convincing him that the new Justice League are needed.
Justice League of America #2 [1/2] (pp.1-5)
The Scarecrow is rescued on his way to Arkham Asylum by the mysterious benefactor who recruits him into the Secret Society.
Justice League of America’s Vibe #2 (p.17)
Vibe attends the press event announcing the Justice League of America. Amanda Waller decides to test his powers against Kid Flash…
Justice League of America #2 [1/2] (pp.6-11)
The Justice League of America meet each other for the first time.
Justice League of America’s Vibe #2 (pp.18-20)
Vibe attends the press event announcing the Justice League of America. Amanda Waller decides to test his powers against Kid Flash
Justice League of America #2 [1/2] (pp.12-20)
Martian Manhunter probes Green Arrow’s mind and finds out he was beaten by a Batman. Steve leads the League to England and the site where Green Arrow was found. They’re attacked by dark versions of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Justice League of America #3 [1/2] (pp.1-10)
Waller keeps Stargirl back from the dangerous Society mission to run PR pieces. In England, Katana decapitates Wonder Woman, revealing this ‘Trinity’ to be robots built by Professor Ivo. Vibe destroys the robots, but the team can’t find a Secret Society HQ.
Justice League of America #3 [2/2]
Martian Manhunter probes Catwoman’s mind to see if she’s betrayed the team. He learns someone has stolen her identity, but Manhunter is unaware that she’s seeing his past, too.
Justice League of America #3 [1/2] (pp.11-18)
Later, the JLA stage the capture of Catwoman so that she’ll be rescued and recruited by the Secret Society.

1st appearance: Puzzler
Catwoman #19
Following her ‘capture’ at the hands of the Justice League of America, Catwoman is taken to Arkham Asylum. Catwoman rails against Dr Jeremiah Arkham’s attempted treatments. She allies with Vortex as part of her plan to escape, but inevitably betrays him. Catwoman escapes via the bizarre Gotham Underground, and flees…
Justice League of America #3 [1/2] (pp.18-20)
The Society send Blockbuster and Signalman to bring Catwoman in aggressively…

1st appearance: Signalman/Phillip Cobb
Justice League of America #4 [1/2]
ARGUS scientist Dr Arthur Light studies the coin Green Arrow recently confiscated from Multiplex, which he uses to locate Catwoman. Stargirl stows away on the JLA’s Invisible Jet for their mission to rescue Catwoman. While Catwoman herself escapes her bonds and discovers a map of the Batcave in the Society’s Hidden Manor. The JLA arrive and are attacked by the Shaggy Man. Catwoman is recaptured. The secret benefactor phones Dr Light and shoots Catwoman in the head…

1st apperance: Dr Arthur Light, Shaggy Man

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Justice League of America #4 [2/2]
During his fight with Professor Ivo’s Shaggy Man, Martian Manhunter recalls how his people died in flames at the hands of Thoth while he was away on a rite of passage. Martian Manhunter came to Earth and killed Thoth, only to release his sprit and create an enemy. In the present, the Manhunter takes the form of Catwoman…
Justice League of America #5
Simon Baz returns to Earth with B’dg following the war with Volthoom (see WRATH OF THE FIRST LANTERN), finding Arthur Light glowing and unconscious at ARGUS HQ. The benefactor plans on dumping Catwoman’s body on Batman’s doorstep. Instead, ‘Catwoman’ reveals himself as the Martian Manhunter and fights back against the Society alongside the real Catwoman. Stargirl and Green Arrow arrive and take out Ivo’s robots and discover the Manor is powered by an imprisoned super-being called Chronos. The JLA flee the Manor with Chronos, Ivo and others as it teleports away. Steve Trevor introduces the Green Lantern to the team, while Arthur Light exhibits superhuman powers…

1st appearance: Chronos/David Clinton
Savage Hawkman #19 (tie-in)
Hawkman departs ARGUS, questioning their need for a second League. The next day, Carter Hall helps Emma Ziegler get her father to a special Alzheimer’s facility. Professor Ziegler discovers questionable practices. Carter becomes Hawkman and, with Emma, find themselves faced with a hulking Professor Ziegler and the equally-massive Blockbuster! Hawkman is knocked unconscious before the two behemoths fight over Emma…
Savage Hawkman # 20 (tie-in)
Carter Hall and summons the JLA. As he falls unconscious again, the Nth Metal transforms him into a fully-armoured Hawkman. He violently despatches Blockbuster. The JLA arrive and take him into custody. Professor Ziegler transforms back. Dr Phayne is arrested. Hawkman leaves Emma Ziegler and dedicates himself to the Justice League of America.

Must ReadsIssues & FalloutEvent / Crossover
Catwoman #22-24, 26 (2013-2014)
Catwoman gets her chance to explore the Gotham Underground, though it’s far more dangerous than she expected.
Justice League of America’s Vibe #3-5 (2013)
Vibe clashes with Kid Flash and questions ARGUS’ motives; Gypsy escapes ARGUS with Vibe’s help, prompting Amanda Waller to send the Suicide Squad after him.
Katana #3-6 (2013)
Both Killer Croc and the Creeper try to stake their claim on the Soultaker Sword; the Sword Clan rescind their offer for Katana to join.
Justice League of America’s Vibe #6-8 (2013)
Vibe is incarcerated by ARGUS; Darkseid’s daughter escapes ARGUS; Armando Ramon is revealed to have survived his encounter with the Parademons, gaining reality-hopping powers and taking the name Rupture.
All-Star Western #19-21 (2013)
Booster Gold’s whereabouts is revealed – he’s travelled back in time to the Wild West.
Justice League of America’s Vibe #9-10 (2014)
Vibe returns to ARGUS and resumes his role of searching for incursions.
Justice League #22-23 (2013)
The Justice League of America confront the Justice League; inducted as a member of the Justice League of America, Doctor Light is killed by an out-of-control Superman; the Secret Society’s benefactor names himself the Outsider; the true purpose of Pandora’s Box is revealed.

Must ReadsIssues & FalloutEvent / Crossover
Forever Evil: ARGUS #1-2 (2013-2014)
Doctor Light is resurrected and turned against Steve Trevor and ARGUS.
Forever Evil #4 (2013)
Blockbuster is reunited with the Secret Society.
Forever Evil: Arkham War #4 (2014)
Vortex is among the criminals who have escaped arkham thanks to the Secret Society.

Justice League of America #14 (2014)
The Justice League of America disbands.
Catwoman #35-37 (2014-2015)
Eiko Hasiwaga is the woman who’s stolen Catwoman’s identity
Superman/Wonder Woman #27 (2016)
The Puzzler robot is destroyed.
Justice League #40 (2015)
Darkseid’s daughter Grail makes her first full appearance.
Justice League of America: The Atom #1 (2017)
Chronos is revealed to have woken from his coma.
Infinite Frontier #0 (2021)
Sylvester Pemberton – the Star-Spangled Kid – makes his debut.
Stargirl Spring Break Special #1 (2021)
The fate of the Star-Spangled Kid is revealed.

Notable collected editions featuring the Worlds Most Dangerous…

Collected Edition TitleIncludes…
Justice League of America vol.1: World’s Most Dangerous
Justice League of America #1-5
Justice League: The New 52 Omnibus vol.1Justice League of America #1-5
Catwoman vol.4: Gotham UndergroundCatwoman #19
Justice League of America’s Vibe: BreachJustice League of America’s Vibe #1-2

Collected Edition TitleIncludes…
Katana vol.1: SoultakerKatana #2
Savage Hawkman vol.2: WantedSavage Hawkman #19-20

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