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Wraith War (1984-1985)

Related Events: Rom and the heroes of Earth in final battle with the Dire Wraiths

Bringing ‘Dawn of DC’ Superman to Life

Podcast Exclusive: We catch up with Jamal Campbell & Jahnoy Linsey at FanExpo Canada

INCOMING! October ’23 Collected Editions

Podcast & Video: Get your wallets ready, here is what to expect this October!

The United (2014-2015)

Minor Crossover: Will joining Unity meet Faith’s expectations of what it’s like to be on a super-team? 

Batman, Origins II: Batman & Robin

Reading Order: The Bat-Family expands in the Dark Knights early adventures.

The Origin of Three Jokers: Jason Fabok & Brad Anderson

Podcast Exclusive: We catch up with Jason Fabok & Brad Anderson at this years Canada FanExpo to talk all things Joker

Batman, Origins: Year One to the Long Halloween

Reading Order: The first three years of Dark Knight’s career

Green Hulk/Red Hulk (2008) Reading Order

Minor Crossover: There’s a new Hulk in town, and he’s a killer!

Bring On The Bad Guys: X-Men Villains Stories

Podcast & Video: We pick our Top Ten Villains who gave the X-Men a run for their money!

World War Hulk: Aftersmash! (2008) Reading Order

Minor Crossover: In the wake of ‘World War Hulk’ New York needs rebuilding while Hercules, Amadeus Cho and the Warbound go on the run…

Top Ten Geoff Johns

Podcast & Video: We pick our Top Ten stories from the DC comics writer. Do you agree?

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