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Comics Speakeasy The Death of Continuity?

Podcast & Video: Grab a drink and relax with the guys for another comics speakeasy

DC Comics Multiverse Collected Editions

Reviews: Looking for what to check out next head to our reviews section!

The Gathering (2012-2013)

Minor Crossover: What will become of Earth 2 when the forces of Apokolips return and the heroes are gone?

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.3 Spoiler Review

Podcast & Video: Eric & Dave talk us through the latest instalment of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3. Do you agree?

Marvel Cosmic: Guarding the Galaxy (2008-2011)

Reading Order: The Guardians, Nova, the Silver Surfer & others face an intergalactic war, the return of Thanos and the emergence of the darkest cosmic threat in history

INCOMING! June’ 23 Collected Editions

Podcast & Video: We are almost half way through the year, so check out what are our recommended summer reads before its too late!

Collector’ Item Special: Geekable Podcast

Podcast & Video: Nick Ricci from the most upbeat comics podcast on Earth shares five treasured comic runs from his collection

Doom Patrol: The New Earth/Vertigo Era (1987-2011)

Reading Order: The strangest heroes in the DC Universe just got stranger

Secret Invasion (2008-2009)

Reading Order: The Skrulls invade Earth and the division among the Avengers could mean the war is over before it’s begun!

Top Ten Most Wanted Non-Marvel/DC Comics

Podcast & Video: From Ninja Turtles to Transformers the guys pick their Top Ten series they would like to see get the Omniverse treatment

Creator Interview – Mike del Mundo

Podcast & Video: Eric catches up with comic artist Mike del Mundo!

Secret Invasion: The Infiltration (2008)

Event: The Avengers realise Earth has been infiltrated by shape-shifting Skrulls – is an invasion inevitable?

Top Ten John Romita Jr Comics

Podcast & Video: Eric & Dave hit their Top Ten John Romita Jr comics. Do you agree?

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