Ultimate Spider-Man: Peter Parker (2000-2018) Reading Order

Sure there are some truly amazing Spider-Man stories out there, but Marvel realised there’s an intimidating amount of history for potential new readers to take on, so they launched a fresher take on the Marvel Universe in 2000. The Ultimate Universe began with Ultimate Spider-Man as its flagship series and what a fantastic series it was! Taking Spider-Man back to his roots, this teenage Peter Parker was more relatable to a younger modern audience than his ’60s counterpart. And this new beginning gave Marvel the chance to tie his origins to his enemies in an entirely different way.

The additional benefit of this Peter Parker’s story is that it essentially has a beginning, middle and end. Unlike Earth-616‘s Spider-Man, this one would face down one of his foes in a final, fatal battle. Of course his story wouldn’t quite end there, but it can if you want it to! So, you can read a complete saga from start to finish with Ultimate Spider-Man.

If you choose to carry on, a new ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ would rise up in the form of Miles Morales, who’ll I’ll be providing a reading order for very soon…!

Below, you’ll find every appearance of Earth-1610‘s Spider-Man in chronological order. As always, I’d like to thank the guys over at the Marvel Chronology Project which I use as a basis and work out my own continuity. It’s worth noting that when I list a character’s first appearance, I’m referring to the first appearance of the Earth-1610 or ‘Ultimate’ version of that character.

2009 relaunch: The 2009 Ultimate Spider-Man series is often referred to as ‘Ultimate Comics Spider-Man’

Must Reads: Story arcs marked with a ✔ are must-read stories from this time period, along with any key related stories and often-forgotten tales that are worth a read.

When an issue contains multiple stories, the relevant story is denoted with square brackets. For example [2/5] refers to the second story of the five stories in that issue, so you don’t need to read the other four

Want to keep it simple? Here’s the core reading order without story descriptions, page-by-page breakdowns or less non-essential appearances – just the primary stories:

  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #1-7
  • Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #1
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #8
  • Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #2-3
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #9-13
  • Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #4-8, 10
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #14-17
  • Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #11-13
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #18-21
  • Marvel Team-Up #14-16
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #22-27
  •     Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special #1
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #28-32
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #½ 
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #33-46
  • Ultimate X-Men (2001) #34-37
  • Ultimate Six #1-7
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #47-65
  •     Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #66-67
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #68-85
  • Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #8696
  •     Ultimates 2 (2005) #11-13
  •     Ultimate X-Men (2001) #66-67
  • Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #2
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #97-111
  •     Ultimate Power #2-9
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #112-117
  •     Ultimate X-Men (2001) #91
  •     Ultimate Fantastic Four #52-53
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #118-120
  • Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #3
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #121-128
  •     Ultimates 3 #2
  •     Ultimate X-Men (2001) #96
  • Ultimate Origins #3-4
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #129
  • Ultimatum #1
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #130
  • Ultimatum #2
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #131-132
  • Ultimatum #4
  • Ultimatum: Spider-Man – Requiem #1-2
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2009) #1-15
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2011) #150-154
  • Ultimate Enemy #2-4
  • Ultimate Mystery #1-2
  • Ultimate Doom #3-4
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2011) #155-157
  • Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates #3-4
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (2011) #158-160
  • Ultimate Comics: All-New Spider-Man #200
  • Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #1-2, 4-5
  •     Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #6-7 (2014-2015)
  • Spider-Men II #5 (2018)

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Chronology: Every appearance of Ultimate Spider Man: Peter Parker from this period is included in chronological order, mapping out their timeline rather than just the order the issues were released.
Spoilers: The issue/story overviews may include spoilers, so be warned!

Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesCrossover / Event
Ultimate Spider-Man #1-7 (2000-2001)
Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider on a school trip to Osborn Industries; Peter develops powers and becomes Spider-Man, searching for fame and fortune until his uncle Ben Parker is murdered by a burglar; Norman Osborn tries to emulate Peter’s accident, transforming himself into the monstrous Green Goblin and clashing with Spider-Man.

1st appearances: Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Liz Allan, Betty Brant, J Jonah Jameson, Kenneth ‘Kong’ McFarlane, Otto Octavius, Harry Osborn, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, Ben Parker, May Parker, Joseph ‘Robbie’ Robertson, Captain John Stacy, Frederick ‘Flash’ Thompson, Ben Urich, Mary Watson, Mary Jane Watson, the Daily Bugle, Midtown High School, Oscorp/Osborn Industrial Earth-1610
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #1 (2001)
Spider-Man comes to Wolverine‘s aid when agents from the Weapon X Project attempt to kidnap him.
1st appearance: Sabretooth
Ultimate Spider-Man #8 (2001)
Spider-Man begins his mission to fight crime and discover the identity of the Kingpin.

1st appearances: Enforcers (Fancy Dan, Montana, Ox), the Shocker, Patsy Walker (cameo)
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #2-3 (2001)
Spider-Man tries to stop the rampage of a giant green monster called the Hulk, learning of a possible conspiracy that connects them both.

1st appearances: Hulk/Bruce Banner, General Thaddeus Ross
Ultimate Spider-Man #9-13 (2001)
Spider-Man’s clashes with Electro before his fateful confrontation with the Kingpin; Peter Parker decides to share his secret identity with someone.

1st appearances: Electro, Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, Patsy Walker (full) and Fisk Tower
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #4-8, 10 (2001-2002)
Spider-Man aids Iron Man against a band of SHIELD agents trying to obtain his IronTech; Spider-Man meets Daredevil when they both try to apprehend the Punisher; Spider-Man gets unexpected help from the Man-Thing when he pursues mutated geneticist Curt Conners.

1st appearances: Frank Castle/Punisher, Curt Conners/Lizard, Nick Fury, Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Nick Fury, Tony Stark/Iron Man, James Rhodes, Ted Sallis/Man-Thing, Stark Industries
Ultimate Spider-Man #14-17(pp.1-4) (2001-2002)
Having bonded to his mechanical tentacles, Doctor Octopus goes after Spider-Man; the rebellious Gwen Stacy joins Midtown High School; TV personality Kraven the Hunter decides to hunt Spider-Man himself.

1st appearance: Sharon Carter, Justin Hammer, Kraven the Hunter, Hank Pym, Gwen Stacy, Jimmy Woo, Hammer Industries
New identity: Otto Octavius as Doctor Octopus
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #11-13 (2002)
Spider-Man meets the X-MenXandu takes control of Spider-Man, employing him to attack new age guru Doctor Strange.

1st appearance: Stephen Strange Jr/Doctor Strange, Wong
Ultimate Spider-Man #17(pp.5-22)-21 (2002)
Spider-Man finds himself the target of both Doctor Octopus and Kraven the Hunter.

1st appearance: Eddie Brock (cameo), Flint Marko/Sandman
Marvel Team-Up #14-16 (2002)
Spider-Man meets SHIELD agent Black Widow and helps Shang-Chi take on local gangs.

1st appearances: Natasha Romanov/Black Widow, Shang-Chi
Ultimate Spider-Man #22-27 (2002)
The Green Goblin returns, looking to have his revenge on Spider-Man and those he blames for his condition.

1st appearance: Clay Quartermain, Dr Miles Warren
Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special #1(pp.1-30, 40-49, 52-64) (2002)
In a story that is hard to reconcile in terms of continuity, Peter Parker reads his essay on heroes to the class while recalling his first encounters with other superhumans; if you choose to consider this a part of continuity, then this features the first appearance of Blade and Elektra; the Fantastic Four‘s appearance here is definitely out of continuity, so I’ve omitted those pages from this guide.
Ultimate Spider-Man #28-32 (2002-2003)
A Spider-Man’ sullies the true Spider-Man’s name by committing crimes while wearing his costume; the imposter’s activities impact a close friend of Peter Parker.

1st appearance: Jean DeWolff, the Rhino
Ultimate Spider-Man #½ (2002)
Members of the public talk about how Spider-Man impacted their lives.

1st appearance: Danny Rand
Ultimate Spider-Man #33-45 (2003)
Peter Parker learns more about his father and his work on a bio-suit for Trask Industries; Eddie Brock tries to claim the suit, resulting in the birth of Venom; Nick Fury approaches Peter Parker with an offer; Spider-Man and the X-Men deal with an out-of-control mutant at Midtown High; Spider-Man first meets Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde) of the X-Men; Peter’s aunt May Parker starts goes to therapy because of Spider-Man.

1st appearances: Eddie Brock (full), Geldoff, Richard & Mary Parker (in flashback), the Suit/Venom Symbiote , Trask Industries;
New identities: Eddie Brock as Venom
Ultimate Spider-Man #46 (2003)
SHIELD agent Sharon Carter recalls an incident with Spider-Man in which he helped her apprehend the Sandman (taking place before the Green Goblin’s return).
Ultimate X-Men #34-37 (2003)
Weapon X’s pursuit of Wolverine leads them right to Peter Parker’s front door; Daredevil joins the fight against Tara.

1st appearance: Tara
Ultimate Six #1-2 (2003)
No Spider-Man appearance; Norman Osborn breaks out of the Triskelion, along with Doctor Octopus, Electro, Kraven the Hunter and Sandman

1st appearance: The Six

Ultimate Six #3-7 (2003-2004)
Norman Osborn blackmails Spider-Man into joining the Six and the group go up against the Ultimates.
Ultimate Spider-Man #47-65 (2003-2004)
Spider-Man clashes with the Kingpin and promises to take him down; Spidey finds an ally in the seductive Black Cat and the duo face the Kingpin’s bodyguard, Elektra; Doctor Octopus crashes the filming of ‘Arachno-Man‘ in Hollywood; the truth about Doctor Octopus’ powers are revealed; after battling the Gladiator, Spider-Man encounters the creature called Carnage who forces Peter Parker to suffer terrible loss.

1st appearances: Blade, Carnage, Walter Dini, Gladiator, Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, Sam Raimi, Ben Reilly, Tobey Maguire
Ultimate Spider-Man #66-67 (2004)
Wolverine and Spider-Man wake up in each other’s bodies (as in ‘mind-swapped’).
Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesCrossover / Event
Ultimate Spider-Man #68-85 (2005-2006)
Johnny Storm (the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch) starts attending Midtown High; Spider-Man goes to Doctor Strange for help against Nightmare; Harry Osborn follows in his father’s footsteps, becoming the Hobgoblin; the issues between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson come to a head; Hammerhead declares war on the Kingpin, forcing an alliance between Spider-Man, Moon Knight, Black Cat, Shang-Chi & Iron Fist.

1st appearances: Killer Shrike, Moon Knight, Nightmare, Mark Raxton
New identities: Harry Osborn as the Hobgoblin, Danny Rand as Iron Fist
Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1 (2005)
Spider-Man and Shadowcat team ups against the Rhino and the Shocker.
Ultimate Spider-Man #86[1/2]-88[1/2], 89-96 (2006)
Roxxon hire Silver Sable to kidnap Spider-Man; Spider-Man goes up against the VultureMojo Adams sends Deadpool and Bonebreaker to attack Spider-Man in the name of entertainment; the X-Men and Spider-Girl help defeat them; Spider-Man meets Morbius and teams up with him to fight vampires; Peter turns to Mary Jane in his hour of need.

1st appearances: Tandy Bowen, Blackie Drago/Vulture, Michael Morbius, Omega Red, Reavers (Bonebreaker, Cruise & Deadpool), Ringer, Donald Roxxon, Silver Sable & the Wildpack (Chen, Powell & Quentino), Elijah Stern/Tinkerer, the Wrecking Crew (Bulldozer, Piledriver, Thunderball & Wrecker), Damage Control, the Roxxon Corporation
New identity: Kitty Pryde as Spider-Girl
Ultimates 2 #11-13 (2006-2007)
Spider-Man cameo; Spider-Man lends the Ultimates a hand when the Liberators take over America.
Ultimate X-Men #66-67 (2006)
Kitty Pryde meets Peter Parker for a date, only for them to end up fighting thugs.

1st appearance: Elliot Boggs/Magician, Lilandra Neramani
Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #2 (2006)
The Punisher reveals the dark truth about Jean DeWolff when he, Moon Knight and Daredevil all end up gunning for the Kangaroo.

1st appearance: Frank Oliver/Kangaroo
Ultimate Spider-Man #97-111 (2006-2007)
Spider-Man discovers he’s been cloned; an old friend returns from the dead; Carnage returns along with a new goblin and Peter Parker’s father; the mastermind behind the clones is revealed; Peter Parker’s relationship status changes; Spider-Man forms a team with Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Moon Knight and Shang-Chi, dubbing themselves the Knights and charging themselves with taking down the Kingpin; one member of the Knights betrays the team; Aunt May finally talks to Peter about his lifestyle choices.

1st appearance: Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman, Henry Gyrich, Jessica Jones, Kaine, the Knights, Richard Parker (clone), Rose, Scorpion, Spider-Slayers, Spot, Tarantula
New identities: Mary Jane Watson as Demogoblin, Moon Knight as Ronin
Ultimate Power #2-9 (2007-2008)
Spider-Man arrives on the scene when the Squadron Supreme of Earth-31916 show up in his universe; the extent of Nick Fury’s meddling is revealed.
Ultimate Spider-Man #112-117 (2007-2008)
Carol Danvers takes over as Director of SHIELD; Norman Osborn and Electro break out and go after Spider-Man; Spidey has an awkward team up with Kitty Pryde; the Green Goblin and Hobgoblin battle to the death.
Ultimate X-Men #91 (2008)
Spider-Man cameo; Spider-Man is among the heroes who rise up against Apocalypse
Ultimate Fantastic Four #52-53 (2008)
Spider-Man briefly falls under the influence of Thanos.
Ultimate Spider-Man #118-120 (2008)
When one of Peter Parker’s friends reveals she’s a mutant, Magneto tries to recruit her to his cause; Firestar joins the X-Men.

New identity: Liz Allan as Firestar
Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #3 (2008)
The NYPD ask for Spider-Man’s help when a new villain called Mysterio emerges; Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson discuss their relationship.

1st appearance: Mysterio 2.0
Ultimate Spider-Man #121-128 (2008-2009)
Spider-Man recalls a recent fight with Omega Red and falls foul of the Shocker; Venom returns looking for revenge, just as Spider-Man’s dealing with the new menace called the Beetle; the Ultimates step in when Spider-Man falls under the Symbiote suit’s control; Venom battles Carnage.

New identity: Beetle, Adrian Toomes
Ultimates 3 #2 (2008)
Spider-Man’s attempt to assist the Ultimates goes poorly.

1st appearance: Lorelei

Ultimate X-Men #96 (2008)
Wolverine turns to Spider-Man for help. 
Ultimate Origins #3-4 (2008)
The cause of Richard and Mary Parker’s deaths is revealed.
Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesCrossover / Event
Ultimate Spider-Man #129 (2009)
Ultimatum #1(pp.1-20) (2009)
Ultimate Spider-Man #130(pp1-14) (2009)
Ultimatum #1(pp.21-24) / Ultimate Spider-Man #130(pp.15) (2009)
Ultimate Spider-Man #130(pp.15-20) (2009)
Ultimatum #2 (2009)
Ultimate Spider-Man #130
(pp.21-22)-132 (2009)
Ultimatum #4 (2009)
Ultimatum: Spider-Man – Requiem #1-2 (2009)
Magneto floods New York, endangering the lives of everyone including Peter Parker and his friends; Mary Jane Watson and Kitty Pryde fight over Peter’s affections; Spider-Man has a fateful battle with the Hulk that many believe has resulted in his death; J Jonah Jameson rethinks his stance on Spider-Man and recalls the moment he realised he was a hero; the Ultimates discover Spider-Man is alive.

1st appearance: Hydra
Ultimate Spider-Man #1-15 (2009-2010)
Six months after the flooding of New York, Peter Parker has a new love interest; Gwen, Bobby Drake (Iceman) and Johnny Storm (the Human Torch) have all moved in to Aunt May’s house; Mysterio makes his move to become the new crime lord of New York; Spider-Man battles the Serpent Squad, is reunited with Spider-Woman and almost has his life ruined by the Chameleon

1st appearance: Lana & Lori Baumgartner/Bombshells, Chameleon
New identities: Kitty Pryde as the Shroud, Rick Jones as Nova
Ultimate Spider-Man #150[1/2]-152 (2011)
Spider-Man recalls a series of clashes with various villains; Spider-Man’s latest mistake leads to him being sent to the Ultimates for training; the Black Cat returns.

1st appearances: Mangog, Whiplash, the Zodiac Key
Ultimate Spider-Man #153-154 (2011)
Mysterio’s battle with the Black Cat for possession of the Zodiac Key causes widespread destruction; Iron Man and Spider-Man face Mysterio head-on.
Ultimate Enemy #2-4 (2010)
Ultimate Mystery #1-2 (2010)
Ultimate Doom #3-4 (2011)
Spider-Man teams up with Nick Fury, Spider-Woman, Iceman, the Human Torch, the Invisible Woman and the Thing to investigate a mystery threat, resulting in the Thing’s powers drastically changing; Spider-Man continues to investigate the mystery with help from Captain Marvel; Spider-Man rejoins the fight when the mastermind and his plan are revealed.
Ultimate Spider-Man #155-157(pp.1-18) (2011)
Ultimate Spider-Man #157(pp.19-21) (2011) / Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates #3 (2011)
Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates #4 (2011)
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #158-160 (2011)
Norman Osborn returns to inflict his ultimate revenge on Spider-Man, reforming the Six with the Vulture as the final member; while fighting the Six, Spider-Man also ends up taking a bullet fired by the Punisher intended for Captain America, seriously wounding him; with the Six in disarray, Norman Osborn fight Spider-Man to the death.
Ultimate Comics: All-New Spider-Man #200 (2014)
Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #1-2, 4-5 (2014)
What happened to Peter Parker and Norman Osborn after their confrontation is revealed.
1st appearance: Spider-Man Twins
Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #6-7 (2014-2015)
Peter Parker heads off to live a peaceful life.
Spider-Men II #5 (2018)
The Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610) is revealed to still be in existence with Peter Parker taking up the mantle of Spider-Man once again.

A new Spider-Man emerges to take up Peter Parker‘s mantle:

  • ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN: Miles Morales (2011-2015)

However, Peter Parker’s story isn’t necessarily over…

Alternate versions of Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Earth-1610 style) from around the multiverse:

Universe Title, Issue & Synopsis
EARTH-TRN526Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #9 (2001)
Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special #1
(pp.31-39, 50-51) (2002)
An alternate version of Spider-Man teams up with the Fantastic Four; I’ve included the pages from the Super Special that don’t marry up, either; these stories were written before changes were made to how the FF and others were introduced to the Ultimate Universe.

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Collected Edition TitleCollects…
Ultimate Spider-Man Omnibus vol.1-3 OHCUltimate Six #1-7

Ultimate Spider-Man #1/2, 1-111

Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1-2
Ultimate Spider-Man: Death of Spider-Man Omnibus OHCUltimate Comics Avengers vs New Ultimates #1-6

Ultimate Fallout #1-6

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #15, 150-160
Ultimate Spider-Man vol.1-12 OHCUltimate Six #1-7

Ultimate Spider-Man #½, 1-133

Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1-3

Ultimatum: Spider-Man Requiem #1-2

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1-14
Ultimate Spider-Man vol.1-22 tpbUltimate Six #1-7

Ultimate Spider-Man #½, 1-133

Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1-3

Ultimate Spider-Man #123-133
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man vol.1-4 tpbUltimate Comics Spider-Man #1-15, 150-160
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up vol.1-3 tpbUltimate Marvel Team-Up #1-16

Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special #1

Collected Edition TitleCollects…
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up HCUltimate Marvel Team-Up #1-16

Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special #1
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up: Ultimate Collection tpbUltimate Marvel Team-Up #1-16

Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special #1
Ultimate X-Men vol.7: Blockbuster tpbUltimate X-Men #34-39
Ultimate X-Men vol.4 OHCUltimate X-Men #34-45
Ultimate X-Men: Ultimate Collection vol.4 tpbUltimate X-Men #34-45
Ultimate Origins tpb/HCUltimate Origins #1-5
Ultimatum tpb/HCUltimatum #1-5
Ultimatum OHCUltimates 3 #1-5

Ultimatum #1-5
Ultimatum Companion OHCMarch on Ultimatum Saga

Marvel Spotlight: Ultimatum

Ultimate Fantastic Four #58-60

Ulltimate Spider-Man #129-133

Ultimate X-Men #98-100

Ultimatum: Fantastic Four Requiem #1

Ultimatum: Spider-Man Requiem #1-2

Ultimatum: X-Men Requiem #1
Ultimatum Requiem tpbUltimatum: Fantastic Four Requiem #1

Ultimatum: Spider-Man Requiem #1-2

Ultimatum: X-Men Requiem #1
Ultimate Comics Doomsday OHCUltimate Comics Doom #1-4

Ultimate Comics Enemy #1-4

Ultimate Comics Mystery #1-4
Ultimate Comics Avengers Omnibus OHCUltimate Comics Avengers #1-6

Ultimate Avengers 2 #1-6

Ultimate Avengers 3 #1-6

Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates #1-6
Ultimate Comics Avengers vs New Ultimate’s: Death of Spider-Man tpb/HCUltimate Comics Avengers vs New Ultimates #1-6

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