Spider-Man Reading Order 1984-1986: Saga of the Alien Costume

1984 was the year Spider-Man received his first ever costume shake-up! The drastic change in his look was designed to coincide with the original SECRET WARS event, as well as the toy line of the same name. And while Spidey fans though they were just seeing a new look, there was more to his black... Continue Reading →

Ultimate Spider-Man Reading Order, 2000-2018: Peter Parker, Earth-1610

For part one of the complete Ultimate Universe Reading Order head HERE Sure there are some truly amazing Spider-Man stories out there, but Marvel realised there's an intimidating amount of history for potential new readers to take on, so they launched a fresher take on the Marvel Universe in 2000. The Ultimate Universe began with Ultimate Spider-Man as its flagship series and what... Continue Reading →

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