Invincible Universe Reading Order: Guarding the Globe & Beyond (2002-2018)

If you think Invincible is just another superhero comic, then give it a shot and stick with it. This series regularly breaks the rules in terms of what’s ‘supposed’ to happen in superhero titles. The mistakes Mark Grayson makes far outweigh any errors in judgement that Peter Parker’s ever made. Characters die and don’t come back (well… some do, but the vast majority have the courtesy to stay dead). And the world is seriously impacted by the actions of the main character and his associated heroes and villains.

And that’s another plus… ‘heroes’ and ‘villains’ prove to be very subjective terms. It’s all designed to throw you for a loop! Believe me, when the series truly kicks into gear, you won’t be able to put it down as the stakes get higher and higher. This isn’t some franchise book intended to roll on for decades. This is a complete story which rewards you for reaching the end.

Now, let’s make it clear that you don’t really need to read much outside of Invincible’s main series to love this book. Aside from the world-building, the great characters and the twists and turns in the stories, Invincible’s strength is that it stands alone. Want the super-basic reading order? Here! Off you go!

  • Invincible #1-22
  • Invincible #0
  • Invincible #23-56
  • Astounding Wolf-Man #11
  • Invincible #57-70
  • Invincible Returns #1
  • Invincible #71-144

All of the above is collected in the Invincible Compendiums quite neatly (as well as the other collected editions you can see listed below). But there are more Invincible-related titles out there – like Guarding the Globe and Invincible Universe – as well as guest appearances in Dynamo 5, Savage Dragon and other Image Comics titles. And, of course, you’ve got spin-off books like Tech Jacket and Astounding Wolf-Man!

So if you’re looking to read everything – or maybe just the essential tie-ins – the Omniverse Comics Guide is here to help!

Must Reads: Story arcs marked with a ✔ are must-read stories from this time period, along with any key related stories and often-forgotten tales that are worth a read.

When an issue contains multiple stories, the relevant story is denoted with square brackets. For example [2/5] refers to the second story of the five stories in that issue, so you don’t need to read the other four

Want to keep it simple? Here’s the core reading order without story descriptions, page-by-page breakdowns – just the stories:

  •      SuperPatriot: America’s Fighting Force #1-4
  • Brit #1
  •     Tech Jacket #1-2
  • Invincible #1-4
  •      Noble Causes: Family Secrets #3
  •      Savage Dragon #107
  • Invincible #5-6
  •      Capes #1-3
  • Brit: Cold Death #1
  • Invincible #7-8
  •      Savage Dragon #115
  • Invincible #9-15
  •      SuperPatriot: War on Terror #1-4
  • Free Comic Book Day: Image Comics Summer Special #1
  • Brit: Red, White, Black & Blue #1
  • Invincible #16-19
  •     Noble Causes #5
  •     Astounding Wolf-Man #22-25 (Code Blue stories)
  •     Noble Causes #7
  •     Tech Jacket #3-6
  • Invincible #20-22 (Invincible stories)
  • Invincible #0
  • Invincible #23-30 (Invincible stories)
  •      Invincible #29-38 (Capes Inc stories)
  •      Invincible #40-41 (Capes Inc stories)
  •      Astounding Wolf-Man #1
  • Invincible #31-33 (Invincible Stories)
  •      Marvel Team-Up #14
  • Invincible #34-35 (Invincible Stories)
  •      Astounding Wolf-Man #2
  •      The Pact #1-3
  • The Pact #4
  • Invincible #36-41 (Invincible Stories)
  • Brit #1-3
  •     Dynamo 5 #1
  •     Astounding Wolf-Man #3-4
  • Invincible #42-47
  •      Bomb Queen IV: Suicide Bomber #2
  •      Savage Dragon #139-141
  • Brit #4-12
  • Invincible #48-50
  • Invincible Presents: Atom Eve #1-2
  • Invincible #51-53
  •     Astounding Wolf-Man #5-7
  •     Noble Causes #37
  •     Astounding Wolf-Man #8-10
  • Invincible #54-57
  • Astounding Wolf-Man #11
  •      Astounding Wolf-Man #12-13
  • Invincible #58-59
  •      Astounding Wolf-Man #14
  • Invincible #60
  •      Astounding Wolf-Man #15
  •      Tech Jacket Digital #1
  • Invincible #61-64
  • Invincible Presents: Atom Eve & Rex Splode #1-3
  •      Tech Jacket Digital #2-3
  • Invincible #65-67
  •      Astounding Wolf-Man #15-19
  • Invincible #68-70
  • Invincible Returns #1
  • Invincible #71-72
  •     Astounding Wolf-Man #20-21
  • Guarding the Globe #12
  •      Astounding Wolf-Man #22-25 (Wolf-Man stories)
  • Guarding the Globe #3-6 (2011)
  • Invincible #73-79 (Invincible stories)
  •      Dynamo 5: Sins of the Father #1-5
  • Invincible #80-97
  • Guarding the Globe #1-6
  • Invincible #98-104
  • Invincible Universe #1-4
  • Invincible #105
  • Invincible Universe #5-12
  •      Tech Jacket #1-11
  • Invincible #106-114
  •      Tech Jacket #12
  • Invincible #115-144

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Chronology: Every appearance of Invincible from this period is included in chronological order, mapping out their timeline rather than just the order the issues were released.
Spoilers: The issue/story overviews may include spoilers, so be warned!

Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesCrossover / Event
SuperPatriot: America’s Fighting Force #1-4
The SuperPatriot fights alongside Dragon, Liberty & Justice, Mighty Man and Battle Tank against the Vicious Circle, BrainiApe and Baron Blitzkrieg; he also meets Claire Bono for the first time.

1st appearance: Claire Bono
Brit #1
A dangerous mission battling monsters could leave the life of US Government agent Brit hanging in the balance, despite his indestructible nature.

1st appearances: Brit, Steven Erickson, Donald Ferguson, Jessica, Mastermind
Tech Jacket #1-3(p.1)
Zack Thompson gains incredible new abilities and is drawn into an intergalactic war between the Geldarians and the Kresh when he gains the technologically advanced Tech Jacket armour.

1st appearances: Tech Jacket/Zack Thompson, Kanda, Geldarians, Kresh
Invincible #1-4
Mark Grayson discovers he has superhuman powers like his father, the world-renowned hero Omni-Man; Mark becomes a costumed hero and takes the name Invincible; as he learns the ropes, Invincible meets the heroic Teen Team and clashes with the Mauler Twins, faces an attempted invasion by the Flaxans, solves a series of kidnappings and meets Allen the Alien.

1st appearances: Invincible/Mark Grayson (first full appearance), Allen the Alien, Amber Bennett, William Clockwell, Deborah Grayson, Mauler Twins, Omni-Man/Nolan Grayson, David Hiles, Mister Liu, Reanimen, Arthur Rosenbaum, Derek Sanders, ‘Science Dog’, Teen Team (Atom Eve/Samantha Eve Wilkins, Dupli-Kate/Kate-Cha, Rex Splode/Rex Sloan, Robot) Titan, Flaxans, Magmanites, Viltrumites, Principal BM Winslow, Reginald Vel Johnson High School, the Tailor Shoppe, Viltrum
Noble Causes: Family Secrets #3 [1/2]
Invincible cameo; Rusty Noble threatens Invincible, as one of the many superhumans he believes could have got his sister Zephyr Noble pregnant.

1st appearance: Invincible (cameo)
Savage Dragon #107 [1/4]
Invincible meets FireBreather for the first time when they face Humongous together.
Invincible #5-6
Invincible meets Allen the Alien. And solves a series of kidnappings.

1st appearances: Black Samson/Markus Grimshaw, Sanford, Rick Sheridan, Reanimen, Upstate University
Capes #1-3(pp.1-19)
No Invincible appearance; the superhumans who get paid to be heroes, Capes Inc battle Machine Head, Medallion, the Vault and the Nazi with help from Omni-Man.

1st appearances: Capes Inc (Battery Bill, Big Brain, Bolt, Brain Boy, Captain Cosmic, Comet Twins (Ed Malone & Marshall Winslow), Commander Capitalism, Gorilla, Hawaiian Crest, Holy Water, Kid Thor, Knockout, Night Knight, Red Devil, Superball, Claire Voyant), Chronodile, Machine Head, the Vault, Holly Winters
Brit: Cold Death #1
Brit’s liaison to the Global Defense Agency proves to be questionable when he’s set up on a mission that allows his past to catch up with him.

1st appearance: Brit Jr, Cecil Steadman
Invincible #7-8
The living legends known as the Guardians of the Globe face a deadly assassin; Invincible stands among the heroes as they deal with a tragic event.

1st appearances: Aquaria, Damien Darkblood, Elephant, Guardians of the Globe (Aquarus, Darkwing, Green Ghost, Immortal, Martian Man, Red Rush, War Woman), Kursk and an unnamed Amazonian
Savage Dragon #115 [1/4]
Invincible is among the heroes who come to Kurr Dragon’s aid when they face the army of villains known as the Vicious Circle.
Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesCrossover / Event
Invincible #9-15(pp.1-8)
The Guardians of the Globe gain new members, including Rex Splode, Monster Girl and Black Samson; Invincible gets closer to Atom Eve when they face the Lizard League; Omni-Man reveals the origin of the Viltrumites; Invincible faces a foe he knows he can’t defeat; Invincible’s relationships with Allen the Alien and the Global Defense Agency drastically change.

1st appearances: Bulletproof/Zandale Randolph, Doc Seismic, Lizard League (Iguana, King Lizard, Komodo Dragon, Salamander), Monster Girl, Shrinking Ray, Thragg, Stronghold Penitentiary
Capes #3(pp.20-22)
Capes Inc get back on track after their recent losses.
SuperPatriot: War on Terror #1(pp.1-6)
SuperPatriot faces rogue agents of GUARD.
Invincible #15(p.9) / SuperPatriot: War on Terror #1(p.7)
Debbie Grayson meets Nolan Grayson’s publisher and discovers she’s married to SuperPatriot.
Invincible #15(pp.10-22)
Invincible goes through a disturbing ritual to repay a debt to an undersea kingdom.
SuperPatriot: War on Terror #1(pp.8-22)-4
Baron Blitzkrieg seeks revenge on the SuperPatriot.
Noble Causes: Extended Family #2 [1/8]
Invincible cameo; Invincible attends Doc & Gaia Noble’s wedding anniversary party.
Free Comic Book Day: Image Comics Summer Special #1 [3/4]
Invincible is sent by the Global Defence Agency to fight Furnace while worrying about his mom.

1st appearance: Furnace
Brit: Red, White, Black & Blue #1(pp.1-43)
Invincible #16(pp.1-10)
Brit: Red, White, Black & Blue #1(pp.44-48)
Invincible #16(pp.11-22)
Invincible, Brit, the Guardians of the Globe, Capes Inc and the Liberty League defend Earth from an alien army; Kid Fusion becomes instrumental in the final battle; scientist Angstrom Levy learns how to travel to alternate universes.

1st appearance: Beatrice Ferguson, Angstrom Levy
Invincible #17-19
Invincible faces on of Capes Inc’s foes; Machine Head and Titan start building their own criminal empires; Battle Beast arrives on Earth.

1st appearance: Battle Beast/Thok, Isotope, Magmaniac, Shapesmith, Tether Tyrant, Sequids
Noble Causes #5
Invincible comes to Doc Noble’s rescue when Mercury Blackthorne has him on the ropes.
Astounding Wolf-Man #22[2/2]-25[2/2]
Code Blue arrives on Earth after he’s betrayed by his own family.
Noble Causes #7
Invincible cameo; Invincible is among the many heroes who clash with a gigantic creature.
Tech Jacket #3(pp.2-22)-6
Invincible #71 [2/2], 72 [2/2], 73 [2/2], 74 [2/2], 75 [3/3], 77 [2/2], 78 [2/2], 80 [2/2] (2010-2011)
Tech Jacket returns to Earth and realises he’s been gone a lot longer than he thought; Zack Thompson searches for his family and helps end the war with the Kresh.
Invincible #20-22, 0, 23-28, 29 [1/2], 30 [1/2]
The creator of the Reanimen is revealed; the new Darkwing goes rogue; Mark Grayson addresses his double-life; Allen the Alien continues to pursue the Viltrumites; the Mauler Twins form an alliance with Angstrom Levy; the origins of the Guardians of the Globe are revealed; the legacy of Omni-Man is revealed; the other-dimensional Omnipotus poses a threat to Earth; the Viltrumites catch up with Invincible.

1st appearances: Andressa, Darkwing II, Oliver Grayson, General Kregg, Lucan, Multi-Paul, Octoboss, Director Radcliffe, DA Sinclair, Telia, Thaedus, Adam Wilkins, Betsy Wilkins, Coalition of Planets, Thraxans, Thraxa
Invincible #29 [2/2], 30 [2/2], 31 [2/2], 34 [2/2], 35 [2/2], 36 [2/2], 37[2/2], 38[2/2], 40 [2/2], 41 [2/2]
Aside from dramas in their personal lives, Capes Inc deal with superhuman threats Vault and Chronodile.
Astounding Wolf-Man #1
The life of Hampton Industries CEO Gary Hampton is transformed after an attack by a werewolf.

1st appearances: Gary Hampton, Dunford, Gray Wolf, Chloe Hampton, Rebecca Hampton, Zechariah
Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesCrossover / Event
Invincible #31 [1/2], 32, 33(pp.1-8)
Marvel Team-Up #14
Invincible #33(pp.9-22), 34 [1/2], 35 [1/2]
Mark Grayson is torn between Amber Bennett and Atom Eve; Robot’s secret is revealed; Angstrom Levy returns and proves himself to be the biggest threat to Invincible; Invincible meets Spider-Man and the Avengers as he hops through dimensions; Invincible learns how far he’s willing to go to protect his family.

1st appearance: Rognarr
Astounding Wolf-Man #2
Gary Hampton gains a mentor who trains him to control his transformations into a werewolf, but a run-in with the Actioneers goes horrifically wrong.

1st appearances: Actioneers (Code Blue, Kinetic, Mecha-Maid, Minotaur, Sergeant Superior)
The Pact #1-3
Invincible, Firebreather, Zephyr Noble and Shadowhawk form the Pact; together they deal with the almighty threat of the kaiju Belloc, take a mission into space, gain a new team member.  
The Pact #4
The Pact face Doc Seismic and the Magmanites in a climactic confrontation.
Invincible #36 [1/2], 37[1/2], 38[1/2], 39, 40 [1/2], 41 [1/2]
Invincible stages a daring rescue attempt as the secret of the Reanimen is revealed; Invincible and the Guardians of the Globe face a Sequid invasion.
Brit #1-3
Brit risks his life to stop a rocket which leads to his sister Britney filling in for him.

1st appearances: Britney, Euclid, Ms Popper/Alphasia,
Dynamo 5 #1
Invincible cameo/flashback; Invincible and Atom Eve attend Captain Dynamo’s funeral.
Astounding Wolf-Man #3-4
Zechariah returns, having covered up all evidence of Gary Hampton’s loss of control; Gary and Zechariah takes to the street as crime-fighters; Gary comes under attack from Jacobson and his band of werewolves.

1st appearances: Jacobson, Thrill Kill
Invincible #42-47
Oliver Grayson has a surprise for Invincible; Immortal faces off against Allen the Alien; Anissa attempts to force Invincible to become loyal to the Viltrumite cause; Omni-Man faces trial; rumours of the existence of s criminal organisation known as the Order emerge.

1st appearances: Anissa, Dropkick, Fightmaster, Giant
Bomb Queen IV: Suicide Bomber #2
Invincible cameo; Invincible is among the costumed heroes who assist in the clean-up operation after a series of national bombings, that all appear to have been caused by Bomb Queen.
Savage Dragon #139-141
As part of his World Tour, the Savage Dragon teams up with Invincible, Shadowhawk, Spawn and Witchblade-bearer Sara Pezzini against the Magmanites and Solar Man.
Brit #4-12
Brit meets his match when he clashes with Bent Franklin; Brit, Donald Ferguson & Ms Popper jump to another universe infested with alien spiders before staging a rescue mission to retrieve the missing Britney; a spider-alien takes control of Invincible and pits him against Brit; Brit & Britney fight parasitic alien invaders; Wolf-Man, Invincible & Tech Jacket from an alternate universe are pursued by the Emperor from their world, with Brit wondering whose side he should be on.
Invincible #48-50[1/3]
Invincible & Atom Eve go on a rescue mission to free the Guardians, Savage Dragon, Dynamo 5, Superpatriot and others from Doc Seismic’s underground lair and discover a cover up by Cecil Stedman; Mark and Eve pt their past issues behind them.
Invincible #50[2/3]
Cecil Stedman’s origin is revealed.
Invincible Presents: Atom Eve #1-2
Taking place before Invincible’s debut, Atom Eve’s origin is revealed; also set before the series began, Omni-Man fights Magmanites while longing for the day when Mark Grayson finally gets his powers.

1st appearance: Killcannon
Invincible #51-53
Invincible gets a new costume and starts training Kid Omni-Man , but worries about his murderous tendencies.
New Identity: Oliver Grayson as Kid Omni-Man
Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesCrossover / Event
Astounding Wolf-Man #5-7
The Wolf-Man starts proving himself as a hero rather than a killer, but the Actioneers still see him as a threat; Gary Hampton suffers a horrifying loss as Zechariah’s true motivations are revealed.

1st appearances: Agent Hunter, Elder Brood, Impact
Noble Causes #37
Invincible and Zephyr try to arrest Dusk, but Slate is torn between doing the right thing and his loyalty to his sister and attacks Invincible.
Astounding Wolf-Man #8-10
The Wolf-Man meets the Elder Brood; Agent Hunter of the Global Defense Agency tries to arrest the Wolf-Man; the Elder Brood begin Wolf-Man’s training; Chloe Hampton turns to Zechariah for help.

1st appearances: Agent Hunter, Elder Brood
Invincible #54-56
Invincible & Atom Eve are taken to a future ruled by the Immortal; Allen the Alien finds unlikely allies in his war against the Viltrumites – Battle Beast & Nolan Grayson; Invincible & Kid Omni-Man take on Rampage.
Invincible #57
Astounding Wolf-Man #11
Cecil Steadman asks Invincible to bring in the Wolf-Man; Invincible’s decision to help Gary Hampton clear his name leads to a conflict with the Guardians of the Globe.
Astounding Wolf-Man #12-13(pp.1-15)
Cecil Steadman decides to help Gary Hampton, but it could just be a trap.
Invincible #58-59
Atom Eve & Invincible go into business for themselves; Invincible helps Atom Eve face a figure from her past; Angstrom Ley gathers an army; Powerplex blames Invincible for the death of his wife and son.

1st appearance: Powerplex/Scott Duval, Invincible Inc
Astounding Wolf-Man #13(pp.16-20)-14
Gary Hampton is sent to prison for the murder of his wife; Chloe Hampton gains the means to face her father; in prison, the criminal known as the Face tries to recruit Gary; the Face removes the collar that prevents Gary Hampton from becoming the Wolf-Man on the night of a full moon…

1st appearance: The Face
Astounding Wolf-Man #15(pp.1-7)
The Face’s attempt to recruit Gary ends in disaster.
Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesCrossover / Event
Invincible #60(pp.1-11)
Angtrom Levy sends 16 alternate universe Invincibles to destroy major cities across the globe to ruin Invincible’s name; the evil Invincibles are opposed by Spawn, Firebreather, Tech Jacket and others.
Astounding Wolf-Man #15(pp.8-10)
An evil Invincible crashes through Stronghold Penitentiary, allowing the Wolf-Man a shot at Thrill Kill; the Wolf-Man is taken down by Powerplex.
Tech Jacket Digital #1(pp.1-10)
Tech Jacket faces three of the alternate Invincibles and barely comes out alive.
Invincible #60(pp.10-32)-64
Heroes die in battle against the Invincibles as the Pitt, Cyber Force and Youngblood join the fight; Invincible’s showdown with Angstrom Levy has him questioning his own morals; in the fallout of the war, Invincible & Atom Eve face the unstoppable rage of the Viltrumite Conquest.

1st appearances: Conquest
Invincible Presents: Atom Eve & Rex Splode #1-3
Taking place before Mark Grayson’s powers activated, the circumstances that brought Atom Eve and Rex Splode into each other’s lives is revealed.
Tech Jacket Digital #1(pp.11-20)-3
Zack Thompson recovers from his clash with the Invincibles; Tech Jacket soon finds himself the target of an intergalactic bounty hunter hoping to obtain the Tech Jacket.
Invincible #65
Invincible and the other heroes deal with the fallout of the Invincible War’; Cecil Steadman makes more questionable decisions.
Invincible #66-67[1/2]
Omni-Man and Allen the Alien continue to find allies to oppose the Viltrumites and discover the one thing that could actually wipe them all out.
Astounding Wolf-Man #15(pp.8-10)
Zechariah and the Actioneers breaks into Stronghold Penitentiary to face the Wolf-Man.
Astounding Wolf-Man #16-19
The Wolf-Man and Zechariah have their showdown, Capes Inc fight the vampiric Actioneers; Gary Hampton is betrayed by someone close to him; the Wolf-Man agrees to join forces with the Face and battles the monstrous Gorgg.
1st appearance: Gorgg
Invincible #68-70
makes Invincible realise how simplistic his world-view is; Universa tries to steal energy from Earth to save her won world; Rus Livingston and his Sequids battle Invincible and the Guardians of the Globe.

1st appearances: Dinosaurus/David Anders
Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesCrossover / Event
Invincible Returns #1 
Invincible #71 [1/2] (pp.1-5) / Guarding the Globe #1(pp.1-5)
Guarding the Globe #1(pp.6-7)
Invincible #71 [1/2] (pp.1-20)
Invincible #72 [1/2]
Invincible #73 [1/2] (pp.1-5)
Guarding the Globe #1
Omni-Man and Allen the Alien return to Earth to prepare Invincible for war with the Viltrumites; Mark Grayson deals with Atom Eve’s news in the face of what’s coming; Omni-Man, Invincible and Young Omni-Man head into space to face the Viltrumites, though it’s a fight that leaves them devastated; in the absence of Invincible and two of their key members, the Guardians of the Globe go on a recruitment drive.
New Identity: Oliver Grayson/Kid Omni-Man as Young Omni-Man
Astounding Wolf-Man #20-21
Cecil Stedman offers Wolf-Man a place among the Guardians of the Globe; Wolf-Man leads a team against Doctor Cleaver; Mecha-Maid turns to Zechariah to restore the Actioneers’ humanity.
Guarding the Globe #1(pp.8-22)-2
El Chupacabra, Kaboomerang & Yeti are recruited into the Guardians of the Globe in time to oppose Octoboss; Set begins recruiting superhumans criminals into his Order.

1st appearance: El Chupacabra, Embrace, Kaboomerang, Set,Yeti, the Order
Astounding Wolf-Man #22 [1/2]-25 [1/2]
The Wolf-Man leads his crew against Zechariah and the Elder Brood in a climactic final battle; Wolf-Man becomes leader of the Elder Brood’s pack, transforming them into the Wolf CORPS.

1st appearance: Wolf CORPS
Guarding the Globe #3-6
The Guardians of the Globe, their new recruits and the Wolf CORPS take on Set’s Order.

1st appearances: Best Tiger, Le Bruiser, Insomniac, Japandroid, Outrun, Pegasus, Red Eye, Slaying Mantis, Walking Dread
Invincible #73 [1/2] (pp.6-20)
Invincible #74 [1/2]
Invincible #75 [1/3]
Invincible #76
Invincible #77 [1/2]-78 [1/2]
Invincible recovers in time to defend the Coalition of Planets from an all-out Viltrumite attack, but the tyrants soon set their sights on Earth; Thragg makes a deal with Invincible.

1st appearance: Thula
Invincible #79
Mark Grayson is reunited with Atom Eve; Omni-Man keeps his presence on Earth a secret.
Dynamo 5: Sins of the Father #1-5
Invincible assists Dynamo 5 against Dominex, just as his father did years earlier.
Invincible #80 [1/2]-88
Dinosaurus sets out to destroy Las Vegas; Robot and Monster Girl return from Flaxan, though their time there is shrouded in mystery; the fate of the evil alternate Invincibles is revealed; Invincible becomes a fugitive wanted by the Global Defence Agency; Omni-Man gets to know his other son; Allen the Alien prepares to sacrifice a planet to stop the Viltrumites; Invincible makes some shocking allies.
Invincible #89-97
Bulletproof becomes the new Invincible following the Scourge incident; Mark Grayson’s alliance with Dinosaurus pays off; the truth about what happened in the Falaxan dimension emerges when the Flaxans invade Earth again; Bulletproof’s secrets are revealed.

1st appearance: Monax
New Identities: Bulletproof/Zandale Randolph as Invincible
Guarding the Globe #1-6
The Guardians of the Globe to investigate the origins of the Magmanites; Set returns and recruits Supreme Leader Cho; the Mauler’s latest plot to perpetuate himself is exposed; Wolf-Man and Japandroid become victims of an extradimensional parasite; Set’s conflict with his brother Thoth results in a deadly showdown for the Guardians of the Globe.

1st appearance: Supreme Leader Cho
Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesCrossover / Event
Invincible #98-100(pp.1-21)
Invincible discovers what Dinosaurus has been up to while he was powerless, which ends in a violent confrontation that leaves the world and Invincible devastated; the Guardians pick up the pieces of the global carnage.
Invincible #100(pp.22-23) / Invincible Universe #1(pp.1-2)
Invincible and Cecil Stedman settle their past differences.
Invincible Universe #1(pp.2-16)
A lost member of the Guardians of the Globe returns.
Invincible #100(pp.24-30)
Invincible #101(pp.1-7)-104
Immortal returns to the front line; Cecil sets some rules for Omni-Man who gains a surprising new role; Eve gives Mark Grayson some good news and he gives her something in return; Angstrom Levy targets Atom Eve when she’s most vulnerable.
Invincible Universe #1(pp.16-20)-4
Mister Liu turns to Cecil Steadman for help when he loses control over the dragon he’s bonded to; el Chupacabra tries to make amends for his past mistakes; Best Tiger takes on his own teammates.
Invincible #105
Invincible gets used to his new role, working under the Guardians of the Globe and prepares for the big changes that are about to impact his life.
Invincible Universe #5-12
Supreme Leader Cho moves against the UN, prompting the Guardians of the Globe to step up their game; the Order both rise up again; Invincible assists the Guardians against the Lizard League.
Tech Jacket #1-11
Tech Jacket’s role as the ‘Galactic Guardian of Earth’ is challenged by Colossal; Mr Crowe offers Zack Thompson the chance to be separated from the Tech Jacket; Princess Lin returns; Zack’s control over the Tech Jacket is compromised when he faces Null.
Invincible #106-114
Allen the Alien sends Battle Beast on a deadly mission; Monster girl discovers Robot’s secret; Robot helps Invincible track down Angstrom Levy, but it almost costs Mark Grayson everything; Invincible has a horrifying encounter with Anissa; Robot initiates his plan to make the world a safer place.

1st appearance: Terra Grayson, Thresha
Tech Jacket #12
Jack Thompson decides whether or not to continue being Tech Jacket.
Invincible #115-129
Battle Beast has an epic throwdown with Thragg; Invincible & Atom Eve make a big decision about their lives; the Immortal leads an uprising; Mark Grayson gets a chance to live his life as Invincible over again; Allen the Alien faces dissent in the Coalition of Planets.

1st appearances: Markus Murphy, Molly Murphy, Scott Murphy, Onaan, Ursaal
Invincible #130-144 
The fate of Earth is decided, the war with the Viltrumites concludes and the fate of Invincible, Atom Eve and their friends and family is finally revealed.

Looking for more from Invincible’s universe?

  • Official Handbook of the Invincible Universe #1-2
    Profiles on the characters from the world of ‘Invincible’ in the style of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. Don’t even flick through this until after Invincible #41 to avoid spoilers.
  • Invincible #25[7/7]
  • Invincible #50[2/2]
  • Invincible #75[2/3]
  • Science Dog Special #2[2/2]
    Mark Grayson’s favourite comic book character – Science Dog’s (fictional) origin is revealed!

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A list of Collected Editions that bring the Invincible Universe story together…


Collected Edition TitleIncludes…
Invincible Compendium vol.1Free Comic Book Day: Image Comics Summer Special

Invincible #1-47

The Pact #4
Invincible Compendium vol.2Astounding Wolf-Man #11

Invincible #48-96

Invincible Returns #1
Invincible Compendium vol.3Invincible #97-144


Collected Edition TitleIncludes…
Invincible vol.1: Family MattersInvincible #1-4
Invincible vol.2: Eight is EnoughInvincible #5-8
Invincible vol.3: Perfect StrangersInvincible #9-13
Invincible vol.4: Head of the ClassFree Comic Book Day: Image Comics Summer Special

Invincible #14-19
Invincible vol.5: The Facts of LifeInvincible #0, 20-24
Invincible vol.6: A Different WorldInvincible #25-30
Invincible vol.7: Three’s CompanyInvincible #31-35

The Pact #4
Invincible vol.8: My Favorite MartianInvincible #36-41
Invincible vol.9: Out of this WorldInvincible #42-47
Invincible vol.10: Who’s the BossInvincible #48-53
Invincible vol.11: Happy DaysAstounding Wolf-Man #11

Invincible #54-59
Invincible vol.12: Still StandingInvincible #60-65
Invincible vol.13: Growing PainsInvincible #66-70

Invincible Returns #1
Invincible vol.14: The Vitrumite WarInvincible #71-78
Invincible vol.15: Get SmartInvincible #79-84
Invincible vol.16: Family TiesInvincible #85-90
Invincible vol.17: What’s HappeningInvincible #91-96
Invincible vol.18: The Death of EveryoneInvincible #97-102
Invincible vol.19: The War At HomeInvincible #103-108
Invincible vol.20: FriendsInvincible #109-114
Invincible vol.21: Modern FamilyInvincible #115-120
Invincible vol.22: Reboot?Invincible #121-126
Invincible vol.23: Full HouseInvincible #127-132
Invincible vol.24: The End of All Things Part OneInvincible #133-138
Invincible vol.25: The End of All Things Part TwoInvincible #139-144


Collected Edition TitleIncludes…
Invincible Ultimate Collection vol.1Invincible #1-13
Invincible Ultimate Collection vol.2Free Comic Book Day: Image Comics Summer Special

Invincible #0, 14-24
Invincible Ultimate Collection vol.3Invincible #25-35
The Pact #4
Invincible Ultimate Collection vol.4Invincible #36-47
Invincible Ultimate Collection vol.5Astounding Wolf-Man #11

Invincible #48-59
Invincible Ultimate Collection vol.6Invincible #60-70

Invincible Returns #1
Invincible Ultimate Collection vol.7Invincible #71-84
Invincible Ultimate Collection vol.8Invincible #85-96
Invincible Ultimate Collection vol.9Invincible #97-108
Invincible Ultimate Collection vol.10Invincible #109-120
Invincible Ultimate Collection vol.11Invincible #121-132
Invincible Ultimate Collection vol.12Invincible #133-144


This series format is picking up again in 2023

Collected Edition TitleIncludes…
The Complete Invincible Library vol.1Free Comic Book Day: Image Comics Summer Special

Invincible #0, 1-24
The Complete Invincible Library vol.2Invincible #25-47

The Pact #4
The Complete Invincible Library vol.3Astounding Wolf-Man #11

Invincible #48-70

Invincible Returns #1
The Complete Invincible Library vol.4 (coming in October 2023)Invincible #71-96


All paperbacks unless otherwise stated.

Collected Edition TitleIncludes…
Invincible Universe Compendium vol.1 (coming in June 2023)Guarding The Globe (2010) #1-6

Guarding The Globe (2012) #1-6

Invincible Presents: Atom Eve #1-2

Invincible Presents: Atom Eve & Rex Splode #1-3

Invincible Universe #1-12
Guarding the Globe vol.1: Under SiegeGuarding The Globe (2010) #1-6
Guarding the Globe vol.2: Hard to KillGuarding The Globe (2011) #1-6
Invincible Presents vol.1: Atom Eve & Rex SplodeInvincible Presents: Atom Eve #1-2

Invincible Presents: Atom Eve & Rex Splode #1-3
Invincible Universe vol.1: On Deadly GroundInvincible Universe #1-6
Invincible Universe vol.2: Above the LawInvincible Universe #7-12
Astounding Wolf-Man Complete Collection HardcoverAstounding Wolf-Man #1-25

Invincible #57
Astounding Wolf-Man vol.1Astounding Wolf-Man #1-7
Astounding Wolf-Man vol.2Astounding Wolf-Man #8-12

Invincible #57
Astounding Wolf-Man vol.3Astounding Wolf-Man #13-18
Astounding Wolf-Man vol.4Astounding Wolf-Man #19-25
Brit vol.1: Old SoldierBrit #1

Brit: Cold Death #1

Brit: Red, White, Black & Blue #1
Brit vol.2: AWOLBrit #1-6
Brit vol.3: FUBARBrit #7-12
Capes vol.1: Punching the ClockCapes #1-3

Invincible #27-31, 34-38, 40-41 (Capes stories)
SuperPatriot: America’s Fighting ForceSuperPatriot: America’s Fighting Force #1-4
Tech Jacket vol.1: The Boy From EarthTech Jacket (2002) #1-6
Tech Jacket vol.2: Lift OffTech Jacket (2002) #7-8

Tech Jacket Digital #1-3
Tech Jacket vol.3: Touch the SkyTech Jacket (2014) #1-6
Tech Jacket vol.4: All Falls DownTech Jacket (2014) #7-12


Collected Edition TitleIncludes…
Bomb Queen IV: Suicide BomberBomb Queen IV: Suicide Bomber #2
Dynamo 5 vol.1: Post-Nuclear FamilyDynamo 5 #1
Dynamo 5: Sins of the FatherDynamo 5: Sins of the Father #1-5
Noble Causes vol.4: Blood & WaterNoble Causes #5
Noble Causes vol.5: BetrayalsNoble Causes #7

The Pact #2
Noble Causes Archives vol.1Noble Causes #5, 7
Noble Causes vol.10: Ever After

Noble Causes Archives vol.2
Noble Causes #37
Savage Dragon Archives vol.5Savage Dragon #107, 115
Savage Dragon Archives vol.6

Savage Dragon: United We Stand
Savage Dragon #139-141


Collected Edition TitleIncludes…
Marvel Team-Up vol.3: League of LosersMarvel Team-Up #14

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