Hulk No More! (2009) Reading Order

Who is the Red Hulk? And is the fixation on his identity distracting everyone from an even bigger mystery? Ben Urich and Peter Parker join the sensational She-Hulk on a mission to discover the truth. They may not get the answers they're looking for, but they will witness a drastic change in the original Hulk...... Continue Reading →

The Spot Reading Order: Jonathon Ohnn (1984-present)

When the Kingpin tasks scientist Dr Johnathon Ohnn with emulating Cloak's powers, he gains the ability to tap into the Spotted Dimension and use wormholes as weapons. As the Spot, Ohnn's criminal career is sporadic, with the character veering from laughing stock to homicidal nightmare. Must Reads: Story arcs marked with a ✔ are must-read stories... Continue Reading →

Ultimate Spider-Man Reading Order, 2000-2018: Peter Parker, Earth-1610

For part one of the complete Ultimate Universe Reading Order head HERE Sure there are some truly amazing Spider-Man stories out there, but Marvel realised there's an intimidating amount of history for potential new readers to take on, so they launched a fresher take on the Marvel Universe in 2000. The Ultimate Universe began with Ultimate Spider-Man as its flagship series and what... Continue Reading →

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