Day of Judgment (1999) Reading Order

When Etrigan the Demon manipulates the fallen angel Asmodel into becoming the Spectre’s newest host, all Hell literally freezes over. As the dead begin to rise and chaos takes hold of the world of the living, it’s up some the Justice League and the magic-using heroes of the DC Universe to gather together and find a way to restore balance to the underworld. But to undo the damage, they’ll need to find a new host for the Spectre. Who could possibly possess the will to control the embodiment of the Wrath of God?

Day of Judgment is notable for being Geoff Johns’ first major DC event and also the first time he’s written a story featuring Hal Jordan – a character he would eventually become synonymous with.

As with many other DC events, the approach veers towards telling the main story in the mini-series and letting you pick up the tie-ins that feature your favourite characters to expand the overarching story. The Azrael and Batman issues are also NO MAN’S LAND tie-ins.

Major Event: Centering around a mini-series with additional, largely optional tie-in issues, Day of Judgment can be considered a major event.

Must Reads: Story arcs marked with a ✔are must-read stories from this time period, along with any key related stories and often-forgotten tales that are worth a read.

Anthology Issues: When an issue contains multiple stories, the relevant story is denoted with square brackets. For example, [2/5] refers to the second story of the five stories in that issue, so you don’t need to read the other four

  • ZERO HOUR (1994) – As Parallax, Hal Jordan slays the Justice Socciety
  • FINAL NIGHT (1996) – Hal Jordan sacrifices himself to destroy the Sun-Eater

Want to keep it simple? Here’s the chronological reading order without story descriptions, or spoilers:

  • Day of Judgment #1
  •     Green Lantern #118
  •     Stars and STRIPE #4
  •     Young Justice #14
  •     Anarky #7
  •     Martian Manhunter #12
  •     Impulse #54
  •     Supergirl #38
  •     Batman: Day of Judgment #1
  •     Aquaman #61
  • Day of Judgment #2
  •     The Titans #9
  •     Azrael: Agent of the Bat #58
  • Day of Judgment #3
  •     Superboy #68
  •     Hourman #8
  • Day of Judgment #4
  •     Superman: Man of Tomorrow #15
  • Day of Judgment #5
  • Day of Judgment: Secret Files & Origins #1 [1/4]
  •     Day of Judgment: Secret Files & Origins #1 [2/4]
  •     Day of Judgment: Secret Files & Origins #1 [3/4]
  • JLA #35
  •     Green Lantern #119 (tie-in)
  • Day of Judgment: Secret Files & Origins #1 [4/4]

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Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Day of Judgment #1
Etrigan the Demon merges the fallen angel Asmodel with the Spectre. Asmodel freezes Neron and Hell itself as he escapes and takes the demons and damned souls with him. Magic users across the Earth sense this as demons swarm New York. Zatanna & Doctor Occult recruit magical allies. When the Justice League respond. Zauriel recognises Asmodel as the Spectre’s host, though Asmodel quickly renders the League useless and unable to act. Before he can lay waste to Earth to enact his vengeance against the Presence (aka ‘God’), Zatanna & Doctor Occult arrive with Deadman, Faust, Madame Xanadu, the Phantom Stranger, Ragman, Raven, Sentinel – referring to them as their ‘Sentinels of Magic’!
Green Lantern #118
Donna Troy shows up at Kyle Rayner’s art exhibition, causing Jenny Hayden to walk out. Kyle opts to leave with Donna instead of pursuing Jen so he can find out why Donna left him. Donna explains that she’s unable to remember their time together and that she’s now with Arsenal. They kiss but part ways. Kyle takes to the skies as Green Lantern and clashes with the Enchantress who tells him the world is about to end. This delay makes Jenny Hayden think Kyle doesn’t care about her, so she writes a note telling him not to look for her and leaves their apartment.
Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #4
Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel & Captain Marvel Jr (calling himself CM3) are in Blue Valley, Nebraska on a school trip. Solomon Grundy rises again with the sole purpose of killing the Marvel Family. Star-Spangled Kid & STRIPE join the fight alongside the trio, but STRIPE is concerned as it was Grundy who killed the original Star-Spangled Kid. Doctor Occult teleports in to stop the dead rising as the fight reaches a cemetery. With the threat dealt with, he recruits the Marvel Family, teleporting them away. With Grundy gone, the Star-Spangled Kid & STRIPE decide to join the fight against Asmodel. Elsewhere, Cindy Burman takes on the identity Shiv
Young Justice #14
Red Tornado is released from prison with a pardon in return for his help when demons invade Chicago. Young Justice return from Leesburg (having witness Hell freezing over during HECK’S ANGELS (1999) )only to find the Secret has frozen over. Also, Harm is back from the dead. He invades the Secret Sanctuary and smashes the frozen Secret who begins to recall her lost past as she reforms, learning that Harm is her brother. She buries Harm in an avalanche as revenge for sacrificing her. Young Justice search the snow, but there’s no sign of either sibling. Elsewhere, the Secret materialises in front of Donald Fite & Isido Maad.
Anarky #7
In Virginia, the Spectre raises dead soldiers at Arlington War Cemetery. Anarky is faced with the undead George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin & Abraham Lincoln. Anarky explains to them that their ideals have not been upheld. They decide to kill their way to the White House, leaving Anarky no choice but to oppose them despite agreeing with their better intentions. He’s joined by Sgt Jen Stuart & the Haunted Tank! Horrified by the sights and sounds of war up close, the distressed Anarky walks away not knowing the final outcome.
Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Gypsy calls on Martian Manhunter when Crimson Fox, Ice, Steel & Vibe return from the dead (most of whom died during LEGENDS (1986-1987)) as the Justice League of the Damned, and they’re looking to kill the JLA. Gypsy is mortally wounded. Martian Manhunter turns to the god Hronmeer to save her life while he fights the undead JLD. He restores their memories which causes them to burst into flames, thanking him as the die again. Gypsy, now restored to health, helps Martian Manhunter to safety.
Impulse #54
Zatanna recruits Max Mercury, while Bart Allen – home again already after his fight with Harm – goes camping with his friends. Bart’s campfire story is interrupted by demons and dead villains who quickly depart.
Supergirl #38
Supergirl musters up the courage to ask Zauriel for advice about her apparent angelic origins while they fight demons in Hollywood. The Spectre’s attempt to claim the Star Talisman that powers the magic of Hollywood is thwarted by the duo. Zauriel tells Supergirl that Earth-born angels are held in the highest regard by the Presence, but they all eventually become corrupt (hence her wings becoming bat-like) and die.
Batman: Day of Judgment #1
Gotham City is still in ruins (due to the events of NO MAN’S LAND (1999-2000)), but Batman leaves Robin & Nightwing to hold the fort while he assists the Justice League. When Hell bursts through Gotham, dead gangsters from the 1930s rise again. Robin & Nightwing rescue two of Oracle’s informants from the undead Gotham Mafia, returning their foes to the grave.
Aquaman #61
Aquatic demons burst into Atlantis, freeing King-Fish as they go. King Trevis returns from the dead looking to regain his throne, but is driven back by Aquaman and his mother, Atlanna. The warrior Noble is scarred by hellfire, breaking his pheromone control over Mera who reunites with Aquaman. On the surface, Tempest gives chase when a demon drags the resurrected Aquagirl through his and Dolphin’s honeymoon suite into Niagra Falls. He defeats the demon and frees Aquagirl’s soul from its ties to the Nether-Realms, returning her to death.
Day of Judgment #2
The Sentinels of Magic attack Spectre/Asmodel while Zatanna draws his power into Madame Xanadu’s crystal ball. This weakens him enough to restore the fallen Justice League. The Demon flies Asmodel to safety. The Atom, Firestorm, Superman, Deadman, Enchantress, Faust, Green Lantern & Zatanna head to Hell to reignite the flames, but fall into the river Styx. Mister Miracle, Raven, Wonder Woman, Sentinel, Supergirl & Zauriel head to heaven to find the soul of previous Spectre host, Jim Corrigan. As Trigon is her father, Raven is cast out of Heaven. Corrigan’s soul now rests, so the heroes head to Limbo where Parallax – aka Hal Jordan, the former Green Lantern – offers his help…
Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number, & Synopsis
The Titans #9
Raven calls on Donna Troy of the Titans to help her return to Heaven, find the heroes and bring them home. But Donna is also unable to enter. Elsewhere, Arsenal tries to explain why he fathered a child with Cheshire. Deathstroke is hunted by Tartarus and turns to the Titans for help…
Azrael: Agent of the Bat #58
agrees to help Mitzi Fredang find her mother who’s being chased by Mitzi’s uncle Jerry, a man who should be dead. Instead, he encounters the fiery spirit of St Dumas who encourages him to escape No Man’s Land (the ruined Gotham City – see NO MAN’S LAND (1999-2000)) and seek opportunities for vengeance. Instead, Azrael gives the means of escape NML to Mitzi and her mother.
Day of Judgment #3
Captain Marvel, STRIPE & Starfire find the Spear of Destiny in Earth’s orbit. The Justice Society of America (JSA) seek out Doctor Fate. To reignite Hell, Superman & the others must defeat Nebiros. Madame Xanadu gives up the crystal ball containing the Spectre’s transmutation powers to the Demon when she glimpses the future. Hal Jordan accepts Sentinel’s request to host the Spectre, retiring his Parallax guise and returning to Earth with the other heroes as the Green Lantern. But when Hal attacks too quickly, Sprectre/Asmodel turns him into glass and shatters him…
Superboy #68
Guardian’s power glove, Hyssa’s Fist, makes him perceive everyone at Project Cadmus as Nazis, except for prisoner Dabney Donovan who he perceives as war hero Captain Rip Carter. Etrigan materialises and sides with Superboy in a bid to claim the Fist. With Guardian defeated, Superboy dons Hyssa’s Fist to prevent the Demon from claiming it and takes on the appeatance of Black Zero (his evil alternate counterpart – see THE KINGDOM (1999)). Superboy explodes the glove with his powers, dragging down to the caves beneath Cadmus. For helping him survive, Etrigan rewards Donovan with the hair of a demon and a whistle to summon Etrigan just once.
Hourman #8
Hourman’s been gone for three days (on his trip to England, announced during THE HUMAN LEAGUE (1999)), leaving Snapper Carr alone. Snapper discovers Riker’s coffee shop, the Mad Yak, is infested with demons. Snapper ends their attack by winning over the lead demon, Torcher, with a slice of cheesecake. Elsewhere, Wendi Tyler tells her son Rick Tyler that Hourman took a Miraclo pill and trashed the family home. The dying Rick swears revenge…
Day of Judgment #4
Hal Jordan is reconstituted by Doctor Fate as the JSA join the fight! With a magical boost from Doctor Occult, Hal summons the souls of the Green Lantern Corps (killed during EMERALD TWLIGHT (1994)). In Hell, Faust resurrects the Blue Devil who was originally sealed into his Blue Devil costume by Nebiros. But Nebiros’ defeat removes Faust’s powers, so he cuts the Enchantress’ throat to ignite the fires of Hell, costing him his soul once more. Spectre/Asmodel’s hellfire powers leave him as the demons and lost souls are sucked back to Hell, with the rift closing behind them. Captain Marvel tears open the Spectre with the Spear of Destiny, allowing Hal Jordan to enter. But someone has possessed Superman and the Spectre/Hal Jordan is now his to command…
Superman: Man of Tomorrow #15
Neron tries to suppress Superman by offering him lifetimes his life as Superman have cost him, but he keeps sensing something amiss and breaks Neron’s spells. He breaks free, defeats the Silver Banshee and releases Lois Lane’s soul from Hell. Now he needs to break Neron’s control of his body…
Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Day of Judgment #5
Superman expels Neron from his body. Neron grabs the Spear of Destiny and enters the Spectre where the Spirit of Vengeance judges Hal Jordan, Asmodel and Neron to decide who is worthy of his power. It chooses Jordan as his penance for past actions. Jim Corrigan’s spirit sends Neron to Hell where he’s demoted. Corrigan takes Asmodel to Heaven in chains. The new Spectre restores the damage to New York as he departs.
Day of Judgment Secret Files & Origins #1 [1/4]
The morning after the Day of Judgment, the Sentinels of Magic and the Phantom Stranger are summoned together (secretly by the Spectre) to decide what to do with the Spear of Destiny. ‘Zatanna’ turns out to be William Zard – the Wizard – who is defeated by the Sentinels and drawn into Ragman’s rags. Sentinel hurls the Spear of Destiny into the sun.
Day of Judgment Secret Files & Origins #1 [2/4]
Madame Xanadu explains the various magical abilities of the Sentinels of Magic to Blue Devil.
Day of Judgment Secret Files & Origins #1 [3/4]
As promised, Zatanna goes on her date with Eric, but struggles not to use magic all evening.
JLA #35
Hal Jordan struggles under the weight of bearing witness to the darkness in every soul on Earth, including the Justice League. When they take him to the Watchtower, he retaliates against their judgment by showing them their darkest thoughts and fears. Martian Manhunter psychically takes the Spectre and the JLA into the mind of the Joker and shows that even a small part of him has hope for something greater. This clarifies his mission and, as the Spectre departs, the Presence makes the JLA forget their interractions with Hal Jordan…
Green Lantern #119 (tie-in)
Kyle Rayner is honest with Jenny Hayden about kissing Donna Troy, so she leaves him. Hal Jordan visits Kyle Rayner, but turns down Kyle’s request to mentor him as a Green Lantern. Instead, Hal shows Kyle his power as the Spectre. Becoming invisible, they visit Carol Ferris and the Spectre purges the guilt she still feels over her actions as the Star Sapphire. Hal departs knowing Kyle will quickly forget him again.
Day of Judgment Secret Files & Origins #1 [4/4]
Freed from her connection to the Enchantress, June Moon is released from the Ostrander Mental Institution. Faust watches from afar.
Must ReadsIssue & FalloutEvent / Crossover
The Titans #10-12 (1999-2000)
The Titans and Deathstoke join forces to defeat Tartarus and the HIVE together; Damien Darhk’s mistress is revealed to be Adeline Kane, Deathstroke’s ex-wife.
Young Justice #17 (2000)
Young Justice rescue the Secret from Fire & Maad’s secret APES base in Mount Rushmore, but are branded as outlaws in the process.
Hourman #9 (1999)
Hourman clashes with Rick Tyler, but goes on to redeem himself in Rick’s eyes when he saves his life.
Anarky #8 (1999)
Anarky’s mother tells him that the Joker is his father and he breaks into Arkham Asylum to confront him (this was due to be undone as the series progressed, but the title was cancelled).
Action Comics #762 (2000)
Etrigan the Demon next materialises in Metropolis, working as a Santa Claus in a department store.
Impulse #61 (2000)
It’s revealed that the Gentleman Ghost didn’t return to Hell like the other spectres witnessed by Impulse.
Supergirl #45-50 (2000)
Supergirl’s angelic powers are fully unlocked by the vampire Carnivore; Supergirl defeats Carnivore, though Linda Danvers is separated from Matrix and her angelic powers in the process.
Legends of the DC Universe #33-36 (2000-2001)
Hal Jordan struggles with his new role as the Spectre and is initially met with drastic failure.
The Titans #23-25 (2001)
The Titans help Donna Troy answer the questions regarding her apparent lack of a soul.
Green Lantern #136-137 (2001)
Kyle Rayner and Jenny Hayden get back together again.
Martian Manhunter #28 (2001)
The Sentinels of Magic turn to Martian Manhunter for help when Etrigan the Demon gains increased power from Stonehenge thanks to Morgan le Fey; the Sentinels relink Etrigan to Jason Blood.
The Spectre #1-4 (2001)
As the Spectre, Hal Jordan begins to understand how his new role in the cosmic will play out and how it could redeem his own soul
JLA: Black Baptism #1-4 (2001)
Sebastian Faust helps release the part of the Enchantress that is part of June Moone’s soul, manifesting it as Anita Soulfeeda; as Soulsinger, Anita Soulfeeda/June Moone plays a key role in defeating Felix Faust and the Diablos before June becomes powerless once again; Sebastian Faust redeems himself in front of the heroes.
JLA: Incarnations #7 (2002)
A few members of the Sentinels of Magic assist the Justice League against the Appellaxians.
Young Justice #42 (2002)
The Spectre helps the Secret learn the truth about her origins.
JSA #33-37 (2002)
Rick Tyler returns to the presents day and rejoins the JSA.
The Spectre #21-23 (2002-2003)
The Spectre briefly resurrects Sinestro and gives him a chance to redeem himself.
Green Lantern: Rebirth #1-6 (2004-2005)
The Spectre reveals his intentions for having Hal Jordan as his host was to defeat the fear demon Parallax; Hal Jordan is relieved of his duty as the Spectre and returns to life as the Green Lantern; the deceased Green Lantern Corps are also restored.
Day of Vengeance #1-6 (2005)
Without a host once again, the Spectre appears to go mad; June Moone allows the Enchantress to manifest, and this time joins a heroic team of magic users among the Shadowpact (along with Blue Devil, Ragman and others) who attempt to bring the Spectre under control.

Infinite Crisis #4 (2006)
Crispus Allen becomes the next Spectre host.
Green Lantern #18-20 (2007)
Carol Ferris becomes the Star Sapphire again and joins the
Justice League of America #39-40 (2010)
Vibe is briefly raised from the dead again as part of the Black Lantern Corps.

A list of Collected Editions that bring the Day of Judgement story together…

Day of Judgment

  • Day of Judgment #1-5
  • Day of Judgment Secret Files & Origins #1

Anarky: The Complete Series

  • Anarky #7

Batman: No Man’s Land vol.3
Batman: No Man’s Land Omnibus vol.2

Both include…

  • Azrael: Agent of the Bat #58

JLA vol.4
JLA: World War III

Both include…

  • JLA #35

JSA Presents: Stars and STRIPE vol.1
Stargirl by Geoff Johns


  • Stars and STRIPE #4

Martian Manhunter: Rings of Saturn


  • Martian Manhunter #12

Young Justice by Peter David vol.2


  • Young Justice #14

Supergirl by Peter David vol.4


  • Supergirl #38

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