Heck’s Angels (1999) Reading Order

While Young Justice put an end to the Acolyte’s attempt to throw the Presence from his thrown in Heaven and replace him with Kali, the effects of the Acolyte’s plan hit Red Tornado right where he lives. Kali’s spell took hold Red Tornado’s adopted daughter Traya Sutton, prompting her to attack her mother. Kathy Sutton is now in a coma and might never wake up…

Crossover: ‘Heck’s Angels’ is a standard four-part crossover storyline; a prior issue of Young Justice leads directly into the story and has been included as a tie-in

Must Reads: Story arcs marked with a ✔are must-read stories from this time period, along with any key related stories and often-forgotten tales that are worth a read.

When an issue contains multiple stories, the relevant story is denoted with square brackets. For example [2/5] refers to the second story of the five stories in that issue, so you don’t need to read the other four

AVENGING ANGELS – Tammy Neil is kidnapped; hints given regarding Supergirl’s origins

Want to keep it simple? Here’s the chronological reading order without story descriptions, or spoilers:

  • Young Justice #11 (tie-in)
  • Young Justice #12
  • Supergirl #36
  • Young Justice #13
  • Supergirl #37

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Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Young Justice #11 (tie-in)
With her mother in a coma, the courts to take Traya Suton into custody as they don’t recognise her adoptive father, the android Red Tornado, as a living relative. When he rejects against the decision, Donald Fite & Ashido Maad of APES (All-Purpose Enforcement Squad) give chase. The JLA order Young Justice not to get involved, so the team help Red Tornado in their civilian identities, instead. They successfully facilitate Red Tornado’s escape with his daughter, but the team are cornered by APES…
Young Justice #12
Impulse vibrates all of Young Justice through the ground to avoid capture by APES. They jump in the Super-Cycle which ignores their instructions to head hope and instead, takes them further underground, then locks down. Trapped miles beneath the Earth’s surface, they find a disco run by a winged man calling himself Dante – a theologist and archaeologist who he believes deserved to be punished to his disco from Hell. His demons overpower Young Justice. Back on the surface, the Secret uses her powers to wake Kathy Sutton from her coma. Traya is returned to her mother, but Red Tornado is arrested…
Supergirl #36
Young Justice’s presence in Dante’s underground realm is observed by Carl Carnivean and his assistant, Mr Stubbs. In Leesbug, Virginia, Linda Danvers obsesses over Ember and the apparent angel’s connection to her alter-ego Supergirl. When Reverend Varval is attacked by a small demon, Supergirl and her new ally Comet pursue the creature underground. Passing a Chaos Stream, Supergirl saves Superboy from a larger demon, but the pair come under assault from the demonically-possessed Young Justice.

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Young Justice #13
The demons seem to have bonded with Young Justice and are almost impossible to remove. When Superboy becomes enthralled, Supergirl sprouts her fiery wings and is recognised by one of Dante’s prisoners, Tammy Neil, as Ember. Young Justice head to the surface to cause chaos, while Supergirl faces Dante’s master Dis below. Back in jail, Red Tornado rejects Martian Manhunter’s offer of help. Fite & Maad offer to free Red Tornado is he hands the Secret over to them, but he has no idea what they’re talking about. Tornado is then approached by two people from Old Justice. Meanwhile, Secret has a flashback to the moment someone tried to kill her…
Supergirl #37
Supergirl denounces the lava-like Dis as a true demon, telekinetically pushing him back into his container. Suddenly, her wings freeze over and shatter. Elsewhere, Mr Stubbs makes a new Swift Sword for Mr Carnivean who continues to observe his agents Dante and Dis. Dante is burned alive by Dis when he breaks free of his container. On the surface, the Super-Cycle lasers the demons from Young Justice, freeing them. They return below and help Supergirl rescue Dante’s prisoners. Dis follows them to the surface, but quickly turns to ice. Mr Carnivean realises Hell is freezing over…

Issue & FalloutEvent / Crossover
Day of Judgment #1 (1999)
Young Justice #14 (1999)
Supergirl #38 (1999)
Day of Judgment #5 (1999)
Hell really is freezing over, thanks to Asmodel who’s been merged with the Spectre; Red Tornado is given a full pardon in exchange for assisting the Chicago Police Department against invading demons; Supergirl turns to the angel Zauriel for advice on her wings when they take on a new form; a new host for the Spectre is chosen and Hell is unfrozen.
Young Justice #16-17 (2000)
Old Justice makes their plans to shut down Young Justice clear; Young Justice rescue the Secret from APES when she falls into their hands; the media make Young Justice look like they’re out of control.
Young Justice: Sins of Youth #1-2 (2000)
Old Justice accidentally de-age the Justice League, Justice Society and other older heroes and turn Young Justice into adults; this somehow gives Young Justice a chance to prove themselves and end Old Justice’s intentions to derail the teen heroes when everyone’s true age is restored.
Supergirl #39-41 (1999-2000)
Comet is revealed to be a prisoner of Blithe, the Angel of Light who’s working for Mr Carnivean; Supergirl gets to meet Ember, former host of the Angel of Fire, when the two of them work together to defeat Satan Girl.
Supergirl #45-50 (2000)
Carnivean is revealed to be a vampire called Carnivore intent on overthrowing the Presence; Carnivean briefly turns Comet against Supergirl; Comet is revealed to be the Angel of Love; Blithe sides with Comet against Carnivore; Supergirl’s angelic powers are fully unlocked by Carnivore’; Supergirl defeats Carnivore, though Linda Danvers is separated from Matrix and her angelic powers in the process.
Supergirl #51 (2000)
Linda Danvers retains some of the Matrix powers and continues to use them as Supergirl.

A list of Collected Editions that brings Hecks Angels together…

Collected Edition TitleIncludes…
Supergirl by Peter David vol.4Supergirl #32-43

Young Justice #12-13

Collected Edition TitleIncludes…
Young Justice – Book TwoSupergirl #36-37

Young Justice #8-17

Young Justice 80-Page Giant #1

Young Justice: No Man’s Land Special #1

Young Justice Secret Files #1 (partial)

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