Doom Patrol Reading Order: The New Earth/Vertigo Era (1987-2011)

Known for some of the most bizarre stories in the DC Universe, the Doom Patrol are about to get stranger! Following the death of the original line-up at the hands of Madame Rouge and General Zahl, Robotman became part of a new Doom Patrol when he met Celsius, Negative Woman and Tempest. The team remained in operation right up to the end of Earth-One continuity with the CRISIS OF INFINITE EARTHS (1985-1986) that reset the DC Universe.

From there, DC’s New Earth continuity keeps the team’s pre-Crisis history relatively intact. The new team may have gone their separate ways, but Celsius – still claiming she’s the Chief’s wife – believes the original team are still alive.

The Doom Patrol reach new and even-stranger heights when writer Grant Morrison takes the reins with Doom Patrol #19, remaining on the title until #63. The title joins the ‘mature readers’ Vertigo Comics line with Doom Patrol #64, which also marks debut of author Rachel Pollack as regular series writer.

While the Vertigo titles largely sit outside of mainstream DC Universe continuity, later stories do refer back to the events of this series, despite the best efforts of John Byrne who sought to erase Morrison/Pollack era from the Doom Patrol’s history.

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Must Reads: Story arcs marked with a ✔ are must-read stories from this time period, along with any key related stories and often-forgotten tales that are worth a read.

Anthology Issues: When an issue contains multiple stories, the relevant story is denoted with square brackets. For example, [2/5] refers to the second story of the five stories in that issue, so you don’t need to read the other four

The pre-Crisis Doom Patrol stories will be covered in this reading order:

  • DOOM PATROL: The World’s Strangest Heroes (1963-1986)

Want to keep it simple? A version of this reading order without story descriptions, page-by-page breakdowns or less non-essential guest appearances – just the primary stories:

  •     New Teen Titans (1980) #28-31
  •     Teen Titans Spotlight (1986) #9
  • Secret Origins Annual (1987) #1 [1/2]
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #1-6
  •     Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special #1
  •     Doom Patrol (1987) #7-9
  •     Doom Patrol (1987) #9 – DC Bonus Book #3  
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #10
  • Superman (1987) #20
  •     Doom Patrol (1987) #11-14
  •     Doom Patrol Annual (1988) #1
  •     Doom Patrol (1987) #15-16
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #17
  • Invasion! #2
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #18
  • Invasion! #3
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #19-33
  •     Justice League Europe #17
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #34-52
  •     War of the Gods (1991) #4
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #53-69
  • Vertigo Jam (1993) #1 [4/7]
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #70-73
  • Doom Patrol Annual (1988) #2
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #74-87
  •     Guy Gardner: Warrior #29
  •     Book of Fate #12
  • Doom Patrol (2001) #1
  •     JLA/JSA: Virtue & Vice
  •     Guide to the DC Universe: Secret Files & Origins 2000
  • Doom Patrol (2002) #2-22
  •     JLA #94-99
  •     Doom Patrol (2004) #1-2
  •     JLA #100
  •     Doom Patrol (2004) #3-18
  •     OMAC Project #6
  • Teen Titans #32
  • Infinite Crisis #4-5, 7
  •     52 #1
  •     World War III #1
  •     52 #50
  •     World War III #2
  •     Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Blüdhaven #1
  • Teen Titans (2003) #34-37
  • Secret Six (2006) #3-4
  •     Countdown #43
  •     Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman-Prime #1
  • Brave and the Bold (2007) #8
  • 52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen #4-6
  •     Titans East Special #1
  •     Justice League of America (2006) #18 [2/2]
  •     Justice League of America (2006) #22-24
  •     DC Universe: Decisions #1, 3-4
  •     Final Crisis #6-7
  • Doom Patrol (2009) #1-3
  •     Justice League: Cry for Justice #5
  • Doom Patrol (2009) #4-5 [1/2]
  • Blackest Night #8
  • Doom Patrol (2009) #6-18
  •     Justice League of America/The 99 #3-4
  •     Justice League of America (2006) #53
  • Secret Six (2008) #30
  • Doom Patrol (2009) #19
  • Doom Patrol (2009) #20-22
  •     Justice League of America (2006) #60

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Chronology: Every appearance of Doom Patrol from this period is included in chronological order, mapping out their timeline rather than just the order the issues were released.
Spoilers: The issue/story overviews may include spoilers, so be warned!

Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesCrossover / Event
New Teen Titans #28-31 (1987)
Robotman assists the Teen Titans when Brother Blood returns from the dead and brainwashes Nightwing and Raven to fight alongside him.
Teen Titans Spotlight #9 (1987)
Robotman hangs out with former teammate Changeling; after a fight with Mister 104, Changeling tries to convince Robotman not to retire from the ‘hero game’.
Secret Origins Annual #1[1/2] (1987)
Robotman relays the origin of the Doom Patrol to the computer in their old headquarters and discovers his old teammate Valentina Vostok is still alive and working for the US Government; Robotman heads to California to retire.
Doom Patrol #1-6 (1987-1988)
Celsius calls on Robotman and Tempest to find out of the Doom Patrol really did die; the group fight Celsius’ father Kalki, Karma and Dr Goodman’s band of super-villains; Negative Woman and Negative Man return to the line-up, along with new members Scott Fischer, Karma & Lodestone.

1st appearances: Blaze/Scott Fischer, Karma/Wayne Hawkins, Lodestone/Rhea Jones.
Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special #1 (1988)
The Doom Patrol rush to Nicuragua to rescue the captured Hawk from the Russians, believing Task Force X have been sent there to kill him; when Rick Flag’s Suicide Squad team are all killed, it’s up to the Doom Patrol to rescue Flag and Hawk.
Doom Patrol #7-9 (1988)
The new Doom patrol test their mettle against the hitman Shrapnel and face an army of Plastic Men sent by their old foe Garguax; the Chief’s death is confirmed; Negative Man’s loyalty to the team is called into question.

1st appearance: Shrapnel/Mark Scheffer
DC Bonus Book #3 (1988) – included in Doom Patrol #9 (1988)
While wondering if her husband is still alive, Celsius helps a woman find peace before she dies.
Doom Patrol #10 (1988)
Superman #20 (1988)
Metallo uses Robotman’s spare parts to form a new body; Superman and the Doom Patrol join forces against Metallo and his robot army.

1st appearance: Reactron/Benjamin Krullen

Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesCrossover / Event
Doom Patrol #11-14 (1988)
Negative Man plans to use Reactron’s powers to get his own abilities back from Negative Woman; Garguax initiates his plan to invade Earth; the Doom Patrol and Power Girl face Pythia, the rampaging agent of the Lords of Chaos; Karma leaves the team due to his criminal background.

1st appearance: Dorothy Spinner
Doom Patrol Annual #1 (1988)
Lex Luthor tries to turn the public against the Doom Patrol, using their battle with Maddax the Destroyer against them.
Doom Patrol #15-16 (1988-1989)
The Chief makes his return, which brings out both the Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man and General Immortus, both seeking their chance for revenge; the Chief and the Doom Patrol are reunited.
Doom Patrol #17 (1989)
Invasion! #2 (1989)
Doom Patrol #18 (1989)
Invasion! #3 (1989)
The Doom Patrol and Gaguax make a surprising alliance with the Alien Alliance attempt an invasion of Earth; Celcius and Scott Fischer fall in battle; the Doom Patrol, Aquaman and the Sea Devils fend off the invading Gil’Dishpan; Martian Manhunter assists the Doom Patrol when they lose control of their powers due to exposure to the Gene Bomb; Negative Woman loses her powers and leaves the team; Lodestone is left in a coma.

1st appearances: Lyrissa Mallor, Strata
Doom Patrol #19-33 (1989-1990)
Mercurius brings Dr Eleanor Poole into his shared being with Larry Trainor to form Rebis; Will Magnus introduces Robotman to Crazy Jane; Dorothy Spinner & Crazy Jane join the Doom Patrol; the team face the reality-defying Scissormen of Orqwith; Red Jack kidnaps the comatose Lodestone; Dorothy Spinner fights her own imaginary friends; having been kicked out of the Brotherhood of Evil, Mister Nobody forms the Brotherhood of Dada to bring chaos to the world using the Painting That Ate Paris; the Doom Patrol, Superman and the Justice League battle the Fifth Horseman; Crazy Jane faces Daddy Challis; Willoughby Kipling meets the team when the Cult of the Unwritten Book attempt to summon the Decreator;

1st appearances: Botherhood of Dada (Fog/Byron Shelley, Frenzy/Lloyd Jefferson, Quiz, Sleepwalk/Holly McKenzie), Crazy Jane/Kay Challis, Willoughby Kipling, Painting That Ate Paris, Eleanor Poole, Red Jack, Scissormen

New Identities: Negative Man/Larry Trainor as Rebis, Eric Morden as Mister Nobody
Justice League Europe #17 (1990)
Rebis & Robotman cameo; the United Nations forbid costumed heroes – including the Doom Patrol – from interfering when the Extremists take control of the planet’s nuclear capabilities.
Doom Patrol #34-52 (1990-1992)
The Brain and Monsieur Mallah – the last of the Brotherhood of Evil – attack the Doom Patrol; the team rescue Danny the Street and Flex Mentallo from Darren JonesMen from NOWHERE; after conflicts with the Geomancers, the Orthodoxy of the Insect Mesh and the Beard Hunter, the Doom Patrol learn the origin of Flex Mentallo; Mister Nobody returns when Doctor Silence tries to destroy the Painting That Ate Paris; Mister Nobody forms a new Brotherhood of Dada and runs for President; Robotman and Tempest learn the origin of government agent Yankee Doodle Dandy.

1st appearances: Candlemaker, Danny the Street, Doctor Silence, Flex Mentallo, Men from NOWHERE, Wallace Sage, the Toy
War of the Gods #4 (1991)
Robotman cameo; Robotman is among the heroes opposing Circe and the Legion of Hades.

Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesCrossover / Event
Doom Patrol #53-63 (1992-1993)
Danny the Street dreams up an alternative Doom Patrol; Rebis goes through major changes; Crazy Jane confronts her father; the Chief violently confronts Tempest when he believes he’ about to sabotage his plans; the true origin of the Doom Patrol is revealed; the Candlemaker unleashes his secret apocalypse; Crazy Jane and Rebis leave the team.
Doom Patrol #64-69 (1993)
The Chief returns to pull the Doom Patrol back together; the Bandage People and the Inner Child join the Doom Patrol as they face the ancient spirit Crowdark, Foxfur and the Master Cleaner and meet new hero, the Identity Addict.

1st appearances: The Bandage People, Charlie the Doll/Inner Child
Vertigo Jam #1[4/7] (1993)
Dorothy Spinner causes to Sexually Remaindered Spirits to break free from the Doom Patrol headquarters.

1st appearance: Alice Wired For Sound
Doom Patrol #70-73 (1993)
The Doom Patrol rescue Coagula – a superhuman with past connections to the team – is from the Codpiece when he hunts her down; Foxfur and Crowdark return to offer Robotman a human body; Coagula joins the Doom Patrol.

1st appearance: Coagula/Kate Godwin
 Doom Patrol Annual #2 (1994)
Dorothy Spinner is drawn away from the Doom Patrol to the supposedly perfect Free Country; the Dead Boy Detective and Doom Patrol bring her home.
Doom Patrol #74-87 (1994-1995)
Robotman hunts down discs that have duplicated his consciousness; the Doom Patrol are drawn into the magical Teiresias Wars; Dorothy Spinner loses control of her powers; the False Memory joins the team; the Chief and Alice Wired For Sound get closer; the Doom Patrol’s fight with the False Healers who plan to save the world by destroying it, with members of the team sacrificing themselves to stop them.
Guy Gardner: Warrior #29 (1995)
Robotman cameo; Robotman attends the opening of Guy Gardner’s Warriors bar.
Book of Fate #12 (1998)
Robotman cameo; Robotman drinks in the same bar as Fate and Lobo.
Book of Fate #12 (1998)
Robotman cameo; Robotman drinks in the same bar as Fate and Lobo.
Doom Patrol #1 (2001)
Industrialist Thayer Jost employs Robotman to train his super-team Justice Inc; instead, Robotman turns them into the all-new Doom Patrol.

1st appearance: Doom Patrol (Fever/Shyleen Lao, Flash Forward/Ted Bruder, Freak/Ava, Kid Slick/Victor Darge, Robotman/Cliff Steele), Thayer Jost
JLA/JSA: Virtue & Vice (2003)
Doom Patrol cameo; the Doom Patrol appears in screen as the world descends into chaos.
Guide to the DC Universe: Secret Files & Origins #1 [9/9] (2000)
Robotman is among the mechs who are impacted by Y2K.

Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesCrossover / Event
Doom Patrol #2-22 (2002-2003)
While Robotman’s new Doom Patrol establish themselves, Thayer Jost forms another Doom Patrol comprised of Beast Boy, Doctor Light, the Elongtated Man and Metamorpho; after their first clash with Tycho, ‘Robotman’ is revealed to be a doppelganger created by Dorothy Spinner; the real Robotman replaces the doppelganger on the team; the Doom Patrol battle the fallen angel Raum, Morphex and the Brotherhood of Evil before disbanding.

1st appearance: Zviad Kolodenko, Tycho
JLA #94-99 (2004)
Doom Patrol #1-2 (2004)
The original Doom Patrol return (behaving differently from their Vertigo era stories and revealing altered pasts with no explanations as to why), along with a revived Elasti-Girl and new members Faith, Grunt, Nudge & Vortex; the Doom Patrol take on the ancient vampire cult known as the Tenth Circle, working alongside the Justice League.

1st appearance: Grunt/Henry Bucher, Nudge/Mi-Sun Kwan, Vortex
JLA #100 (2004)
Still a card-holding member of the JLA, Faith assists the team against the Elite, and their new leader Sister Superior who intend making themselves the new landlords of Earth.
Doom Patrol #3-18 (2004-2006)
Robotman is transformed into Blue Steele by the sinister Dr Verdalian; the Doom Patrol battle the Devolutionists; T’oombala emerges from the Chief’s past and reveals his ‘true’ origins; Robotman and Elasti-Girl travel through time for a seriously awkward moment; and the Doom Patrol meet the Brotherhood of Evil and Justice League of America of an alternate timeline; and the Doom Patrol face the biggest threat from one of their new members.

New identity: Robotman/Cliff Steele as Blue Steele
OMAC Project #6 (2005)
Doom Patrol cameo; the Doom Patrol are among the heroes targeted by the OMAC Project.

Teen Titans #32(pp.3-9) (2006)
Infinite Crisis #4(pp.16-25) / Teen Titans #32(pp.10-22) (2006)
Infinite Crisis #5, 7 (2006)

The Doom Patrol come to the aid of Beast Boy’s team, the Teen Titans, when the Superboy of Earth-Prime threatens the life of Superboy (Conner Kent) and any hero who’s willing to protect him; the climactic battle with Superboy-Prime restores the Doom Patrol’s memories.
52 #1 (2006)
World War III #1 (2007)
52 #50 (2007)
World War III #2 (2007)
Doom Patrol cameos; some of the team attend a memorial in Metropolis; the Doom Patrol join the fight against Black Adam.
Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Blüdhaven #1 (2006)
Robotman cameo; Robotman assists the Teen Titans in the ruins in Blüdhaven.

1st appearance: Firebrand/Andre Twist, Human Bomb/Andrew Franklin
Teen Titans #34-37 (2006)
Bumblebee, Mento and Vox are confirmed as a new members of the Doom Patrol; the team ally with the Teen Titans against the Brotherhood of Evil; Beast Boy leaves the Teen Titans and rejoins the Doom Patrol.

1st appearance: Elephant Man, Miss Martian/M’gann M’orzz, Zachary Zatara
Secret Six #3-4 (2006)
Doctor Psycho and Vandal Savage frame the Secret Six, prompting the Doom Patrol to try and apprehend them.
Countdown #43 (2007)
Doom Patrol cameo; the Doom Patrol attend Bart Allen’s funeral.
Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman-Prime #1 [1/2] (2007)
Now a member of the Sinestro Corps, Superboy-Prime returns to Earth where he’s confronted by a veritable army of the world’s heroes, including the Doom Patrol.

Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesCrossover / Event
Brave and the Bold #8 (2008)
The Doom Patrol and the Flash team up against the Warlocks of Ys.
52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen #4-6 (2008)
The Doom Patrol join the fight against the Four Horsemen of Apokolips and the dead army.
Titans East Special #1 (2008)
Robotman cameo.
Justice League of America #18 [2/2] (2008)
The Chief assists in the rebuilding of Red Tornado.
Justice League of America #22-24 (2008)
The Chief assists the Justice League when Amazo takes control of the Red Tornado’s body.
DC Universe: Decisions #1, 3-4 (2008)
Robotman is among the heroes searching for a mystery assassin.
Final Crisis #6-7 (2010)
The Doom Patrol are among the numerous heroes fighting back against Darkseid.

1st appearance: Superman/Kalel of Earth 23, Wonder Woman/Nubia of Themyscira of Earth 23, Earth 23
Doom Patrol #1 [1/2] (2009)
Doom Patrol #2 [1/2] (2009)
Doom Patrol #3 [1/2] (2009)
The newest members of the Doom Patrol fall or quit, largely restoring the original line-up; the team set up base on Oolong Island and investigate the sinister experiments of Dr Amanda Beckett, a sentient black hole; Mento returns to the Doom Patrol.

1st appearance: Amanda Becket, Deborah Marlow
Justice League: Cry for Justice #5 [1/2] (2010)
Robotman cameo.
Doom Patrol #4 [1/2] (2010)
Doom Patrol #5 [1/2] (2010)
Blackest Night #8 (2010)
The Doom Patrol face their deceased former-teammates when Celsius, Cliff Steele, Negative Woman and Tempest return as members of the undead Black Lantern Corps.

1st appearance: Blanca
Doom Patrol #6 [1/2] (2010)
Doom Patrol #7 [1/2] (2010)
Negative Man recounts the history of the Doom Patrol; a number of the Doom Patrol’s old foes join forces to plot against them; the team battle Giganta and Douglas, Robot Hunter.

1st appearance: Porcelain Doll
Doom Patrol #8-18 (2010-2011)
Reunited with some old friends, the Doom Patrol tackle the MSE and the Front Men; Ambush Bug joins the line-up; the Doom Patrol face an unsurprising betrayal from within when one of their number gains Kryptonian powers; the Doom Patrol face another Doom Patrol from an alternate reality, General Immortus and the Aristocrats.

New identity: Amanda Becket as Botfly; Danny the Street as Danny the Bungalow, Mister Nobody as Mister Somebody
Justice League of America/The 99 #3-4 (2011)
Doom Patrol cameo.
Justice League of America #53 (2011)
The Justice League get assistance from the Doom Patrol, the Justice Society, Teen Titans and others against the Omega Man and the Crime Syndicate of Amerika.
Secret Six #30 (2011)
Doom Patrol #19 (2011)
The Doom Patrol and Secret Six might be too busy fighting each other to stop SMASH.
Doom Patrol #20-22 (2011)
The Doom Patrol have their final rematch with Mister Somebody and his allies until Ambush Bug makes an announcement that brings their years-long feud to a close.
Justice League of America #60 (2011)
Robotman cameo; Robotman is among the mechs manipulated into attacking the Justice League.

The Doom Patrol’s reading order will continue:

  • DOOM PATROL: The Rebirth Era (2013-Present)

Notable alternate universe versions of the Doom Patrol from around the multiverse; cameos are not included.

UniverseTitle, Issue Number & SynopsisEvent / Crossover
Unspecified Alternate FutureDoom Force Special #1 (1992)
In a possible future, the disembodied head of the Chief forms Doom Force, to combat strange threats to the world like Count Anton Zero.
Amalgam UniverseX-Patrol #1 (1996)
Exciting X-Patrol #1 (1997)

When the DC Universe and Marvel Universe are temporarily merged, the Doom Patrol & Teen Titans and X-Force & Generation X are amalgamated into the X-Patrol; Niles Cable leads Shatterstarfire, Beastling, Dial HUSK and the rest of the team against Doctor Doomsday and Brother Brood.

Earth-9Tangent Comics: Doom Patrol #1 (1997)
Tangent Comics: Nightwing – Night Force #1 (1998)
Tangent: Superman’s Reign #3 (2008)
Convergence: New Teen Titans #1-2 (2015)
In the Tangent Universe, the Doom Patrol arrive from the future to prevent a cataclysm in the present, only to discover they’re the cause; they’re hunted by Night Force and lose their souls to the creation of the Ultra-Humanite; years later, Telas (the agent of various versions of Brainiac from across the multiverse) pits the Doom Patrol against the Teen Titans


The NailJustice League: The Nail #1, 3 (1998)
Justice League: Another Nail #2-3 (2004)
The Doom Patrol are among the heroes who fight some surprising foes in a ‘Silver Age’ in which Superman never came to be.

Notable collected editions featuring the Doom Patrol…

Collected Edition TitleCollects
Doom Patrol: The Bronze Age OmnibusDC Comics Presents #52

Doom Patrol (1987) #1-18

Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special #1

Doom Patrol Annual #1

New Teen Titans #13-15

Secret Origins Annual #1 [part]

Showcase #94-95

Supergirl (1982) #7-9

Superman (1987) #20

Superman Family #191-193 [part]

Teen Titans Spotlight #9
Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison OmnibusDoom Patrol (1987) #19-63

Doom Force Special #1
Doom Patrol – Book OneDoom Patrol (1987) #19-34
Doom Patrol – Book TwoDoom Patrol (1987) #35-50
Doom Patrol – Book ThreeDoom Patrol (1987) #51-63

Collected Edition TitleCollects
Doom Patrol by Rachel Pollack OmnibusDoom Patrol (1987) #64-87

Doom Patrol Annual #2

Vertigo Jam #1 [part]
Doom Patrol by John Byrne OmnibusDoom Patrol (2004) #1-18

JLA #94-99

Secret Origins Annual #1 [part]

Superman (1987) #20
Doom Patrol: We Who Are About to DieDoom Patrol (2009) #1-6
Doom Patrol: BrotherhoodDoom Patrol (2009) #7-13
Secret Six: Caution to the WindAction Comics #897

Doom Patrol (2009) #19

Secret Six #30

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