Sins Of Youth (2000) Reading Order

The formation of Young Justice – initially made up of Robin, Superboy and Impulse – caused a bit of a stir among the Justice League of America. Since then, their numbers have grown, along with the concerns of the JLA. Arrowette, the Secret and the new Wonder Girl have joined their ranks. Even under the watchful eye of the Red Tornado, it seems it won’t be long before Young Justice make a mistake that will lead to them being shut down for good…

Major Crossover: With multiple one-shots and tie-ins taking place around a short mini-series to bookend the story, Sins of Youth can be considered a major crossover.

Must Reads: Story arcs marked with a ✔are must-read stories from this time period, along with any key related stories and often-forgotten tales that are worth a read.

Anthology Issues: When an issue contains multiple stories, the relevant story is denoted with square brackets. For example, [2/5] refers to the second story of the five stories in that issue, so you don’t need to read the other four. 

Previous events that directly impact this story:

DAY OF JUDGMENT – YJ are separated from the Secret again

Want to keep it simple? Here’s the chronological reading order without story descriptions, or spoilers:

  • Young Justice #15 (tie-in)
  •    Guide to the DC Universe 2000 Secret Files & Origins #1 [3/9]
  • Young Justice #16 (tie-in)
  • Superboy #70
  • Young Justice #17 (tie-in)
  • Superboy #71 (tie-in)
  • Young Justice #18 (tie-in)
  • Superboy #72 (tie-in)
  • Young Justice #19 (tie-in)
  • Superboy #73 (tie-in)
  • Young Justice: Sins of Youth #1
  • Superboy #74
  • Sins of Youth: JLA Jr #1
  • Young Justice: Sins of Youth Secret Files and Origins #1 [3/5]
  •     Young Justice: Sins of Youth Secret Files and Origins #1 [4/5]
  •     Young Justice: Sins of Youth Secret Files and Origins #1 [5/5]
  •     Young Justice: Sins of Youth Secret Files and Origins #1 [1/5]
  •     Young Justice: Sins of Youth Secret Files and Origins #1 [2/5]
  •     Sins of Youth: Batboy and Robin #1
  • Sins of Youth: Starwoman and the JSA Jr #1
  • Sins of Youth: Superman Jr and Superboy Sr #1
  •     Sins of Youth: Kid Flash and Impulse #1
  • Sins of Youth: Wonder Girls #1
  •     Sins of Youth: Aquaboy and Lagoon Man #1
  • Sins of Youth: Secret and Deadboy #1
  • Young Justice: Sins of Youth #2
  •     Young Justice #20-21 (tie-in)

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Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Young Justice #15 (tie-in)
In their regular identities, some members of Young Justice attend Arrowette’s school dance. But the school’s psychologist rejected fiancée Richard Pulilio comes to the school with his friend, Jerry. Both men are armed, and Richard shoots his ex, Marcey Money. Arrowette takes the law into her own hands and hunts the two men. Superboy catches an arrow that she fired at Richard as a kill shot. Arrowette storms off and breaks down…
Guide to the DC Universe 2000 Secret Files & Origins #1 [3/9]
Damage takes Argent – one of the newest members of the Titans – to a cemetery to teach her about the heroes who came before. He shows her the graves of Elasti-Girl, Green Arrow, Jericho and he original Atom. They meet the new Star-Sangled Kid and STRIPE (Pat Dugan) who are visiting Skyman’s grave. The aged Merry the Gimmick Girl, Doiby Dickles and others show up and berate Pat for enabling kids to enter the hero game. Little do they know, these old times have their own plans to stop kids from becoming crimefighters…
Young Justice #16 (tie-in)
Arrowette remains in a state of shock while Senator Neptune Perkins appears in Washington, demanding that the existence of Young Justice be evaluated. Merry the Gimmick Girl contacts Red Tornado to threaten his parental rights in exchange for his help in shutting down Young Justice. Later, the rest of her retired team of Golden Age heroes, Old Justice, show up at the senate to discuss the need to protect America from Young Justice. Red Tornado decides to put Young Justice on hold. Arrowette quits the team.

1st appearance: Anita Fite (cameo), Old Justice
Superboy #70 (tie-in)
Returning from a trip to Hawaii, Superboy and Dr Sterling Roquette find everyone at Project Cadmus behaving strangely. He turns to Superman for advice on Hypertime and helps him defeat the Evil Factory’s Four-Armed Terror. After implying to Lois Lane that he knows Superman is Clark Kent, Superboy returns to Cadmus to find Mokkari & Simyan have taken over the facility. In Alaska, Lee St Lawrence and the Wild Men are captured as they continue their search for Tana Moon
Young Justice #17 (tie-in)
Arrowette – now just known as Cissie King-Jones – kisses Robin as she leaves the Secret Sanctuary for good. Aggressively Red Tornado’s protests, Robin, Superboy, Impulse & Wonder Girl head to Mount Rushmore in the Super-Cycle. Having discovered APES headquarters is inside George Washington’s head, Young Justice break in and rescue their missing teammate, the Secret. Superboy explodes Washington’s nose to give the team an exit. All of which is caught on camera…

New identity: Match/Kent Conner as Superboy
Superboy #71 (tie-in)
Amanda Spence and the Evil Factory have replaced the staff at Cadmus with clones and captured Superboy, all under the guidance of Contessa Erica del Portenza of the Agenda. And they add Dabney Donovan to their ranks. Superboy and his friends break free, overcoming illusions that make them think Guardian is dead. Suddenly, Hex bursts in with all guns blazing…
Young Justice #18 (tie-in)
While Red Tornado discusses next steps with the Justice League, the Point Men invade the Secret Sanctuary. Superboy attacks first as the two teams cause chaos, destroying much of the Sanctuary until Secret accidentally blows it all up…
1st appearance: Point Men (Blank Slate, Blockade, Gray Lady/Wendy, Serpenteen/Joseph, Short Cut)
Superboy #72 (tie-in) *
Hours earlier, Hex broke into Project Cadmus and, when her Hex persona took over, managed to overpower the cloned workforce. She allied with Angry Charlie, freed Grokk the Living Gargoyle and came to Superboy’s aid. Now, the group all escape Cadmus on Grokk’s back. Serling and Superboy kiss just before Grokk crashes into an oncoming transport. After they all hit the ground, the Wild Men and Tana Moon emerge from the craft. Superboy kisses Tana, forgetting all about Serling Roquette…

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Young Justice #19 (tie-in) *
The Secret teleports Young Justice to safety. The Justice League arrive at the rubble of the Secret Sanctuary, but YJ decide to lay low to find a way to clear their names and head to Wonder Girl’s home. The Point Men return and threaten Helena Sandsmark, but someone calling herself Empress sees them off before vanishing. Oracle suggests a bankrupt resort in the Adirondacks for YJ to hide out in. But Old Justice immediately show up…
1st appearance: Empress (first full appearance)
Superboy #73 (tie-in)
When Superboy and Mickey Cannon arrive in Kurtzburg looking for help, police officers try to arrest Superboy over the Rushmore incident. The Point Men arrive, bringing the ‘Guardian’ and ‘Mickey Cannon’ clones with them. Superboy flees, leaving ‘Cannon’ to introduce the Point Men as agents of Project Cadmus. Superboy and his friends charge into Cadmus. Dubbilex breaks Gene-Gnome’s control over him when he tries to hurt Tana. The Agenda are defeated. The Contessa encourages Superboy to head to Washington…
Young Justice: Sins of Youth #1
Old Justice attack Young Justice, which backfires when Ace Atchinson arrives and broadcasts Wonder Girl’s speech on unfair expectations on teenagers while explaining YJ’s recent actions. She calls for a ‘Justice For All Rally’ in Washington so that teen heroes can stand up for their own rights. Old Justice reveal Amanda Spence had been helping them keep tabs on YJ. The Justice League, Justice Society, the Marvel Family, the Titans, Young Justice, Old Justice and more show up in Washington. Superboy announces that YJ are all crazy, but real Superboy arrives and reveals Match has been masquerading as him. The Point Men and a legion of Agenda shock troops attack the gathered heroes before Contessa Erica del Portenza calls on Klarion to transform the adult heroes (except Old Justice) into kids. Doiby Dickles’ attempt to restore the de-aged heroes with an Ageing Gun backfires, turning YJ into adults. All except for Superboy who remains the eternal teenager…
Superboy #74
Klarion and the Point Men teleport away, leaving the shock troops at the age-swapped heroes’ mercy. When Superboy experiences inexplicable pain, Wonder Girl rushes him back to Cadmus where the staff are retaking control and Dubbilex is on life support. Match gets there first and clashes with Superboy until the release of Dabney Donovan’s clone-killing virus forces him to leave. Sterling stabilises Superboy who finally transforms into an adult. Amanda Spence kills Tana Moon and teleports away, leaving Superboy devastated.
Sins of Youth: JLA Jr #1
The JLA (now the de-aged JLA Jr) are mistaken for Young Justice and flee Washington. They teleport to the Watchtower with the adult Anarky’s help. Martian Manhunter (now Martian Kidhunter) telepathically spies on Klarion as he summons Amazo from the timestream. L’il Captain Marvel takes the team to the Rock of Eternity in the hope that Shazam can change them back. But he can’t, so Superman Jr heads back to Metropolis and Batman (now Batboy) returns to Gotham City. The rest of the JLA Jr return to the Justice Cave and reunite with the JSA (now the Junior Society of America) and Young Justice. The heroes decide to split up to search for a way to return them to normal…
Young Justice: Sins of Youth Secret Files and Origins #1 [3/5] *
The de-aged JLA and JSA argue over who should have access to the JLA’s clubhouse. After the kids finally stop fighting and annoying each other for several hours, Star-Spangled Kid (now Starwoman) takes the JSA into space aboard the Steel Eagle, heading to planet Myrg to get another age-altering gun…

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Young Justice: Sins of Youth Secret Files and Origins #1 [4/5]
The aged Mary Marvel and depowered Freddy Freeman pursue Klarion to the Smithsonian. Despite being unable to access his Captain Marvel Jr powers, Freddy Freeman overcomes a de-aged Captain Nazi by pushing him into an electric cable and shocking him.
Young Justice: Sins of Youth Secret Files and Origins #1 [5/5]
Meanwhile, Klarion runs into Catwoman who’s trying to steal the Cat’s Eye gem from the Smithsonian. Klarion de-ages her and teleports away.
Young Justice: Sins of Youth Secret Files and Origins #1 [1/5]
Of the Titans, only Argent, Damage, Cyborg & Starfire were affected by the age-swap. Nightwing recalls one of the Teen Titans’ earliest missions providing crowd control at a live show for edgy rockstar Limbo, which turned out to be a distraction for an attack on a research facility. Aqualad, Kid Flash, Robin, Speedy & Wonder Girl were exposed to an anti-aging serum at the facility. Limbo was secretly working for Contessa Contessa Erica Alexandra del Portenza. Now, Limbo is known as Goth and is still working with the Contessa. The original Titans realise they may hold the cure for the age-swap, but are too busy fighting the Wildebeests at the airport.
Young Justice: Sins of Youth Secret Files and Origins #1 [2/5]
Ace Atchinson’s new ad promotes his CDTV show based on his coverage on the current plight of Young Justice.
Sins of Youth: Batboy and Robin #1
The de-aged Batman takes on the Robin identity, while the adult Tim Drake becomes Batman. Tim admits he’s not sure he’d ever want to be Batman permanently. The Dynamic Duo rescue Zatanna from Doctor Psycho and a pair of magically conjoined Russian gangsters. Zatanna is unable to change the duo back. Elsewhere, Klarion de-ages the Penguin
Sins of Youth: Starwoman and the JSA Jr #1
Starwoman and half of the JSA Jr are captured by Prince Marieb’s cops when they land on planet Myrg. The rest of the JSA Jr come to their rescue. Doiby Dickles grabs another Aging Gun and the team flee the planet, with Princess Ramia sadly watching them depart. On Earth, Klarion de-ages Director Bones & Cameron Chase of the DEO, then de-ages and recruits Black Adam
Sins of Youth: Superman Jr and Superboy Sr #1
The adult Superboy flies to Metropolis to give the de-aged Superman a hand against Cyber-Spider. The young Superman reveals to Superboy that he’s Clark Kent, which Superboy already knew. The Contessa sends Gray Lady, Blockade & Match to retrieve the Superboys. Young Superman is injured in the fight, leaving Superboy no choice but to surrender to the Agenda. In space, Klarion de-ages Maxima, turning her into ‘Minima’

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Sins of Youth: Kid Flash and Impulse #1
Wally West interrupted his honeymoon with Linda Park West to attend the superhero gathering in Washington. Now he’s a 13 year-old ‘Kid Flash’, while Impulse is the adult. The two speedsters set up a series of TV interviews to clear Young Justice of wrongdoing, but they’re too busy saving lives and defeating bad guys to turn up to most of them. Meanwhile, Klarion de-ages Captain Cold
Sins of Youth: Wonder Girls #1
Wonder Girl finally feels worthy of putting on Donna Troy’s old red costume as she joins the de-aged Wonder Woman to retrieve a magic helmet for Apollo. The Wonder Girls retrieve the helmet from Cyclon, but have to surrender when they’re cornered by Agenda troops aftern Apollo sells them out. At the Wonderdome, Klarion de-ages and recruits Sphinx
Sins of Youth: Aquaboy and Lagoon Man #1
Letifos asks Aquaman & Lagoon Boy (now Aquaboy & Lagoon Man) for help when Black Manta searches the rebuilt Thierna Na Oge for Ronal’s Staff. Aquaboy surmises that the staff could restore the heroes and takes it from Black Manta. But it seems the staff had returned Manta to his human, but now he’s back in the mutated form (‘gifted’ him by Neron during UNDERWORLD UNLEASHED). Aquaboy sacrifice’s the staff’s single use to repair Thierna Na Oge then destroys the staff. Klarion visits the imprisoned Black Manta and makes him an offer…
Sins of Youth: Secret and Deadboy #1
The adult Secret and the de-aged Deadman (now Deadboy) follow Klarion’s trail to Chevy Chase, Maryland. But the town has been magically warped and the duo find themselves fighting Klarion in a circus he’s created. Realising they’re unable to beat him, they take his cat Teekl and escape…
Young Justice: Sins of Youth #2
The JSA return to Earth, but Doiby Dickles Aging Gun doesn’t work on the age-swapped heroes. They need Klarion’s magic. At the Agenda’s hidden base, Superboy Sr momentarily breaks free and alerts the Justice League to his whereabouts. But the kid JLA & JSA are too busy clashing with Klarion’s Junior Injustice League made up of the de-aged villains. The heroes soon regroup and converge on the Agenda’s Alaskan base where the Secret threatens to kill Teekl if Klarion doesn’t agree to help change everyone back. Just as Klarion begins to cave, he’s set upon by an adult clone of himself – Klarion the Witch-Man – created by the Contessa. The Point-Men turn against the Agenda and free the Supermen & Wonder Women, but the Contessa escapes with their DNA samples. Wonder Girl convinces Superboy not to kill Amanda Spence. Klarion & Doiby return everyone on Earth to their right age. Lobo arrives on Earth having been de-aged to ‘Li’l Lobo’… and he’s not happy!
Young Justice #20 (tie-in)
The JLA, JSA and Old & Young Justice clean up at the Agenda’s headquarters. Empress destroys files relating to Cissie King-Jones. Li’l Lobo goes after Klarion. Arrowette’s mom tries to make amends. Batman agrees to let Robin show his face to his teammates. Young Justice take a break, so Beast Boy forms a New Young Justice to replace them…

1st appearance: New Young Justice
Young Justice #21 (tie-in)
The new Young Justice – Beast Boy, Lagoon Boy, Batgirl, CM3 & Flamebird – try to break up the chaos caused by Klarion and Li’l Lobo. When they struggle to beat Lobo, Flamebird convinces him to remain Li’l Lobo for the challenge of proving himself again. Klarion escapes and befriends Supergirl of the 853rd century. Arrowette’s mom takes her for Olympic try-outs. Batman takes Batgirl back to Gotham City.

Must ReadsIssue & FalloutEvent / Crossover
Superboy #75-79 (2000)
It’s revealed that the clash with Klarion has cost Superboy his powers; Superboy rejects Hex’s suggestion that she’s sometimes a host for Jonah Hex; Hex departs Cadmus with Grokk the Living Gargoyle a funeral is held for Tana Moon.
Young Justice #22-25 (2000)
Young Justice reform; Empress’ connection to Arrowette is revealed.
Superboy #75-79 (2000)
Superboy uses Gadget Guru’s tech to make up for his lost powers and continue to carry out missions for them; a clash with Kossak the Slaver leads to Superboy’s powers returning.
Young Justice #25-28 (2000-2001)
Young Justice head to Myrg to free the planet from Prince Marieb’s control; Cissie King-Jones reluctantly assists Young Justice, though not as Arrowette; Empress joins Young Justice.
President Luthor: Secret Files & Origins #1 (2001)
Perceived as a loose end by her ex-husband, Lex Luthor has Contessa Erica del Portenza despatched.
Young Justice #30 (2001)
Robin’s promise to always be there for the Secret leads to her lashing out at the Spoiler out of jealousy.
Superboy #88-90 (2001)
Superboy meets Cherub of the DNAngels who turns out to be a clone of Tana Moon, infused with the DNA of Young Justice; Amanda Spence created Cherub so that she could kill ‘Tana Moon’ over and over again; Spence is finally apprehended.
Young Justice #38 (2001)
Match returns in the guise of Superboy, but poisoned with Joker Venom; another young Lobo emerges after Lobo is killed on Apokolips, dubbing himself Slobo.
Young Justice #42 (2002)
The Spectre (Hal Jordan) becomes the Secret’s mentor and helps her discover the truth about at least a part of her past; the Secret’sfirst name is revealed.
Impulse #88-89 (2002)
Max Mercury’s connection to the Speed Force is restored.
Young Justice #49-51 (2002-2003)
The Point Men return, with new member Snake Girl; the Point Men find themselves on better terms with Young Justice.
Young Justice #55 (2003)
Young Justice face the Secret in battle after she’s manipulated by Darkseid.
Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #1-3 (2003)
Young Justice disband, with some members going on to join the Teen Titans.
Aquaman #8-12 (2003-2004)
Black Manta is revealed to have been restored to human form by the Lady of the Lake.
Justice Society of America #9 (2007)
Magicks beyond his control kill Goth before he gets a chance to have his revenge on the Titans.
Wonder Girl #4-6 (2008)
Cissie King-Jones briefly returns to her Arrowette guise to assist Wonder Girl on a mission to rescue her mother.
Batman: Battle for the Cowl #2-3 (2009)
Tim Drake briefly becomes Batman following the apparent death of Bruce Wayne, but only to oppose Jason Todd.
Adventure Comics #2 (2009)
Superboy and Wonder Girl finally get together
Teen Titans #99-100 (2011)
Match is revealed to have been killed by Superboy-Prime (of Earth-Prime) and his DNA used to create three Superboy clones to battle the Teen Titans.

Notable collected editions that include the Sins of Youth…

Collected Edition TitleIncludes…
Young Justice – Book TwoSupergirl #36-37

Young Justice #8-17

Young Justice 80-Page Giant

Young Justice Secret Files #1 [part]

Young Justice: No Man’s Land #1

Collected Edition TitleIncludes…
Young Justice – Book ThreeSins of Youth: Aquaboy/Lagoon Man #1

Sins of Youth: Batboy and Robin #1

Sins of Youth: JLA Jr. #1

Sins of Youth: Kid Flash/Impulse #1

Sins of Youth: Starwoman and the JSA Jr. #1

Sins of Youth: Superman Jr./Superboy Sr. #1

Sins of Youth: The Secret/Deadboy #1

Sins of Youth: Wonder Girls #1

Superboy #74

Young Justice #18-19

Young Justice: Sins of Youth #1-2

Young Justice: Sins of Youth Secret Files #1

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