Legends (1986-1987) Reading Order

Following the CRISIS OF INFINITE EARTHS (1985-1986), the DC Universe has started afresh! At least, for the most part. It’s been about five years since the introduction of Superman and, in that time, other heroes have risen with some even forming the Justice League of America. But the League is about to face a crisis of its own when Professor Ivo‘s bizarre plan for revenge against the team will push the group to their limit and some won’t make it out alive. But there’s an even bigger threat from Apokalips as the menacing Darkseid‘s plan to play claim to Earth begins with the discrediting of the world’s greatest heroes. Could this already mean the end for the heroes of this New Earth?

DC’s post-Crisis refresh didn’t necessarily play out across every title in their line. While some characters would get a new first issue or clearly defined new origin – such as Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman – others would carry on as before, referencing past storylines and even referring to the events of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS itself. Justice League of America was one of the titles that carries on, almost as if nothing had happened, so DC decided to end the reign of the JLA and create an all-new Justice League in the fires of the LEGENDS event.

This storyline also establishes Darkseid as, perhaps, the primary villain in the new DC Universe and introduces a brand-new version of the Suicide Squad made up of costumed villains.

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Major Crossover: With a main mini-series and numerous tie-in issues, Legends is considered to be a major event. Due to later changes in the origin of Captain Marvel, the Shazam tie-in has since been erased from continuity.

Must Reads: Story arcs marked with a ✔are must-read stories from this time period, along with any key related stories and often-forgotten tales that are worth a read.

Anthology Issues: When an issue contains multiple stories, the relevant story is denoted with square brackets. For example, [2/5] refers to the second story of the five stories in that issue, so you don’t need to read the other four. 

  • THE END OF THE JUSTICE LEAGUE (1984) – Gypsy, Steel & Vibe join the JLA
  • CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS (1985-1986) – The DC Universe is reborn!

Want to keep it simple? Here’s the chronological reading order without story descriptions, or spoilers:

  •     Batman #401
  •     Detective Comics #568
  •     Green Lantern Corps #207
  •   Shazam! The New Beginning #4 (tie-in) [retconned]
  • Legends #1
  •     Justice League of America #257 (tie-in)
  • Legends #2
  •     Secret Origins 10
  •     Firestorm #55
  •     Cosmic Boy #1
  •     Firestorm #56
  • Legends #3
  • Justice League of America #258-259
  •     Cosmic Boy #2
  • Justice League of America #260
  • Blue Beetle #9
  • Justice League of America #261
  • Legends #4
  •     Warlord #114
  • ✔ Blue Beetle #10
  • Superman #3
  • Adventures of Superman #426
  •     Cosmic Boy #3-4
  • Action Comics #586
  • Legends #5-6
  •     Secret Origins #14
  •     Warlord #115

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Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Legends #1 (pp.1-3)
Darkseid sends Glorious Godfrey and Doctor Bedlam to Earth to destroy the legendary heroes and weaken humanity’s will.
Batman #401
Batman and Commissioner Jim Gordon set a trap for the murderous, thieving Magpie by holding an event to display the famous Wayne Collection. G Gordon Godfrey’s anti-superhero rhetoric causes a distraction that gives Magpie the chance to steal the jewels and almost kill a guest. Despite a brief struggle, Batman and Robin bring Magpie in.
Secret Origins #10 [1/4]
The Phantom Stranger attends confession, revealing himself to be the Wandering Jew – a man who blamed Jesus of Nazareth for the death of his wife and son at the hands of King Herod. God speaks to the Stranger and offers him release now that he understands why he was ‘cursed’ to walk the Earth for 2000 years. But the Stranger asks to continue to fight for God’s cause a while longer.
Secret Origins #10 [2/4]
The Phantom Stranger recalls his origin as the sole survivor of a city enveloped by a Great Flood when its citizens turn to evil. As the one good man, the ruler begs God to save his people and give them a chance of redemption. God sends an angel to save the man, but still let his people and his family die. The man refuses and knifes himself, but the angel resurrects him, cursing him to walk the Earth as a Stranger who can’t remember who he is or how he became this way…
Secret Origins #10 [3/4]
In the far future, Phantom Stranger steps in when scientist attempt to reach through time and take energy from the Big Bang to save the universe. But the Stranger is knocked unconscious by the Avatar of Anti-Life who wants to end the universe and all existence throughout time. The Stranger dies but passes his power on to the scientist who becomes the new Phantom Stranger as his universe dies and a new one is born, with him ready to meet it.
Secret Origins #10 [4/4]
The Phantom Stranger recalls his origin as an Angel who refused to take a side in the war between God and Satan. Rejected by both sides, the Angel’s wings are torn off and he’s cursed to walk forever. In the present, the Phantom Stranger assists a man who’s been rejected by Guardian Angels and those living in the subway.
Detective Comics #568
A portlier G Gordon Godfrey holds a rally at Gotham University to oppose superheroes. Batman & Robin observe until they’re drawn in to the Penguin’s plot to steal genetically modified falcons from the labs. Penguin gets away with the head scientist and holds him for ransom. The scientist escapes and attaches a lure to the Penguin, drawing them away from Batman and allowing him to capture Penguin.
Green Lantern Corps #207
Kilowog gives a TV interview about his triumph over Black Hand. The Green Lantern Corps struggle with Hal Jordan’s relationship with Arisia following her recent and very sudden transformation into an adult. Guy Gardner returns, making a failed attempt to steal leadership of the GLC. Fortune teller Kari Limbo advises the GLC to give Guy a chance to prove himself. Appa Ali Apsa tries to take Guy back to Maltus, but Hal convinces Apsa to let Guy stay on Earth. Guy departs in anger. The Russians approach the disillusioned Kilowog.
Shazam! The New Beginning #4 (tie-in)
Dudley Batson frees Captain Marvel from Doctor Sivana‘s machine, though he reveals himself as Billy Batson in the process. He immediately flies off to confront Black Adam and tricks him into activating the machine that transports matter to Limbo. With his enemies defeated, Billy Batson returns to K-WHIZ news station to interview G Gordon Godfrey on his controversial anti-superhero stance…

Note: This story is later retconned out of continuity.
Legends #1 (pp.4-16)
Dr Martin Stein assists STAR Labs as they test their new fusion generator in New York. When a gigantic being called Brimstone bursts forth from it, Stein merges with Ronnie Raymond to contain it as Firestorm. Elsewhere, Captain Marvel tries to change back to Billy Batson while fighting the Macro-Man, but his lightning burns the villain alive. In Washington, Rick Flag is shocked when he meets Amanda Waller and learns who the new Task Force X recruits will be.

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Justice League of America #257 (tie-in)
Zatanna has fallen into a trap set by the cultist Adam who wants to use her Homo Magi DNA to obtain power for himself. The Martian Manhunter & Gypsy struggle to save Zatanna, but she chooses to enter Adam’s mind to save him, then departs with him after their shared experience. Firestorm interrupts the discussion over Zatanna’s departure to ask for the Justice League of America’s help against Brimstone…
Legends #1 (pp.17-22)
Cosmic Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes (on vacation from the 30th Century) bravely attempts to halt Brimstone’s rampage. He’s knocked back hard, but the Justice League are here to save the city…
Legends #2 (pp.1-9)
Dr G Gordon Godfrey stirs up the crowd gathered around the smouldering corpse of Macro-Man, rallying them against superheroes. The distraught Billy Batson swears he’ll never become Captain Marvel again, unaware he’s been set up by Doctor Bedlam.
Firestorm #55 (pp.1-15)
With the JLA and Cosmic Boy buried in rubble, Firestorm stands alone against Brimstone. But the powerful creature unleashes his destructive power to earn favour with Darkseid, killing thousands of innocent New Yorkers.
Legends #2 (pp.10-22)
Rick Flag recruits the criminal Deadshot into Task Force X. Batman & Robin take down gunmen at a Gotham City shopping mall, but the crowd turns against them. Commissioner Gordon takes Batman to safety when he’s nearly blinded with a thrown perfume bottle. Robin is battered by the crowd. In Chicago, the police open fire on the Blue Beetle when he botches a drugs bust. Guy Gardner brings a passenger jet to an emergency landing on the freeway when its engine catches fire, but is mobbed by angry civilians. The Justice League and Cosmic Boy are buried under rubble while fighting Brimstone. The Teen Titans rescue Cosmic Boy, but he quickly leaves Titans Tower. Professor Ivo plots against the JLA. In Washington, the President orders all superheroes to cease activities…
Cosmic Boy #1 (pp.1-7)
Cosmic Boy returns to the ruins of New York and is immediately assaulted by an angry mob. The Legion’s Night Girl rescues Cosmic Boy from the mob…
Firestorm #55 (p.16)
Jack Sawyer is fired up by G Gordon Godfrey’s speech on TV…
Blue Beetle #9 (pp.1-16)
Blue Beetle continues to fight crime, despite being considered an outlaw. Soon after, he sees the broadcast of the President’s order for superheroes to stand down and believes his time as Blue Beetle may be over.
Firestorm #55 (p.17-22)
Dr Martin Stein & Ronnie Raymond watch as Jack Sawyer encourages his fellow students to burn books from the university library. Against Stein’s wishes, Ronnie forces the transformation to Firestorm only to be pummelled with rocks hurled by students. When he falls on the books, Sawyer sets them and Firestorm alight…
Firestorm #56 (pp.1-6)
The crime fighter Hawk happens to be on campus and fights off the mob, allowing Firestorm to gather himself and escape. Stein warns Ronnie not to form Firestorm again or he’ll shoot him.

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Cosmic Boy #1 (pp.7-16)
The memories of Cosmic Boy’s trip to the 20th Century with Night Girl in a borrowed a Time Bubble flood his unconscious mind. He remembers running into Brimstone while Night Girl was shopping. Cosmic Boy then met Superman – the man who inspired the Legion of Super-Heroes – but Supes didn’t even remember meeting him. Realising the timeline has somehow been altered (but not realising it’s due to the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS), Night Girl and the now-conscious Cosmic Boy decide to set things right by ensuring a planned NASA shuttle launch goes ahead and sets the Earth on a path that will lead to the Legion’s future…
Firestorm #56 (pp.7-22)
Hawk gathers an armed mob to oppose Godfrey’s book burners. Ronnie & Stein agree to an uneasy truce so that Firestorm can intervene, turning the bullets into harmless pies & flowers like a cartoonish war that ends in laughter. Later, Ronnie and Stein separate in better spirits. Dr Stein still doesn’t trust Ronnie, but sees that Firestorm has an important place in the world.
Legends #3 (pp.1-18)
With Darkseid’s Operation: Humiliation in full effect and the heroes on lockdown, Amanda Waller and Rick Flag gather the new Task Force X. The group – consisting of costumed criminals Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, Captain Boomerang, Blockbuster & Enchantress – are sent to do what the JLA couldn’t and bring down Brimstone. Deadshot & Enchantress succeed, but Blockbuster is killed before their victory.
Cosmic Boy #1 (pp.17-22)
The NASA rocket explodes and Cosmic Boy saves the payload but comes under fire from security agents who think he’s a superhuman spy. He escapes but fears for the future…
Justice League of America #258
Infighting breaks out between Elongated Man and Vibe over the Justice League’s failure to stop Brimstone. Following the President’s announcement, Martian Manhunter disbands the League. Elongated Man leaves quietly. Vibe and Steel respond with anger. Still blaming the JLA for his mutated state, Professor Ivo sends an android modelled after his original form to kill Vibe, choking him to death, putting an Ivo mask on his face and leading his body in the street…
Justice League of America #259 (pp.1-22)
The Justice League are alerted to vibe location of Vibe’s body. Steel becomes enraged, while Martian Manhunter recognises Ivo’s handiwork. Elsewhere, Gyspy reunites Pamela Cross with her parents and accepts a ride back to Kingston with one of Ivo’s lifelike killer robots. The robot has the same doubts as his creator over killing Gypsy. He allows Ivo to think she’s dead and secretly drives Gypsy from the scene, intent on reuniting her with her own family.
Cosmic Boy #2
Cosmic Boy and Night Girl break into the NASA base to find out if the rocket was sabotaged. Instead, they’re welcomed by the rocket’s designer, Jason, and rekey their worries to him. Angry protesters storm NASA to stop more launches, but Cosmic Boy, Night Girl, Jason and his fellow scientists fight back and get them out before the authorities arrive. The duo desert, not realising Jason Krinnski is Cosmic Boy’s ancestor…
Legends #3 (pp.19-22)
A girl tries to convince Billy Batson that Captain Marvel is a hero. Despite the Phantom Stranger’s attempted intervention, Darkseid unleashes his Warhounds
Justice League of America #259 (p.23)
The Ivo robot returns Gypsy to her family. But the Manhunter catches up with him…
Justice League of America #260
Martian Manhunter destroys Ivo’s robot. Steel decides to go against the Presidential order, donning his costume and searching for Ivo. His presence on the streets attracts police attention, including one of Ivo’s robots disguised as a cop. When Steel attacks him, the robot fights back and detonates itself, publicly exposing Steel as a cyborg which leaves him near death. Martian Manhunter takes Steel to his grandfather, Hank Haywood, who turns off his life support and lets him die…

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Blue Beetle #9 (pp.17-22)
Ted Kord investigates the whereabouts of missing employee Angie Revere and finds out she’s been stealing equipment from Kord Industries for her uncle, Chronos the Time-Thief. In Death Valley, archaeologist Cassandra Sharp is kidnapped. And on Pago Island, Conrad Carapax gets close to freeing himself from the cave he’s trapped in…
Justice League of America #261
Martian Manhunter decides it’s time for vengeance on Professor Ivo. Vixen tracks Ivo down first, but she’s overwhelmed by Ivo’s androids. Manhunter comes to her aid. The ‘Ivo’ they face turns out to be another android and the real Ivo is in a padded cell. The Martian Manhunter decides the Justice League must continue, but Vixen chooses her own path and to embrace her human side.
Legends #4 (pp.1-10)
Black Canary is fired upon by a police officer she’d just saved from Count Vertigo, only for him to accidentally shoot his partner. Darkseid sends Desaad to Skartaris to turn its denizens against the Warlord. Batman ignores the Presidential order so he can apprehend the Joker. Guy Gardner stops a robbery headed up by Ms Magnificent.
Warlord #114
In Skartaris, Desaad disguises himself as the Warlord and tricks peasants to their deaths to shatter his heroic reputation. He finds a possibly ally in the assassin Y’smalla. Meanwhile, the real Travis Morgan rescues V’Zarr Hagar-Zinn from other-dimensional demons, but the mage sacrifices his freedom to return the Warlord, Mariah Romanova & Shakira to Skartaris…
Legends #4 (pp.11-14)
Blue Beetle stops Chronos from stealing rare clocks, but the police’s attempt to arrest the Beetle gives Chronos an opportunity to escape.
Blue Beetle #10
After checking Angie Revere is safe, Blue Beetle resumes the search for Chronos. A purse snatcher takes Melody Case’s handbag, but is immediately hit by a truck. At the hospital, costumed henchmen take the purse-snatcher and leave Melody unconscious. The Blue Beetle catches up with Chronos and uses his own time-freezing stopwatch against him. But Beetle leaves Chronos for the police when bystanders hurl abuse at him…
Legends #4 (pp.15-22)
The President orders the arrest of G Gordon Godfrey, but the crowds are on his side. Captain Boomerang is freed from his obligations to Task Force X, but immediately returns to crime. Godfrey unleashes Warhounds on the Flash, Changeling & Captain Boomerang. Darkseid makes his move to drag Superman to Apokalips
Superman #3
Darkseid transports Clark Kent to Apokalips, then hurls him through his window, believing his omega beams somehow brought a ransom human to him instead of the Man of Steel. Down among the Hunger Dogs, Superman disguises himself to avoid notice. His efforts to save a woman from Darkseid’s troops makes him a target for a Pacifier and its Glommer pilot before being thrown into the fire pits…
Adventures of Superman #426
Superman is fished out of the fire pits by the Hunger Dogs and taken to their leader Amazing Grace, the woman he saved earlier. The amnesiac Superman joins her army as the Hunger Dogs stage a rebellion. But it’s all a ruse and many of the Hunger Dogs are killed by Parademons. Superman’s true master is revealed to be Darkseid himself…

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Cosmic Boy #3
Cosmic Boy & Night Girl decide to rush home to their future to make sure it’s not been impacted by the changes they’ve witnessed, but their Time Bubble hits a time storm that returns them to the present. They ask Dr Krinnski to repair the Time Bubble and successfully break the time barrier holding them in the present. But they overshoot their era and crash-land at the end of time where they face the Time Trapper
Cosmic Boy #4
The Time Trapper reveals his plan to extend the end of time back to its beginning, ending all time. He gives Cosmic Boy & Night Girl 24 hours to find their way home from the end of time. They fight their way through his citadel, though Cosmic Boy is forced to cheat by blocking the sand in the hourglass in order to win and escape via the Time Bubble. Time Trapper warns them that the Legion’s next attempt to travel through time will be their last. And his plans will somehow involve Superman…
Action Comics #586
Darkseid knew Clark Kent was Superman all along. His move to test the Phantom Stranger’s neutrality has resulted in Superman believing himself to be Darkseid’s son. Orion & Lightray of the New Gods intervene, clashing with the amnesiac Superman until Orion restores his memory. Superman rushes to take his rage out on Darkseid who transports him back to Earth…
Legends #5
Billy Batson is convinced the world needs heroes and transforms into Captain Marvel. The wisdom of Solomon makes him realise Macro-Man’s death wasn’t his fault. Captain Boomerang is hauled away by the angry mob and taken to G Gordon Godfrey who orders a march on Washington. Amanda Waller tells Rick Flag to bring Boomerang in before he can reveal the existence of Task Force X. Batman, Black Canary, Blue Beetle, Captain Marvel, Changeling, the Flash, Guy Gardner & Superman are teleported to Washington by Doctor Fate to confront Godfrey. In Gotham, the injured Robin drags himself out of hospital to rejoin the fight…
Legends #6
Martian Manhunter joins the gathered heroes as they take down the Warhounds, only for G Gordon Godfrey to unleash a legion of Parademons. Task Force X recapture Captain Boomerang before he reveals the secrets of the Suicide Squad. Wonder Woman makes her first public appearance when she joins the fight. A Parademon steals the Helmet of Fate. Manhunter saves the President, prompting him to rescind his law against superheroes. When Robin and local children step between the crowd and the heroes, Godfrey strikes a child and dons Fate’s helmet, only for it to leave him a drooling wreck and restoring people to their senses. Darkseid’s Operation: Humiliation is in ruins. Some of the gathered heroes agree to form a new Justice League, which is the exact opposite outcome Darkseid had intended.
Secret Origins #14
Amanda Waller tries to convince the President to continue funding Task Force X by exposing the origin of Rick Flag Sr’s original Suicide Squadron from World War II, the Task Force X of the 1950s and the history of Rick Flag Jr. The young Rick Flag became leader of Mission X in his father’s honour. Waller tells her own history and the origin of the new Task Force X. The President signs off on the Suicide Squad, but Sarge Steel warns him that trusting Waller is a mistake…
Warlord #115
In the weeks since his arrival, Desaad has tasked Y’Smalla with masquerading as the Warlord while he tortures those she takes captive. Having returned to Skartaris from their other-dimensional adventure, the real Warlord and Mariah are attacked by villagers who have fallen for Desaad’s trickery. The Warlord and Mariah race to Desaad’s fortress. Mariah destroys the amulet that makes the Warlord love her.  Desaad escapes his crumbling fortress, knowing he’s at least damaged but not destroyed the Warlord’s legend.

Must ReadsIssue & FalloutEvent / Crossover
The Power of Shazam! (1994)
The origins of Captain Marvel/Billy Batson, Black Adam, Dudley H Dudley and Doctor Sivana are completely rewritten, erasing the ‘In The Beginning’ origin story from New Earth history.
Green Lantern Corps #209-211 (1987)
Despite his recent falling out with the Green Lantern Corps, Guy Gardner insists on rescuing a brainwashed Killowog from Russia, risking an international incident; Guy and Kari Limbo are reunited but he has no feelings for her.
Firestorm #58-59 (1987)
Darkseid immediately continues his campaign against Earth, turning Rudy Jones into the Parasite to mimic the original villain from before the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ (though Parasite’s origin is later altered).
Suicide Squad #1-3 (1987)
Amanda Waller and Rick Flag recruit their first official line-up of Task Force X, adding Karin Grace, Mindboggler, Plastique & Mushtaq (secretly Nemesis) to the line-up; Darkseid sends the Female Furies to break Glorious Godfrey out of Belle Reve Prison.
Blue Beetle #11-15 (1987)
Mento is revealed to be behind Cassandra Sharp and Amelinda Lopez’ kidnappings; Cassandra and Amelinda are given superpowers and inducted into Mento’s new team; STAR Labs founder Garrison Slate finally makes an appearance at Kord Industries; Conrad Carapax’s mind is revealed to have been transferred into the robot’s form, initiating a rivalry between Carapax and the Blue Beetle.
Justice League #1-4 (1987)
The new Justice League – Batman, Black Canary, Blue Beetle, Captain Marvel, Doctor Fate, Guy Gardner, Martian Manhunter & Mister Miracle – officially come together; they’re quickly joined by the new Doctor Light (who soon departs) and Booster Gold.
Legion of Super-Heroes #37-38 (1987)
The Time trapper keeps his promise and attacks the Legion of Super-Heroes directly; the Legion’s history is altered, making the Superboy of a pocket universe responsible for their formation.
Suicide Squad #4 (1987)
Chronos is recruited into the Suicide Squad in exchange for a commuted sentence.
Firestorm Annual #5 (1987)
Firestorm #65 (1987)
Mikhail Arkadin is added to the Firestorm Matrix, leaving Ronnie Raymond uncertain of Martin Stein’s fate.
Warlord #120-121 (1987)
Warlord Annual #6 (1987)
DeSaad continues to use his new headquarters in Skartaris, bringing the war between Darkseid and the New Gods to the underground world; others find their way into Skartaris; Y’smalla pursues the Warlord again; Travis Morgan fights to restore his reputation as Skartaris’ protector.
Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #3 (1987)
Cosmic Boy and Night Girl have a son, Pol Jath Krinn.
Blue Beetle #22 (1988)
Chronos returns to enact his revenge on the Blue Beetle, only to end up trapping himself in prehistoric times.
Suicide Squad #11-12 (1988)
Despite wanting to leave the life of a costumed hero behind, Vixen is recruited into the Suicide Squad when she needs help getting her animalistic side under control.
Justice League International #13 (1988)
As a member of the Suicide Squad, Vixen comes into conflict with the Justice League.

Must ReadsIssue & FalloutEvent / Crossover
Action Comics #600 (1988)
Superman reveals he’s been inextricably drawn to Wonder Woman since they met while opposing G Gordon Godfrey; the two of them face Darkseid again.
Firestorm #76 (1988)
A nuclear bomb test restores Brimstone, sending him on another rampage; Firestorm has a rematch with Brimstone, this time assisted by Firehawk.
Suicide Squad #21 (1988)
Despite being freed of the Enchantress, June Moone tries to kill Eve Eden and is shot by a guard; she survives but is off the Suicide Squad line-up.
Cosmic Odyssey #1-4 (1988-1989)
New Genesis is revealed to have been restored.
Justice League International #24 (1989)
The Flash and Wonder Woman join the Justice League, specifically as members of Justice League Europe.
Starman #9-10 (1989)
Blockbuster’s brother Roland Desmond becomes the new Blockbuster.
Justice League America #38-40 (1990)
In search of revenge against the Detroit-era Justice League, Despero finds Steel’s body and rips it to pieces.
Justice League Quarterly #5 (1991)
In a bizarre suicide attempt, Professor Ivo creates Amazoids – robots with the power to steal the powers of only one superhumans each – and orders them to kill him; Ice takes pity on him; Guy Gardner’s Green Lantern ring fully restores him to human form.
Suicide Squad #66 (1992)
Amanda Waller continues to guide Task Force X up until their final mission; Bronze Tiger, Captain Boomerang & Deadshot remain with the team until the end.  
Justice League Spectacular #1 (1992)
Superman joins the Justice League.
Justice League Task Force #1 (1993)
Gypsy is recruited into the Justice League again.
Legion of Super-Heroes #61 (1994)
The Time Trapper is revealed to be a later incarnation of Cosmic Boy when he tries to save the Legion of Super-Heroes from being erased by Parallax; Night Girl kisses Cosmic Boy one last time before the Legion of Super-Heroes are erased from history; the Legion are soon replaced by a new version of the Legion of Super-Heroes (retroactively dubbed the ‘Reboot Legion‘).      

JLA Annual #2 (1998)
The JLA fights ghosts deceased members of the Justice League, including Steel and Vibe.      
The Kingdom #2 (1999)
Another possible origin for the Phantom Stranger is hinted at, with the implication that he may be the future son of Superman and Wonder Woman.
Martian Manhunter #12 (1999)
Steel and Vibe are among the deceased members of the Justice League who make up the undead Justice League of the Damned.
Justice League of America #8 (2007)
Nathan Heywood takes up the Steel mantle, adopting the name Citizen Steel.
Justice League of America #39-40 (2010)
Steel and Vibe are briefly raised from the dead again as part of the Black Lantern Corps.

Notable collected editions featuring the Legends…

Collected Edition TitleCollects…
Legends: The CollectionLegends #1-6
Legends: 30th Anniversary EditionLegends #1-6
Batman: The Dark Knight Detective vol.1Detective Comics #568-574, 579-582
Green Lantern Corps vol.1: Beware Their PowerGreen Lantern Corps #207-215

Green Lantern Corps Annual #2-3
Shazam! The New Beginning – 30th Anniversary Deluxe EditionAction Comics #623-626 [part]

Shazam! The New Beginning #1-4
Suicide Squad: Trial by Fire [2011]Secret Origins #14 [part]

Suicide Squad #1-8
Suicide Squad: Trial by Fire [New Edition, 2021]Secret Origins #14

Suicide Squad #1-8

Collected Edition TitleIncludes…
DC Universe by Alan MooreSecret Origins #10 [part]
DC Universe: The Stories of Alan MooreSecret Origins #10 [part]
Justice League: The Detroit Era OmnibusJustice League of America #257-261
Superman: The Man of Steel vol.1 HCAction Comics #586
Adventures of Superman #426
Superman #3
Superman: The Man of Steel vol.2 tpbAction Comics #586
Adventures of Superman #426
Superman #3
Superman vs DarkseidAction Comics #586
Adventures of Superman #426
Superman #3

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