Rebirth of Thanos (1990-1991) Reading Order

The epic build-up to THE INFINITY GAUNTLET! The universe gave a sigh of relief when Thanos died. He'd already tried to become the universe itself once, then tried to destroy it before the Avengers, Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock shut him down. But if your girlfriend is the human personification of Death and she needs... Continue Reading →

Geekable: Loki S2, E2 Discussion

Didn't go to New York Comic Con this year?? Fret not! Join Nick and Anas as they go over the highlights so you are prepared for all the awesome Marvel comics coming our way in 2024 and beyond! Avengers news! X-Men announcements! The Ultimate Universe! Vampires waging war! Scarlet Witch! Daredevil! Buckle up true believers.... Continue Reading →

The Avengers Starter Kit

This week, the Eric and Dave seek out those entry-level Avengers stories to ease new readers into the world of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. This is the perfect starter kit to get into arguably Marvel’s most-popular team! With hundreds of stories to choose from, the boys whittle it down to just 10 of the most-accessible and... Continue Reading →

The Many Armours Of Iron Man: Model 1-3

Welcome to a SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE feature that chronologically spotlights Tony Stark’s numerous suits of Iron Man armour from over the decades. We plan to cover every suit in chronological order - including debut and key appearances – before expanding even further into the Marvel Multiverse! Kicking us off, we go right back to Tony’s very... Continue Reading →

Wraith War (1984-1985) Reading Order

Countless years ago, the Celestials manipulated the Skrull gene pool and, among other things, created an offshoot of Deviant Skrulls called Dire Wraiths. These warped and murderous magic-users were chased from their birth world and found a new home in the Dark Nebula, naming their planet Wraithworld. Two hundred years ago, the Dire Wraiths invaded... Continue Reading →

Secret Wars (1984-1985) Reading Order

The first major Marvel crossover. When Mattel decided to create a toy line based on Marvel characters, they found the two most popular words with boys at the time were 'secret' and 'war'. So, we got Secret Wars. Marvel released a twelve-issue limited series to tie-in with the launch of the figures. What they ended... Continue Reading →

Secret Invasion (2008-2009) Reading Order

The shape-shifting alien Skrulls have infiltrated every government-sponsored super-team in America (see SECRET INVASION: THE INFILTRATION (2007-2008)). But it's not just the 50-State Initiative who are effected. The Skrulls have placed themselves among the outlaw heroes, the villains, the trusted members of society and even politicians. Is it possible to stop an invasion that's already... Continue Reading →

Their Darkest Hour (1964) Reading Order

The Enchantress and the Executioner are introduced to the Marvel Universe and quickly ally themselves with Baron Zemo – the man responsible for the death of Bucky Barnes. Having already defeated his Masters of Evil, Captain America is keen to face the foe who cost the life of his best friend and his time on... Continue Reading →

MODOK Reading Order: George Tarleton (1967 – present)

The outlandish Jack Kirby design and some weird and wild stories featuring the gigantic-headed sociopath, make it hard not to love this oddball bad guy. The Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing - aka MODOK – has been a thorn in the side of the Hulk, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Iron Man and more while acting as the head (no pun intended)... Continue Reading →

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