Wraith War (1984-1985) Reading Order

Countless years ago, the Celestials manipulated the Skrull gene pool and, among other things, created an offshoot of Deviant Skrulls called Dire Wraiths. These warped and murderous magic-users were chased from their birth world and found a new home in the Dark Nebula, naming their planet Wraithworld.

Two hundred years ago, the Dire Wraiths invaded Galador, only to get their saggy backsides kicked across the universe by the Spaceknights. – technologically upgraded Galadorians who then spread out across the galaxies, attempting to halt the Dire Wraiths efforts to invade other planets. One such cyborg Spaceknight, Rom, came to Earth to end the threat they posed to our world. With the Wraiths using body-snatching methods to disguise themselves as human, most people perceived Rom as a rampaging alien was more robot than man after his centuries-long mission.

Rom would encounter many of Earth’s heroes during his time on the planet. He made friends with serial-sidekick Rick Jones and found love with Brandy Clark who was so enamoured with Rom that she agreed to take the role of the Spaceknight – Starshine to be with him and aid him on his mission. But the Dire Wraiths are ready to move the final plans toward endgame…

Over in Westchester, Rogue of the X-Men recently rescued SHIELD agent Michael Rossi from double-agents when he found out Sebastian Shaw – the head of the Sentinel programme, Project: Wideawake – is also a member of the Hellfire Club‘s nefarious Inner Circle. During the rescue mission (when Rogue was completely taken over by her ‘Carol Danvers’ persona to save the real Danvers’ old pal, Rossi) she was framed for the murder of double-agent Price. Now’s she’s wanted by the government for a crime she didn’t commit…

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Related Events: While the events of Rom’s series impact the other Marvel Universe titles, they largely just happen alongside his title. You can largely read Rom, X-Men, Avengers and Hulk without being aware that a larger story is being told.

Must Reads: Story arcs marked with a ✔are must-read stories from this time period, along with any key related stories and often-forgotten tales that are worth a read.

Anthology Issues: When an issue contains multiple stories, the relevant story is denoted with square brackets. For example, [2/5] refers to the second story of the five stories in that issue, so you don’t need to read the other four. 

Want to keep it simple? Here’s the chronological reading order without story descriptions, or spoilers:

  • Rom #50 (tie-in)
  • Rom #51-53
  •      Avengers #243
  •      Incredible Hulk #296
  • Rom #54-55
  •      Avengers #244-245
  • Rom #56-59
  • Uncanny X-Men #184-188
  • Rom #60
  • Rom Annual #3
  • Rom #61-66
  •      Fantastic Four #277 (tie-in)

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Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Rom #50 (tie-in)
On the day Torpedo (Brock Jones) decides to retire from super-heroing, he’s killed and replaced by a Dire Wraith. A band of Skrulls come to Earth, kill the fake ‘Torpedo’ and attack the other Dire Wraiths who’ve been hiding in Clairton. Rom and Starshine (Brandy Clarke – a human-turned-Spaceknight) escape the Shadow-Realm in time to witness the deaths of the Wraiths who have replaced Brandy’s family. Before leaving Earth, the Skrulls explain to Rom that the Dire Wraiths are an offshoot of the Skrulls and were cast out long ago. With her family dead, Starshine gives in to rage and revenge…
Rom #51
Starshine begins to lose her humanity as she kills her way through Dire Wraiths all across West Virginia. The funeral of the victims of the Wraiths’ massacre at Clairton, generates huge media interest and prompts Rom to alert the people of the world to the threat of the Dire Wraith invasion and stirring them into standing up and fighting. Witnessing this, the Wraiths decide to up their game…
Rom #52
The Dire Wraiths openly attack Maryland, killing men, women and children indiscriminately. Rom sides with the US Army and meets General Merriweather Locklin who’s desperately trying to quell the attacks. Rom uses Locklin’s holographic map to show the extent of the invasion, only to discover some of Locklin’s men are also Wraiths. When the carnage is over and the uniformed Wraiths in the war room lie dead, Locklin declares total war on the Dire Wraiths…
Rom #53
Days after the SHIELD Helicarrier comes under attack from Dire Wraiths, Nick Fury, Rom and Starshine stand before the President where they plea to unite the nations of Earth and work together against the Wraiths. Many of the Earth’s greatest heroes are currently missing (due to the events of SECRET WARS), leaving Rom as Earth’s greatest hope…
Avengers #243
The Vision publicly announces himself as leader of the remaining Avengers, but the public don’t warm to him. A structure appears in Central Park and the missing Avengers and the new Iron Man emerge from it. Wasp officially hands the role of Chairman to the Vision who makes a couple of announcements. He plans to form a team of West Coast Avengers led by Hawkeye. Earth will need all the Avengers it can get if it has a chance of tackling the threat of the Dire Wraiths.
Also part of SECRET WARS
Incredible Hulk #296
While Bruce Banner was on Battleworld (during the SECRET WARS), crime boss Max Hammer used his gamma experiments to turn himself into an able-bodied green gamma monster. Despite being able to control himself in Hulk form, Banner struggles to hold his own against Hammer and has to give in to his rage to even stand a chance. Rom journeys across America tracking energies signatures in his search for the Dire Wraiths and discovers the gamma-irradiated recipients of Banner’s experimental process. Rom stops the Hulk from drowning Hammer and, using his Neutraliser, cures Hammer and all the other gamma-infused individuals. He attempts to cure the Hulk the same way, but Banner’s genes have been irradiated for too long now. The Hulk persona takes over and the behemoth attacks Rom, injuring Kate Waynesboro in the process. When Banner regains control of the Hulk along with his senses, he leaps away in shame.
Rom #54
Rom, Starshine and the US-backed Wraith-Hunter Rangers discover a Dire Wraith infestation in Atlanta. Doctor Strange casts a protective spell over the SHIELD ESPer agents who are tracking the Wraiths. Serial-sidekick Rick Jones heads to Mercy Hospital where tests reveal he has cancer. Elsewhere in the hospital, the Dire Wraiths infuse the blood banks with their dark magicks…

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Rom #55
Anyone who receives a blood transfusion at Mercy Hospital suddenly finds themselves transformed into a hideous creature. Rick Jones barely avoids getting his transfusion and sides with Rom and Starshine against the monster horde. Rom tries to subdue the mutated victims of the Dire Wraiths, but Starshine’s more intent on killing them. After almost being killed by one particularly aggressive creature, Rom destroys all the spoiled blood. Despite winning, Rom begins to struggle with the dark path this war is leading him down…
Avengers #244
The Avengers head to the John F Kennedy Space Centre where they suspect a series of sabotage attempts have been caused by the Dire Wraiths. The base soon comes under attack from the jet-pack-wearing criminals, the Rocketeers. Under the Vision’s leadership, the Avengers face an embarrassing defeat. The Rocketeers turn out to be Dire Wraiths, having clearly stolen the original Rocketeers‘ forms. To top it off, one Wraith successfully steals the base’s experimental ion drive rocket with the Wasp aboard…
Avengers #245
Vision, Captain Marvel and Starfox board the rocket and struggle with the Wraith until he accidentally opens the airlock and gets sucked out into space. On Earth, Captain America and the Scarlet Witch discover General William Bridges is just one of a number of Dire Wraiths at the base and roust them. Nick Fury arrives to thank the Avengers for their efforts, upsetting the Vision’s plans to lead the war against the Wraiths himself. Elsewhere, Quicksilver nurses Bova after she’s seemingly attacked by Magneto. And Hawkeye begins his search for a HQ for the West Coast Avengers.
Rom #56
Rom and Starshine head to Ontario where a motley band of Dire Wraiths have mutated batches of salmon eggs to create humanoid salmon monsters which rampage through the town. Marrina, Snowbird, Sasquatch and Shaman of Alpha Flight join forces with Rom to end the salmon creatures’ threat. But the Dire Wraiths create more monsters, sending them to break the dam and flood the town below…
Rom #57
Not even the combined powers of Rom, Starshine and Alpha Flight can stop the water unleashed by the shattered dam. They manage to save a few people, but most are killed by the flood. And the water tainted by the Wraiths’ magic seeps into the soil, spreading its evil into the earth itself…
Rom #58
Ant-Man arrives in Ontario to find Alpha Flight among those receiving medical treatment after the Dire Wraith attack. Having been sent by the Avengers to assist, Ant-Man shrinks himself, Rom and Starshine to allow them to travel into the earth to put an end to the Wraiths’ taint before it effects the food chain and spreads their evil through all living things. The group fight their way through mutated bugs until Rom convinces Ant-Man to shrink them down to the molecular level to combat the threat at its source. Ant-Man heads for the surface to be with his daughter when the world ends, only to find mutated bugs biting humans and spreading their disease…
Rom #59
While the Wraith-Hunter Rangers and Ant-Man battle the evil bugs on the surface, Rom and Starshine get smaller and smaller until they can successfully neutralise the Wraith-Taint. Rom is thanked by the ants as the duo return to full size, giving Starshine a reason to realise she’s been losing her humanity as the war has gone on. But can she reclaim it?
Uncanny X-Men #184
Government agent Raven Darkhölme (aka, Mystique) introduces Valerie Cooper of the Commission on Superhuman Activities to genius inventor Forge who has created a Neutraliser that can kill Dire Wraiths. It’s also capable of taking away the powers of any superhuman or mutant. On the streets of New York city, Selene decides to claim the mysterious and powerful Rachel as her heir, attracting the attention of the X-Men. Saved, Rachel reveals she’s from the future and fears her presence in this timeline has doomed the world.

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Uncanny X-Men #185
Valerie Cooper betrays Raven Darkhölme and gives Forge’s experimental Neutraliser knock-off to Henry Peter Gyrich who proposes a weapons test by using it to take away Rogue‘s powers (following her apparent attack on SHIELD during AWAY GAME). Storm, Mystique and Gyrich all search for Rogue in Mississippi. Gyrich’s crew shoot Rogue with the Neutraliser on its lowest setting, making her mad. Gyrich fires at Rogue again, just as Forge tries to stop him. Storm pushes Rogue out of the way and takes the full hit, instantly and painfully loses her powers. Forge pulls her unconscious body out of the river. The Dire Wraiths learn of the new Neutraliser’s existence. Elsewhere, Rachel Summers is revealed to be the future daughter of Cyclops and Phoenix from Earth-811.
Uncanny X-Men #186
At his Dallas home, Forge tries to bring the powerless Storm out of herself, while falling for her at the same time. The two grow closer (especially when she realises Forge lost a leg and a hand while in Vietnam and how he carries on despite this) until Storm accidentally listens in on a phone conversation Forge has with Gyrich and learns it was Forge’s Neutraliser that took her powers. She confronts Forge, doesn’t believe he’s a mutant, punches him and walks away. In Mississippi, Rogue saves Valerie Cooper from a group of Dire Wraiths who want to take on her form to infiltrate the US Government. When Rogue’s skin touches a Wraith, she learns what happened to Storm. Professor X picks up Rogue’s psychic scream and rallies the X-Men…
Uncanny X-Men #187
The Dire Wraiths attack Forge’s home and a freak blizzard hits (caused by the shattering of the Casket of Ancient Winters during THE SURTUR SAGA). Even without powers, Storm puts up a fight until Forge’s foster father Naže comes to her aid. Naže falls prey to a Dire Wraith which takes on his form, then finds its way to Forge’s place of power. The X-Men arrive and Forge scares the Wraiths off with an illusion of two familiar Spaceknights, but the Wraith Shadowbeings rip through reality to attack them…
Also part of THE SURTUR SAGA
Uncanny X-Men #188
With help from Magik of the New Mutants and Amanda Sefton, the X-Men defeat the Dire Wraiths. Forge uses the Neutraliser to break the Shaowbeings’ spell. Forge finds Naže’s unconscious body, unaware that it’s actually the body of a Dire Wraith left near-dead by a sinister mystical entity. Storm leaves Forge with a warning. Later, the X-Men debate about the US Government’s stance on mutants. Rachel Summers learns Jean Grey is dead which means she’ll never be born in this timeline. After sharing some of her past, Rachel unofficially joins the X-Men. Somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle, Magneto is pulled out of the sea by Lee Forrester after she saves him from a shark attack. Elsewhere, dock worker Jaime Rodriguez finds a magic necklace inside a fish.
Also part of THE SURTUR SAGA
Rom #60
Rick Jones’ attempt to find a cure for the Bruce Banner’s transformations into the Hulk ended up giving Rick cancer which, in turn, is giving him visions of planet Earth looking horrifyingly similar to Wraithworld. Brandy Clark is worried that becoming the Spaceknight Starshine has cost her humanity. The snow from the Casket of Ancient Winters strands a train in an isolated area, allowing a group of Dire Wraiths to kill every man women and child onboard before teleporting away. Rom, Starshine, Rick and SHIELD’s Wraith-Hunter Rangers discover the slaughter and find one survivor, Cindy Adams, who watched her parents die. One Wraith’s failed attempt to absorb her was interrupted, leaving her with a piece of the Wraith’s mind, allowing her to see their plans…
Also part of THE SURTUR SAGA
Rom Annual #3
Starshine tries to kill a Dire Wraith who’s holding preschoolers hostage. Rom sends the Wraith to Limbo, not noticing a glob of pink goop escaping that realm. The goop takes human form and is adopted by a reverend in a small town in Kentucky. Weeks later, the house is the only one standing after a forest fire that’s quelled by the New Mutants. Rom and Starshine are drawn to the evil in the house, only to become captives of Hybrid (the mutant/Dire Wraith who previously faced Rom and the X-Men). He sends Rom’s soul to Limbo and removes Starshine from her cybernetic so the human Brandy Clark can become Hybrid’s bride. When the New Mutants investigate the house, Magik frees Rom from Limbo and restores him to his body. Brandy zaps Hybrid with the Neutralizer, sending him to rot in Limbo once again. Rom returns to his mission while Brandy recovers in hospital without her armour, taking her off the board for the coming final battle with the Dire Wraiths…
Rom #61
The Dire Wraiths create a black hole beside the Sun, then open a portal across space to bring Wraithworld across the void to merge with Earth. Rom’s attempts to break up the portal fail and he plunges into Limbo, only to be rescued by a new Starshine. Cindy Adams explains the Wraiths’ plan to use a Worldmerge spell. Henry Peter Gyrich hopes to use Forge’s Neutrailzer to stop them, but Forge believe Gyrich will use it to depower all mutants…

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Rom #62
Rick Jones comforts young Cindy Adams over the Dire Wraith in her brain. Brandy Clark wakes to learn she’s no longer Starshine. The Dire Wraiths send an army of Deathwings and Hellhounds to Texas to draw Forge out. Forge agrees to join forces with Rom to end the Dire Wraith threat once and for all…
Rom #63
Days later, Forge and Rom finish constructing a gigantic Neo-Neutralizer powered by Rom’s weapon in the Earth’s atmosphere. Forge’s Neutralizer can take away super powers, but Rom’s will only cleanse the Earth of the Dire Wraith threat. A handful of Wraiths try and fail to sabotage the mission under the guise of astronauts. Back on Earth, Brandy Clark comes to terms with the loss of her Spaceknight powers by helping Cindy Adams deal with her twisted half-Wraith brain…
Rom #65 (pp.1-3)
Wraithworld begins to eclipse the Sun when it appears near Earth’s orbit, causing widespread chaos…
Fantastic Four #277 (pp.1-10) (tie-in)
Doctor Strange crosses over to Mephisto‘s realm to free Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Girl and Franklin Richards. The Thing teleports back from Battleworld (where he’s been since the SECRET WARS) with the head of Ultron-11, only to find his best friend the Human Torch with Alicia Masters, his former girlfriend. Their fight is interrupted by Alicia. Then the Sun starts blacking out…
Rom #64 (pp.4-10)
The impact of Wraithworld’s arrival is felt across Earth. Despite being essential to the activation of the Neo-Neutralizer, Rom flies to Earth to catch a falling plane.
Fantastic Four #277 (pp.11-16) (tie-in)
The city begins to fall apart around the Thing, Alicia and the Human Torch. They head to the Baxter Building to find out what’s happening.
Rom #64 (pp.4-22)
Rom catches up with General Merriweather Locklin and listens to singing coming from a dilapidated church. It turns out to be a Dire Wraith trap and the aliens use a spell to immobilise Rom, preventing him from returning to space to aid Forge. Elsewhere, Cindy Adams tries to commit suicide, but is rescued by Rick Jones and Brandy Clark. Cindy decides to live and the three of them share a ‘family’ moment…
Rom #65 (pp.1-21)
The Avengers, West Coast Avengers, X-Men, Defenders, Soviet Super Soldiers and more – along with Brandy, Cindy and Rick – show up to rescue Rom. Brandy Clark breaks the Wraiths’ spell with a kiss, freeing Rom who wastes the aliens with his Neutralizer. He heads up into space and activates the Neo-Neautralizer.
Fantastic Four #277 (pp.16-19) (tie-in)
Franklin unleashes his mutant powers on Mephisto, killing him. The Richards family return to Earth to pick up the pieces of the ‘normal life’ they tried to build for their son.
The Thing’s encounters a Dire Wraith which dies in front of him.
Rom #65 (pp.1-21)
In an unexpected move, turns the Neo-Neutralizer on Wraithworld, sending it to Limbo and saving Earth…
Rom #66
Hawkeye and Wolverine demand the deaths of the Dire Wraiths who remain on Earth, but Rom decides to send them all to Limbo as it’s a fate that will make them beg for death. As the heroes return home and humanity rebuilds, Rom professes his love for Brandy Clark, but announces his plan to leave Earth as he can never give her a normal life now that’s he’s stuck in cyborg form. He takes to the stars to continue his mission to free the galaxy from the threat of the Dire Wraiths…
Fantastic Four #277 (pp.20-22) (tie-in)
The Thing returns to the Baxter Building to reassure She-Hulk he won’t be rejoining the Fantastic Four.

Must ReadsIssue & FalloutEvent / Crossover
Incredible Hulk #297-300 (1984)
Kate Waynesboro returns to SHIELD to find a way to stop the Hulk; Bruce Banner completely loses control over his Hulk persona (largely due to the machinations of Nightmare) and is banished to another dimension by Doctor Strange.
Avengers #247 (1984)
Quicksilver takes Bova to Attilan where she makes a full recovery.
West Coast Avengers #1 (1984)
Hawkeye finally forms the West Coast Avengers.
Marvel Fanfare #40 (1988)
Mystique and Storm cross paths during their search for Rogue in a previously untold tale.
Thor #352 (1985)
Storm joins the fight against the source of the raging snow.
Avengers #250 (1984)
The second source of suspicious energy detected by the Vision is revealed to be from Maelstrom; the bi-coastal Avengers join forces to defeat him.
New Mutants #22-23 (1984)
Selene returns and becomes a member of the Hellfire Club; Lee and Magneto sail to Magneto’s old island headquarters where their relationship begins to develop.
Uncanny X-Men #189 (1985)
Selene becomes the Hellfire Club’s Black Queen and attempts to claim Rachel Summers once again; Jaime Rodriguez loses the amulet to a pickpocket; the thief dons the necklace, giving in to its offer of power and freeing the ancient sorcerer Kulan Gath.
Uncanny X-Men #190-191 (1985)
The X-Men defeat Kulan Gath; Nimrod, the most advanced Sentinel from the future timeline of Earth-811 comes back to the present day to hunt for Rachel Summers; Jaime Rodriguez first meets and befriends Nimrod.
Thing #23 (1985)
The Thing completely turns his back on the Fantastic Four.
Fantastic Four #278 (1985)
The ‘Eve of Doomsday’ is revealed to be a reference to ‘Doctor Doom’ (aka Kristoff Vernard) destroying the Baxter Building.
Avengers #252-254 (1985)
The Vision’s long-term plan to take over the world’s computers is revealed; the Avengers put a stop to the Vision’s insanity.
Rom #67 (1985)
Rom’s adventures in space begin again.
Rom #69 (1985)
Rom’s intergalactic war with the Dire Wraiths continues and the search for Galador begins.
Rom #72 (1985)
The all-powerful Beyonder cures Rick Jones’ cancer and transports Brady Clark to Galador to be reunited with Rom.
Rom #73-75 (1986)
Brandy is reunited with Rom; Galador is saved; Rom is restored to human form.
Doctor Strange #75 (1986)
A flashback reveals how the death of Mephisto at the hands of Franklin Richards upset the balance of power in Hell.

Must ReadsIssue & FalloutEvent / Crossover
Uncanny X-Men #199-200 (1985)
Rachel Summers becomes Phoenix; Mystique and Valerie Cooper set up Freedom Force, a mutant team charged with enforcing the Mutant Registration Act and made up of registered mutant villains from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants; Mystique takes on Lee Forrester’s form to act as bait to trap Magneto; Magneto officially agrees to join the X-Men.
Secret Wars II #6 (1985)
Mephisto is revealed to have reincorporated.
Uncanny X-Men #201 (1986)
Cyclops and Maddie Pryor-Summers have a baby boy, Nathan Christopher Summers, confirming Rachel Summers’ fears that she will never have a counterpart in this reality.
West Coast Avengers #7 (1986)
Ultron-11 is revealed to have rebuilt himself.
Fantastic Four #296 (1986)
The Thing rejoins to the Fantastic Four.
Fantastic Four #300 (1987)
Johnny Storm and ‘Alicia Masters’ get married.
Fantastic Four Annual #20 (1987)
Doctor Doom kidnaps Franklin Richards and offers him to Mephisto in exchange for his mother’s soul; Doom is defeated by Kristoff Vernard; the Fantastic Four rescue Franklin.
Uncanny X-Men #220-227 (1987-1988)
Storm goes looking for Forge; ‘Naže’ manipulates Storm and Forge until they realise this isn’t the real Naže at all; ‘Naže’ is revealed to be an evil mystical entity called the Adversary; Storm and Forge spend a year on another plane of existence and admit their love for each; Forge restores Storm’s powers; more about Forge’s time in Vietnam is revealed; Forge and Storm are separated when the X-Men fake their own death to defeat the Adversary.
Uncanny X-Men #262-263 (1990)
The full extent of Forge’s experiences in Vietnam are revealed.
Classic X-Men #44 (1990)
Rogue’s history with Cody Robbins is expanded.
X-Factor Annual #5 (1990)
Rachel Summers meets Jean Grey.
Uncanny X-Men #269 (1990)
Rogue is freed from her Carol Danvers persona after a trip through the Siege Perilous.
Uncanny X-Men #273 (1991)
Forge joins the X-Men alongside Storm who’s been returned to her adult form.
Fantastic Four #358 (1991)
‘Alica Masters’ is revealed to be a Skrull spy called Lyja.
Uncanny X-Men #290 (1992)
Storm rejects Forge’s marriage proposal in favour of her loyalties to the X-Men.
New Warriors #28 (1992)
After discovering Brock Jones’ Torpedo costume, Michael Jeffries and Michiko Musashi wear it while sharing the new identity of Turbo.

Must ReadsIssue & FalloutEvent / Crossover
Excalibur #66-67 (1993)
Rachel Summers returns to her future timeline of Earth-811 to save mutantkind from oppression at the hand of the Sentinels and Ahab.
X-Factor #93-94 (1993)
Forge ends up working alongside Valerie Cooper when he joins the government sponsored X-Factor team.
Incredible Hulk #418 (1994)
Rick Jones is reunited with Rom when he and Brandy Clark attend Rick’s wedding.
Fury #1 (1994)
Forge’s earliest experiences in wartime are revealed in a flashback sequence.
Nova #17 (1995)
The Dire Wraith queen Volx returns to Earth to claim the Torpedo armour.

New Warriors #60 (1995)
Turbo (Michiko Musashi) accepts full membership into the New Warriors, bringing her and them into conflict with the Wraith queen Volx.
X-Factor #115 (1995)
Naže is revealed to be alive having allowed the Dire Wraith to believe it killed him and allow the Adversary to take the newly-created Wraith form; Naže returns to aid Forge against the resurrected Adversary.
New Warriors #73-75 (1996)
Volx adopts the identity of Brock Jones’ son, Danny Jones (suggesting she may have killed him) in order to kill Michael Jeffries; the New Warriors put a stop to Volx’s plan to remove all super-human powers from Earth; Volx is killed by Night Thrasher.
X-Man #31 (1997)
Hybrid uses his vast psychic powers to escape Limbo.
Spaceknights #1-5 (2000-2001)
Rom is revealed to have died after living a happy life on Galador with Brandy Clark; Rom and Brandy’s sons, Tristan and Balin, become Spaceknights (Liberator and Terminator) and fight alongside a new Starshine when the Dire Wraiths return with their own Wraithknights.
Ms Marvel #33 (2009)
Michael Rossi is reunited with the real Carol Danvers.
Darkstar & the Winter Guard #1-3 (2010)
Fantasia (now known as Fantasma) of the Winter Guard is revealed to be a Dire Wraith with amnesia; Fantasma is defeated by her former Winter Guard teammates.
Annihilators #2-4 (2011)
Volx returns again; Wraithworld is merged Galador; the fate of the Dire Wraiths of Limbo is revealed; Volx is killed in the conflict.

Collected Edition TitleIncludes…
Avengers: Absolute Vision vol.2Avengers #243-245
Marvel Masterworks: The Avengers vol.23Avengers #243-245
Fantastic Four by John Byrne Omnibus vol.2Fantastic Four #277
Fantastic Four Visionaries: John Byrne vol.6Fantastic Four #277
Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four vol.25Fantastic Four #277
The Thing OmnibusFantastic Four #277

Collected Edition TitleIncludes…
Rom Omnibus vol.2 (due for 2024 release)Rom #50
Rom Omnibus vol.3 (due for 2024 release)Incredible Hulk #296
Rom #51-66
Rom Annual #3
Marvel Masterworks: The Uncanny X-Men vol.10
Uncanny X-Men Omnibus vol.4Uncanny X-Men #184-188

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