Ultimate Universe Reading Order, 2000-2005: The Ultimate Age of Heroes

While it was initially met with some trepidation from long-term comics fans, the Ultimate Universe was quickly met with acclaim. Designed to draw new readers who’d just seen Bryan Singer’s new millennium X-Men film or were still anticipating the 2002 release of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, the Ultimate Universe launched with those two characters in largely... Continue Reading →

Geekable: Loki S2, E2 Discussion

Didn't go to New York Comic Con this year?? Fret not! Join Nick and Anas as they go over the highlights so you are prepared for all the awesome Marvel comics coming our way in 2024 and beyond! Avengers news! X-Men announcements! The Ultimate Universe! Vampires waging war! Scarlet Witch! Daredevil! Buckle up true believers.... Continue Reading →

Wraith War (1984-1985) Reading Order

Countless years ago, the Celestials manipulated the Skrull gene pool and, among other things, created an offshoot of Deviant Skrulls called Dire Wraiths. These warped and murderous magic-users were chased from their birth world and found a new home in the Dark Nebula, naming their planet Wraithworld. Two hundred years ago, the Dire Wraiths invaded... Continue Reading →

Bring on the Bad Guys: X-Men

The X-Men might be mutants, but that doesn’t limit them to only fighting other mutants. Whether they’re defending themselves from threats from the stars, other dimensions or even regular humans, these outlaw heroes have a fascinating pool of villains to draw from. So which of the X-Men’s bad guys should we shine the spotlight on?... Continue Reading →

Secret Wars (1984-1985) Reading Order

The first major Marvel crossover. When Mattel decided to create a toy line based on Marvel characters, they found the two most popular words with boys at the time were 'secret' and 'war'. So, we got Secret Wars. Marvel released a twelve-issue limited series to tie-in with the launch of the figures. What they ended... Continue Reading →

Quick Catch-Up: Pepe Larraz

Acclaimed comic book artist Pepe Lazzaz took a break from drawing commissions at this year’s Portsmouth Comic Con to chat about his Big Game series with Mark Millar, his love of fantasy and sci-fi and designing the X-Men! Listen to the podcast below or on your preferred podcast player, such as Apple or Spotify through... Continue Reading →

MODOK Reading Order: George Tarleton (1967 – present)

The outlandish Jack Kirby design and some weird and wild stories featuring the gigantic-headed sociopath, make it hard not to love this oddball bad guy. The Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing - aka MODOK – has been a thorn in the side of the Hulk, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Iron Man and more while acting as the head (no pun intended)... Continue Reading →

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