MODOK Reading Order: George Tarleton (1967 – present)

The outlandish Jack Kirby design and some weird and wild stories featuring the gigantic-headed sociopath, make it hard not to love this oddball bad guy. The Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing – aka MODOK – has been a thorn in the side of the HulkFantastic FourCaptain AmericaIron Man and more while acting as the head (no pun intended) of Advanced Idea Mechanics. He’s since been replaced by his own clone, MODOK Superior.

Must Reads: Story arcs marked with a ✔ are must-read stories from this time period, along with any key related stories and often-forgotten tales that are worth a read.

When an issue contains multiple stories, the relevant story is denoted with square brackets. For example [2/5] refers to the second story of the five stories in that issue, so you don’t need to read the other four

Want to keep it simple? Here’s the core reading order without story descriptions, page-by-page breakdowns – just the stories:

  •     The Marvels (2021) #3
  • Tales of Suspense (1959) #93 [2/2]
  • Tales of Suspense (1959) #94 [2/2] 
  •     Captain America (1968) #117 119-120, 124
  • Captain America (1968) #132-133
  •     Fantastic Four: The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine #4 (2001)
  •     Marvel (2020) #6
  •     Sub-Mariner (1968) #47-49
  •     ClanDestine (1994) #1
  • Incredible Hulk (1968) #167-169
  •     Iron Man (1968) #74-75
  • Marvel Vault: Gambit Featuring the Champions #1
  • Ms Marvel (1977) #5
  • Iron Man Annual (1970) #4
  • Ms Marvel (1977) #7, 9-10
  •     Marvel Team-Up (1972) #104
  •     Marvel Two-in-One (1974) #81-82
  •     Marvel Two-in-One (1974) #96
  • Incredible Hulk (1968) #287-290
  •     1985 #3, 6
  • Captain America (1986) #313
  • Captain America (1986) #315
  • Iron Man (1968) #205
  • Captain America (1968) #440
  • Avengers (1963) #387
  • Captain America (1968) #441
  • Avengers (1963) #388
  •     Savage Hulk (1996) #1
  •     Iron Man (1998) #1
  •     Iron Man & Captain America Annual (1998)
  •     Wolverine (1988) #142-143
  •     X-51 #11-12
  •     Citizen V (2001) #1-2
  •     Iron Man (1998) #44-45
  • Defenders (2001) #9-10
  •     Captain America (1998) #50 [6/8] 
  •     She-Hulk (2004) #1
  •     Captain America and the Falcon (2004) #7
  • Captain America and the Falcon (2004) #8-12
  •     Captain America (2002) #31
  •     Cable & Deadpool (2004) #11
  • Marvel Holiday Special (2006) #1 [1/4]
  •     GLX-Mas Special #1 [1/6]
  • Ms Marvel (2006) #14-17
  • Fantastic Four in ¡Ataque Del MODOK! #1
  •     X-Men #200 [2/2] (2007)
  •     Uncanny X-Men #488 [2/2] (2007)
  • Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK’s 11 #1-5
  • Incredible Hulk (2009) #600
  •     World War Hulks #1 [4/6]
  •     Fantastic Four: Trapped in the Data Vortex
  •     Incredible Hulk (2009) #606 [2/2]
  •     Incredible Hulk (2009) #607 [2/2]
  •     Incredible Hulk (2009) #608 [2/2]
  • Hulk #18 (2010)
  • Fall of the Hulks: Gamma #1 (2010)
  • Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk #1 (2010)
  • Incredible Hulk (2009) #606
  • Hulk (2008) #19-20
  • Incredible Hulk (2009) #607
  • Hulk (2008) #21
  • Incredible Hulk (2009) #608
  •     Fall of the Hulks: Savage She-Hulks #2
  • Hulk (2008) #22
  • Incredible Hulk (2009) #609-610
  •     Hulk #28 (2011)

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Chronology: Every appearance of MODOK from this period is included in chronological order, mapping out their timeline rather than just the order the issues were released.
Spoilers: The issue/story overviews may include spoilers, so be warned!

Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesCrossover / Event
The Marvels #3 (2021)
Young George Tarleton is hired by the US Army to build weapons; he accompanies Reed Richards and Ben Grimm on a mission to Asia where he encounters the Deviants.
Ms Marvel #17 (2007)
Flashback: George Tarleton has an affair with Linda Madigan, but abandons her when he learns she’s pregnant with his child; George joins AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics).
Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK’s 11 #1(p.1) (2007)
Flashback:George Tarleton tries and fails to convince AIM co-worker Monica Rappachini to go out with him again after they drunkenly sleep together to celebrate the completion of Project: Adaptoid.
Captain America #133 (1971)
Flashback: The AIM Scientist Supreme forces George Tarleton to become the test subject for an AIM project that will fuse man and machine to make the ultimate super-computer; Tarleton is mutated and gains mental powers.
Captain America Annual #7(pp.15) (1983)
Flashback: Initially, the mutated George Tarleton becomes MODOC (Mental Organism Designed Only for Computation); MODOC helps AIM create a hole in space-time – a grey hole – which leads to them creating the first Cosmic Cube.
Super-Villain Team-Up #17 (1980)
Flashback: MODOC slowly goes mad in the presence of the Cosmic Cube.
Captain America Annual #7(p.16) (1983)
Flashback: The strain of creating and maintaining the Cosmic Cube warps MODOC’s mind; instead he becomes MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing).
Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesCrossover / Event
Tales of Suspense #93 [2/2] (1967)
Tales of Suspense #94 [2/2] (1967)
On a mission for SHIELDCaptain America rescues Agent 13 (Sharon Carter) after she becomes a prisoner of AIM; Sharon and Cap come face to face with AIM’s ‘Master Supreme’, MODOK, who is betrayed by the agents of AIM who want to be free of his control; with his Doomsday Chair destroyed and his minions against him, MODOK blows up the AIM sub, making it seem as though he has perished.

1st appearance: MODOK/George Tarleton
Captain America #117 (1969)
AIM agents report the return of the Cosmic Cube to MODOK.

1st appearance: Falcon/Sam Wilson, Redwing
Captain America #119-120 (1969)
MODOK recalls how he survived the destruction of the AIM submarine; MODOK sends AIM agents to kidnap Professor Paul Fosgrave, only for him to be saved by Captain America.
Captain America #124 (1970)
MODOK transforms an AIM agent into a cyborg and tests him by getting him to rob a bank, then against Captain America; Cap defeats the Cyborg who reveals MODOK is watching him.
Captain America #132-133 (1970-1971)
Captain America believes Bucky Barnes is back from the dead, but he’s actually an android created by MODOK; the android ‘Bucky’ is programmed too well and his loyalty to Cap prevents him from killing his ‘friend’; flashbacks reveal how AIM agent George Tarleton was transformed into MODOC; MODOK sends another android called Bulldozer to destroy Harlem and draw out Captain America and the Falcon; MODOK is buried under debris caused by the Bulldozer.
Fantastic Four: The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine #4 (2001)
MODOK’s latest plans are scuppered by the Thing of the Fantastic Four.
Marvel #6 [2/3] (2021)
MODOK cameo; Nick Fury asks MODOK for information.
Sub-Mariner #47-49 (1972)
Doctor Doom coerces Namor the Sub-Mariner into stealing the Cosmic Cube from AIM, leading to a direct conflict with MODOK; Doom briefly faces off against MODOK, before Namor sets events in motion that cause the destruction of AIM’s base and the Cube along with it.
ClanDestine #1 (1994)
Flashbacks reveal how MODOK and AIM lost control of the Lenz.

1st appearance: Adam Destine, Lenz
Incredible Hulk #167-169 (1973)
MODOK transfers to a giant, robot body and takes on the Hulk directly in the hope of using his gamma radiation to create monstrous agents of AIM; MODOK transforms Betty Ross into the gamma-spawned Harpy; when Betty transforms back, the alien Bi-Beast attacks the Hulk which leads to the seeming destruction of Sky-Island; MODOK escapes.

New identity: Betty Ross as the Harpy
Iron Man #74-75 (1975)
MODOK gets drawn into the ‘War of the Super-Villains‘ when the Mad Thinker takes control of Iron Man‘s armour and fires him in MODOK’s direction; MODOK casts Iron Man aside and destroys an android duplicate of the Thinker; MODOK’s giant amour is ripped to shreds by the Yellow Claw, apparently costing MODOK his life.
Avengers #17 (1999)
A flashback sequence reveals how MODOK and his rogue faction of AIM agents bonded the Destructor (Kerwin Korman) with the Doomsday Man.
Marvel Vault: Gambit Featuring the Champions #1 (2011)
Gambit and the Champions join forces to stop MODOK and Rampage from stealing the Scroll of Vishota.
Ms Marvel #5 (1977)
Iron Man Annual #4 [1/2] (1977)
Ms Marvel #7, 9-10 (1977)
MODOK forms his own branch of AIM and manipulates Ms MarvelVision, Iron Man and the Champions while attempting to amplify his own powers; his attempt to brainwash Ms Marvel into falling in love with him fails; MODOK and his rogue AIM faction attack the true AIM base with help from Deathbird, but his attempt to take control of an AIM satellite base is ruined by Ms Marvel. 

1st appearance: Deathbird
Marvel Team-Up #104 (1981)
MODOK’s plot to steal dinosaurs from the Savage Land is halted by Ka-Zar and the Hulk.
Marvel Two-in-One #81-82 (1981)
The Sub-Mariner and the Thing stop MODOK from unleashing Virus X on innocent people, but the virus ends up mutating the Thing; the Thing retrieves the cure from MODOK with help from Captain America and Giant-Man (Bill Foster)
Marvel Two-in-One #96 (1983)
MODOK cameo; MODOK is among the villains who try to attack the Thing while he recovers in hospital.
Incredible Hulk #287-290 (1983-1984)
MODOK forms an alliance with General Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross in order to retrieve the Abomination and send him to destroy the Hulk, who is now fully controlled by Bruce Banner; despite reclaiming leadership of AIM, MODOK is opposed by a new rogue AIM faction; the Abomination fails to defeat the Hulk; MODOK transforms SHIELD agent Kate Waynesboro into Ms MODOK to make her his bride; MODOK disintegrates the Abomination; Kate is transformed back to human form; MODOK ultimately faces defeat after his alliance with Ross is exposed.

1st appearance: Bereet. Kate Waynesboro
Fall of the Hulks: Alpha #1(pp.13-16) (2010)
The Leader brings MODOK into the secret cabal of super-geniuses called the Intelligencia.
(Not to be read until FALL OF THE HULKS)
1985 #3, 6 (2008)
MODOK is among the numerous villains who try to jump over to Earth-1219.
Captain America #313, 315 (1986)
Iron Man #205 (1986)
The Serpent Society are hired by AIM to kill MODOK; Captain America is too late to stop Death Adder from killing MODOK; AIM scientist Yorgon Tykkio operates MODOK’s body as an unliving weapon against Iron Man.

Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesCrossover / Event
Captain America #440 (1995)
Avengers #387 (1995)
Captain America #441 (1995)
Avengers #388 (1995)
AIM use a Cosmic Cube and MODAM‘s form to resurrect MODOK; the Avengers and the Super-Adaptoid close a breach in reality caused by the Cube after MODOK crosses it.
Savage Hulk #1 (1996)
MODOK cameo; MODOK is revealed to have returned to Earth-616 when he’s among the villains who attack the Hulk in court.
Iron Man #1 (1998)
MODOK cameo; MODOK is one of many villains plotting against Tony Stark upon hearing of his return.
Iron Man & Captain America Annual (1998)
MODOK mentally manipulates the citizens of Zenith City into attacking Captain America and Iron Man.
Wolverine #142-143 (1999)
MODOK utilises his newest AIM agent, Garrison Kane, against Wolverine (who’s actually a disguised Skrull) and Alpha Flight.
X-51 #11-12 (2000)
XERO take over AIM; Machine Man helps free AIM from XERO, despite the benefit to MODOK.
Citizen V #1-2 (2001)
MODOK clashes with the V-Battalion.
Iron Man #44-45 (2001)
Iron Man investigates a series of bombings and their connection to the Advanced Corporation, discovering MODOK and the Ghost, are behind it all.
Defenders #9-10 (2001)
The Headmen take over the world with help from MODOK and AIM, utilising their control over the alien Orrgo; the Defenders defeat MODOK and his allies.
Captain America #50 [6/8] (2002)
MODOK reacts to news of the misreported death of Captain America.
She-Hulk #1 (2004)
MODOK cameo; the Avengers stop MODOK’s plot to freeze the Earth.
Captain America and the Falcon #7 (2004)
MODOK cameo; MODOK swaps minds with Damocles Rivas
Captain America and the Falcon #8-12 (2004-2005)
MODOK is revealed to have been captured by US Naval Intelligence and used to tap spy satellites; MODOK breaks free and murders every AIM agent involved in his creation until he’s trapped in stasis by Captain America, the Falcon and the rogue Naval super-sailor, the Anti-Cap.
Captain America #31 (2004)
MODOK cameo; MODOK is revealed to have broken free of custody.
Cable & Deadpool #11 (2005)
Deadpool makes a deal with MODOK while on a mission to save Cable‘s life.
Marvel Holiday Special #1 [1/4] (2006)
The Hulk interrupts AIM’s work Christmas party.
GLX-Mas Special #1 [1/6] (2006)
SHIELD hire Squirrel Girl to stop MODOK from stealing Maelstrom‘s advanced technology; Squirrel Girl’s squirrel, Tippy-Toe, easily defeats MODOK.
Fall of the Hulks: Alpha #1(pp.23-28) (2010)
MODOK explores the library of Atlantis while the Intelligencia wait for the Hulk to return.
(Not to be read until FALL OF THE HULKS)
Ms Marvel #14-17 (2007)
MODOK’s body begins to break down while he also has to deal with another AIM faction led by Monica Rappacchini planning on destroying him; Rappacchini employs MODOK’s son, Head Case (Sean Madigan),to turn MODOK into a living bomb; Ms Marvel takes MODOK into space where he explodes; AIM splits into more factions without his leadership.
Fantastic Four in ¡Ataque Del MODOK! #1 (2010)
Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman discover MODOK is alive in Puerto Rico; this time he’s utilising an army of genetically-enhanced monkeys.
Fall of the Hulks: Alpha #1(pp.28-31) (2010)
MODOK locates the broken Leader and reveals his plan to create a Red Hulk.
(Not to be read until FALL OF THE HULKS)
Hulk #23(pp.21-23) (2010)
Flashback: MODOK and the Leader approach Thunderbolt Ross to make a deal.
(Not to be read until FALL OF THE HULKS)
Hulk #40 (2011)
Flashback: The Leader and MODOK explain to Thunderbolt Ross why they chose him.
X-Men #200 [2/2] (2007)
Uncanny X-Men #488 [2/2] (2007)
MODOK is among those contacted by the X-Men‘s Beast in his desperate search for a way to restore the mutants’ lost powers. 
Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk #3 (2010)
Flashback: MODOK and the Leader capture Rick Jones
(Do not read until FALL OF THE HULKS)
Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesCrossover / Event
Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK’s 11 #1-5 (2007-2008)
MODOK gathers a team of eleven villains to pull off the heist of the century to help him regain control of AIM; MODOK’s villains are infiltrated by an agent of Monica Rappacchini; MODOK manages to gain a faction of AIM again.
Hulk #23(pp.26-28) (2010)
FlashbackBruce Banner is imprisoned in Gammabase following his rampaging return to Earth with the Warbound; MODOK and the Leader secretly run Gammabase, using the promised resurrection of Betty Banner as a bartering chip to manipulate Thunderbolt Ross; MODOK and the Leader transform Thunderbolt Ross into the Red Hulk.
(Not to be read until WORLD WAR HULKS)
Incredible Hulk #600 [1/4] (2009)
She-HulkSpider-Man and Ben Urich discover MODOK is somehow connected to the Red Hulk; Doc Samson is revealed to be under MODOK’s control and betrays She-Hulk; Red Hulk drains Bruce Banner of the gamma radiation that allows him to turn into the Hulk.
Fall of the Hulks: Savage She-Hulk #2 (2010)
Flashback: MODOK takes She-Hulk captive.
(Not to be read until FALL OF THE HULKS)
Incredible Hulks #610 (2010)
Flashback: MODOK and the Leader resurrect a fallen friend of the Hulk transform her into Red She-Hulk.
(Not to be read until FALL OF THE HULKS)
World War Hulks #1 [4/6] (2010)
Doc Samson nominates soldier Bill Davis for MODOK and the Leader’s experiments to create a gamma-spawned super-soldier.
(Not to be read until FALL OF THE HULKS)
Fantastic Four: Trapped in the Data Vortex (2011)
The Fantastic Four rescue a data analyst into his company’s data streamby MODOK.
(Hitachi giveaway comic – may or may not be considered in-continuity)
Incredible Hulk #606 [2/2] (2010)
Incredible Hulk #607
[2/2] (2010)
Incredible Hulk #608
[2/2] (2010)
MODOK reviews the Red She-Hulk’s first battle.
Hulk #18 (2010)
MODOK decides Doc Samson is ready for the next stage of his grand plan.
Fall of the Hulks: Gamma #1 (2010)
The Intelligensia gather once again to put their final plan into motion.
Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk #1 (2010)
Incredible Hulk #606 [1/2] (2010)
Hulk #19 (2010)
Incredible Hulk #607(pp.1-18) (2010)
Hulk #20 (2010)
Incredible Hulk #607(pp.19-23) (2010)
Hulk #21(pp.4-17) (2010)
Incredible Hulk #608 (2010)
Hulk #21(p.24) (2010)
Fall of the Hulks: Savage She-Hulks #2 (2010)

MODOK and the Leader put their plan into action to eliminate the eight smartest men in the world; the Red Hulk is revealed to have been created by the Intelligencia; MODOK’s AIM soldiers are transformed into an army hulking A.I.Marines by the Cathexis Ray Generator, which ‘Hulks out’ a number of heroes into. 
1st appearance: AIMarines
Hulk #22(pp.1-17) (2010)
Incredible Hulk #609 (2010)
Hulk #22(pp.17-22) (2010)
Incredible Hulk #610 (2010)
Bruce Banner, Red Hulk, Skaar and more gamma-spawned heroes go to war against the AIMarines; Amadeus Cho transforms MODOK back into the human form of George Tarleton, ending the threat of MODOK.
Hulk #28 (2011)
George Tarleton is revealed to be in therapy, unaware that his cloned brain is about to give birth to his replacement, MODOK Superior.

Notable alternate versions of George Tarleton:

UniverseTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Earth-65Spider-Gwen Annual #1 (2016)
Donald Trump becomes the Mental Organism Designed As Amaerica’s King and clashes with Captain America.
Earth-1610Ultimate Vision #1-5 (2007-2008)
Cataclysm: Ultimate Comics Ultimates #1-3 (2014)

George Tarleton obtains one of the drones of Gah Lak Tus, intending to use its technology to gain power for himself; Tarleton is torn apart by the Vision, leaving only a head; when Gah Lak Tus/Galactus attempts to consume Earth (during CATACLYSM (2013-2014)), Tarleton returns as MODOK and gains control of part of the swarm; Tarleton is opposed by the Howling Commandos.
Earth-8311Wolverine and the X-Men #11 (2014)
Spider-Gwen Annual #1 (2016)
Spider-Man Annual #1 (2019)
The bovine MOODOK jumps from his own reality to attend Quentin Quire’s birthday party on Earth-616 (during DEATH OF WOLVERINE (2014-2015)), them jumps to Earth-65 to join the Swinester Six in a clash with Spider-Ham on two occasions.
Earth-8321What If? #37 [1/3] (1983)
MODOK’s clash with the Thing and Giant-Man (resulting in the Thing’s brief mutation on Earth-616) ends very differently on Earth-8321 as the Thing continues to mutate; Giant-Man and Captain America defeat MODOK and restore Ben Grimm to his human form.
Earth-9200Maestro #1 (2020)
Maestro: War and Pax #4 (2021)
Maestro: World War M #1 (2022)

In the Future Imperfect reality, MODOK kidnaps many of the humans mutated by the result of nuclear war, using them for experimentation; MODOK has a fateful confrontation with the Maestro (Bruce Banner) and sends the Abomination to kill him.
Earth-9411Spectacular Spider-Man (UK) #122 (2005)
Spectacular Spider-Man (UK) #163-164 (2008)
Marvel Heroes (UK) #13 (2009)

MODOK’s schemes are thwarted by Spider-Man, Black Widow, Union Jack, Wolfsbane and Iron Man.
Earth-9602Iron Lantern #1 (1997)
In the Amalgam Universe, HECTOR (an amalgamated version of Marvel’s MODOK and DC’s Hector Hammond) is the Highly Evolved Creature Totally Orientated on Revenge (debuting during RETURN TO THE AMALGAM AGE OF COMICS); HECTOR’s head increases in size when he’s exposed to cosmic radiation, increasing his intelligence but making him intent on ruling the Weaponers of AIM; HECTOR is defeated by Iron Lantern.
UniverseTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Earth-11911Super Hero Squad: Hero Up! #1 (2009)
Marvel Super Hero Squad #1-4 (2009-2010)
Marvel Super Hero Squad #1, 4-10 (2010)
Super Hero Squad Spectacular #1 (2011)
regularly plots against the Super Hero Squad, initiating a number of bizarre schemes.
Earth-20051Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #9 (2007)
Avengers & the Infinity Gantlet #2 (2010)
Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #23 (2012)

Initially transforming the Avengers into MODOCs like himself, MODOC goes on to become MODOK, ally with Thanos and antagonise Spider-Man.
Earth-63163Nextwave #9-12 (2006-2007)
Stranded in an alternate universe outside Earth-616, the members of Nextwave face the true power behind the Beyond Corporation, including Number None (the offspring of MODOK and MODAM).
BattleworldSecret Wars: Battleworld #1 [2/2] (2015)
Secret Wars Journal #5 [2/2] (2015)
MODOK: Assassin #1-5 (2015)
Spider-Island #2, 4 (2015)

Ghost Racers #1 (2015)
Secret Wars Too #1
[3/7] (2016)
A number of MODOKs exist in the various zones on Emperor God Doom’s Battleworld (created as part of SECRET  WARS (2015-2016)) MODOK of Earth11131 fights Baron Mordo for the right to become the Baron of Killville; MODOK of Earth-19919 allies with the Spider-Queen on Spider-Island; a Ghost Rider MODOK competes in the Killiseum in Doomstadt; MODOK of Earth-21722 rules the Walled City of New York, leads Hydra and is married to Madame Hydra; MODOK of Earth-32323 rules the Warzone and clashes with a number of alternate MODOKs; numerous zombie MODOKs roam the Deadlands.
Counter-EarthCaptain America #6-7 (1997)
Avengers #8 (1997)
On a version of Earth created by Franklin Richards of Earth-616, Captain America teams up with the mysterious Cable against MODOK – a recreation of the true MODOK on this Earth; Cap and the Avengers briefly face MODOK again.
Heroes Reborn RealtyHeroes Reborn: Young Squadron #1 (2021)
Doctor Spectrum’s attempt to lure MODAC (Mental Organism Designed Always to Conquer) into a trap backfires (during HEROES REBORN (2021)); Spectrum is saved by the Young Squadron.

The reading order for the second MODOK will be covered here:

  • MODOK: M.O.D.O.K. Superior (2011-2015)

A list of Collected Editions that bring the MODOK: George Tarleton together…

MODOK: Head Trips

  • Captain America #133
  • Fantastic Four in Ataque del MODOK #1
  • Incredible Hulk #287-290
  • Iron Man Annual #4
  • Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #9
  • MODOK: Assassin #1-5
  • Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK’s 11 #1-5
  • Tales of Suspense #93-94

Captain America Epic Collection vol.3: Bucky Reborn


  • Captain America #132-133

From The Marvel Vault


  • Marvel Vault: Gambit Featuring The Champions #1

Ms Marvel Epic Collection vol.1: This Woman, This Warrior


  • Ms Marvel #5, 7, 9-10

Captain America Epic Collection vol.12: Society of Serpents


  • Captain America #313, 315

Captain America and the Falcon by Christopher Priest: The Complete Collection


  • Captain America and the Falcon #7-12

Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers – The Ms Marvel Years vol.1


  • Ms Marvel #14-17

Hulk by Jeph Loeb: The Complete Collection vol.1


  • Incredible Hulk #600

Hulk by Jeph Loeb: The Complete Collection vol.2


  • Hulk #18-22

Incredible Hulks: Fall of the Hulks


  • Fall of the Hulks: Alpha #1
  • Incredible Hulk #606-608

Incredible Hulks: World War Hulks


  • Fall of the Hulks: Savage She-Hulks #2
  • Incredible Hulk #609-610

MODOK: Assassin

  • MODOK Assassin #1-5

Reading Order ©OmniverseComicsGuide 2023

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