Green Hulk/Red Hulk (2008) Reading Order

WORLD WAR HULK is over and Bruce Banner has been detained. But there's a new Hulk in town (or 'Rulk' as he was often referred to at the time). So who the hell is he? And what happens when the real Hulk comes back, dumber than ever? Let the murder, mystery and tongue-in-cheek silliness begin...!... Continue Reading →

Planet Hulk (2006-2007) Reading Order

When the Hulk has one rampage too many, the Illuminati decide it's time to put a stop to his devastating tantrums once and for all. The plan might be logical and humane, but things never go smoothly for the Green Goliath and he soon finds himself fighting for his life! And when all's said and... Continue Reading →

MODOK Reading Order: George Tarleton (1967 – present)

The outlandish Jack Kirby design and some weird and wild stories featuring the gigantic-headed sociopath, make it hard not to love this oddball bad guy. The Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing - aka MODOK – has been a thorn in the side of the Hulk, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Iron Man and more while acting as the head (no pun intended)... Continue Reading →

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