Secret Invasion (2008-2009) Reading Order

The shape-shifting alien Skrulls have infiltrated every government-sponsored super-team in America (see SECRET INVASION: THE INFILTRATION (2007-2008)). But it’s not just the 50-State Initiative who are effected. The Skrulls have placed themselves among the outlaw heroes, the villains, the trusted members of society and even politicians.

Is it possible to stop an invasion that’s already happened? Will this be the moment that finally brings both Avengers teams together? Who do you trust?

Major Event: Aside from the story in the main mini-series, the events of Secret Invasion also spill out into numerous ongoing titles and accompanying mini-series.

Must Reads: Story arcs marked with a ✔are must-read stories from this time period, along with any key related stories and often-forgotten tales that are worth a read. You can always add in the titles featuring characters you’re following or are interested in as you see fit!

Anthology Issues: When an issue contains multiple stories, the relevant story is denoted with square brackets. For example, [2/5] refers to the second story of the five stories in that issue, so you don’t need to read the other four. 

Previous events that directly impact this story:

  • THE KREE-SKRULL WAR (1971-1972) – The Avengers interfered in the Skrulls’ conflict with the Kree
  • BREAKOUT (2005) – Formation of the New Avengers
  • CIVIL WAR (2006-2007) – The superhuman community is divided; Initiative is created; Captain Mar-Vell returns
  • ANNIHILATION (2006-2007) – The Skrull Empire is torn apart by Annihilus’ forces

Want to keep it simple? Here’s the chronological reading order without story descriptions, or spoilers:

  •     Secret Invasion Saga #1
  •     Secret Invasion: Skrulls! #1
  • Secret Invasion Prologue #1
  •     Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? #1 [4/5]
  •     Incredible Hercules #116 (tie-in)
  •     Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? #1 [1/5]
  • Secret Invasion #1
  • Avengers: The Initiative #14
  •     Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1
  •     Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? #1 [2/5]
  • Mighty Avengers #12
  • New Avengers #40
  •     Incredible Hercules #117
  •     Thunderbolts #122
  • Mighty Avengers #13
  • Secret Invasion #2
  •     Captain Britain and MI13 #1
  •     Secret Invasion: Thor #1
  • Mighty Avengers #14
  • New Avengers #41
  •     New Warriors #14
  •     Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? #1 [3/5]
  •     Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #2
  •     Secret Invasion: Home Invasion #1-2
  •     Incredible Hercules #118
  •     Secret Invasion: Thor #2
  •     Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust #1 [5/5]
  • Secret Invasion #3
  • Mighty Avengers #15
  • New Avengers #42
  •     New Warriors #15
  •     Secret Invasion: Home Invasion #3
  •     Captain Britain and MI13 #2
  •     Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #3
  •     Secret Invasion: Thor #3
  • Avengers: The Initiative #15
  •     Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers #1-3
  •     Black Panther #39
  •     Captain Britain and MI13 #3
  • Avengers: The Initiative #16
  •     Iron Man: Director of SHIELD #33
  • Secret Invasion #4
  • Mighty Avengers #16
  • New Avengers #43
  •     X-Factor #33
  •     Deadpool #1
  •     Iron Man: Director of SHIELD #34
  •     Incredible Hercules #119
  •     Nova #16
  •     Guardians of the Galaxy #4
  •     Secret Invasion: Home Invasion #4
  •     Ms Marvel #28
  •     She-Hulk #31
  •     Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man #1
  •     Captain Britain and MI13 #4
  •     Secret Invasion: X-Men #1
  •     Ms Marvel #29
  • Secret Invasion #5
  •     Incredible Hercules #120
  • Mighty Avengers #17
  • New Avengers #44
  •     Deadpool #2-3
  •     X-Factor #34
  •     Nova #17
  •     Thunderbolts #123
  • Avengers: The Initiative #17
  •     Guardians of the Galaxy #5
  •     Black Panther #40
  •     Secret Invasion: Home Invasion #5
  • Avengers: The Initiative #18
  •     Thunderbolts #124
  •     Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man #2
  •     She-Hulk #32
  • Secret Invasion #6
  • Mighty Avengers #18
  • New Avengers #45
  •     Ms Marvel #30
  •     Secret Invasion: X-Men #2
  •     Secret Invasion: Inhumans #1
  •     Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man #3
  •     She-Hulk #33
  •     Guardians of the Galaxy #6
  • Mighty Avengers #19
  •     Black Panther #41
  •     Punisher War Journal #24 (tie-in)
  •     Secret Invasion: Inhumans #2
  •     Secret Invasion: X-Men #3
  •     Secret Invasion: Home Invasion #6
  •     Iron Man: Director of SHIELD #35
  •     Secret Invasion: Inhumans #3
  • Secret Invasion #7
  •     Thunderbolts #125
  •     Punisher War Journal #25
  • New Avengers #46
  •     Secret Invasion: Home Invasion #7
  •     Secret Invasion: X-Men #4
  •     Nova #18
  • Secret Invasion #8
  •     Secret Invasion: Inhumans #4
  •     Secret Invasion: Home Invasion #8
  • New Avengers #47
  • Avengers: The Initiative #19
  • Secret Invasion: Dark Reign #1
  •     Secret Invasion: War of Kings #1
  • Mighty Avengers #20
  •     Secret Invasion: Front Line #1-5
  •     Secret Invasion: Requiem #1
  •     Beta Ray Bill: The Green of Eden #1

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Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Secret Invasion Saga #1
Tony Stark – the invincible Iron Man and current Director of SHIELD – reviews recent events to figure out his next move. This isn’t required reading but it’s not a bad way to get an overview of the events leading up to the invasion….
Secret Invasion: Skrulls! #1
Profiles on all the Skrulls who have interacted with Earth over the years. Some of those guys have been proper badasses. Some have been transformed into cows. Again, not required reading, but useful if you want to know more.
Secret Invasion Prologue #1
Weeks ago, after the assassination of Steve Rogers (aka, Captain America, during CIVIL WAR) a Skrull posing as Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine stabbed Dum Dum Dugan in the gut, took his form and replaced him as Tony Stark’s right-hand man in SHIELD.
Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? #1 [4/5]
After Marvel Boy (Noh-Varr of Earth-200080) arrived on Earth-616, he was placed in the super-prison known as The Cube, which he eventually took control of using his Omniwave projector. A Skrull guard subverts the Omniwave tech’s positive vibes and subverts them, making the prisoners and the guards kill each other. Noh-Varr kills the Skrull culprit and decides to step up his game…
Incredible Hercules #116 (tie-in)
Hercules and Amadeus Cho are laying low in San Francisco after becoming SHIELD’s most wanted (during WORLD WAR HULK: AFTERSMASH!). After a misunderstanding with the Eternals, the duo are taken to the Council of God-Heads where Athena reveals the Skrulls have already conquered Earth…
Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? #1 [1/5]
The original Captain Marvel recently returned, believing he’d been plucked out of our past and placed in our present, only to learn he’s actually a Skrull imposter (during SECRET INVASION: THE INFILTRATION). This faux Captain Marvel has decided to work against his own race and help humanity, but he wants to start by attacking the Thunderbolts

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Secret Invasion #1
The SWORD space station, the Peak, alerts Tony Stark that a Skrull ship is on a crash course for the Savage Land. Spider-Woman tips the outlaw ‘New Avengers’ off about the Skrull ship behind Stark’s back when he calls on his government-sanctioned ‘Mighty Avengers’ to investigate. Skrull Dugan blows up the Peak. Skrull Edwin Jarvis infects all Stark Tech with a virus, causing SHIELD’s Helicarrier to crash. The two opposing Avengers teams face off in the prehistoric Savage Land until Tony Stark’s Iron Man armour malfunctions and the Skrull ship opens to reveal a number of Earth’s heroes who are either dead or drastically changed over the years. Skrull Hank Pym shoots Mister Fantastic during the autopsy of the Skrull Elektra. Skrull Captain Marvel attacks Thunderbolts Mountain. Skrull Invisible Woman activates the portal to the Negative Zone, sucking the top of the Baxter Building into the Zone along with the Thing, Human Torch, Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards and herself.
Avengers: The Initiative #14
Yellowjacket (Hank Pym) isn’t the only Skrull at the Camp Hammond training facility, but the Crusader genuinely wants a new life on Earth as a human. The new 3-D Man (Delroy Garrett) joins the Point Men in Malibu. His goggles immediately reveal Magnitude to be a Skrull. Devil-Slayer teleports 3-D Man to Camp Hammond to warn the Initiative, but Crusader’s desperate attempt to hide himself using his magic ring results in Delroy seeing everyone as a Skrull…
Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1
Trapped in the Negative Zone with the top few floors of the Baxter Building, the Thing fights to protect Franklin and Valeria from bug creatures. The ‘Invisible Woman’ turns out to be the Torch’s ex-wife, Lyja (a Skrull who posed as Alicia Masters for some time) and she’s trying to convince him the Thing is a fellow shape-changer…
Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust #1 [2/5]
While floating in space and her surviving staff rapidly running out of oxygen, Abigail Brand recalls the moment she joined SWORD and first met a Skrull who hinted heavily at their invasion plans. In the presents, she uses her incredible initiative to board one of the ships in the Skrull armada that’s making its way towards Earth…
Mighty Avengers #12
Flashback to just after the SECRET WAR! Laying low in Mexico, Nick Fury was visited by Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine who turned out to be a Skrull. Fury returned to America to personally warn Maria Hill that something’s rotten in SHIELD and possibly everywhere else! He then checked in with Spider-Woman, encouraging her to play the part of both a SHIELD and Hydra agent to see what she can uncover and report back to him.
New Avengers #40
Flashback to THE KREE-SKRULL WAR! The Illuminati (a secret band of Earth’s heroes) headed straight back to the Skrull throne world in a failed attack on the Skrulls. Emperor Dorrek VII banished Princess Veranke as a religious zealot when she warns him of the horrors that are prophesied to befall their race. Skrull scientists use DNA appropriated from the Illuminati to clone them for experimentation and study. In the years that followed, the Skrull throne world was devoured by Galactus (during ANNIHILATION GAMBIT / THE TRIAL OF REED RICHARDS) and a huge chunk of the Skrull Empire was destroyed by the Annihilation Wave (during ANNIHILATION). A large Skrull faction turned to the banished Veranke, crowned her as queen and used the Skrulls’ experiments to emulate the powers of Earth’s heroes and avoid detection. Queen Veranke joins the infiltrators, opting to replace Spider-Woman…
Incredible Hercules #117
Athena warns the Council of Godheads that it the Skrulls rule Earth, they’ll bring their religion into the mix which’ll jeopardise the existence of the various Earthly gods. Hercules is tasked with leading the God Squad (Snowbird, Ajak, Atum the Demogorge and Amatsu-Mikaboshi) to take on the Skrull gods, Kly’bn and Sl’gur’t. Amadeus Cho and his coyote pup Kirby will also be along for the ride…
Thunderbolts #122
Norman Osborn‘s Thunderbolts return to Thunderbolts Mountain after a mission to apprehend Swarm, only to find Swordsman protecting his sister, Andrea von Strucker, who appears to have been resurrected. Andrea agrees to some tests and appears to be a clone created by Arnim Zola. Osborn allows her to stay with the Thunderbolts for her safety, but the mountain soon comes under attack from Captain Marvel…
Mighty Avengers #13
Flashback to six months ago! Nick Fury brought the expelled SHIELD agent Quake (Daisy Johnson) back under his wing, giving her the job of recruiting caterpillar agents no one even knew existed. She recruited Alexander Aaron (the son of Ares), Yo Yo Rodriguez (daughter of the Griffin), JT Slade (grandson of the Phantom Rider, aka the original Ghost Rider), Sebastian Druid (son of Doctor Druid) and Jerry Sledge (whose connections are unrevealed, but he needs breaking out of prison). Their training as Secret Warriors begins…
Secret Invasion #2
Believing the new arrivals to be Skrulls, both teams of Avengers attack while Ms Marvel takes the incapacitated Tony Stark to safety. Ronin rushes to protect ‘Mockingbird’ from Wolverine, believing she really could be his deceased wife, especially as she knows about a miscarriage only the real Mockingbird would’ve known about. In New York, the Skrulls beam down their army of Super-Skrulls – all themed on the powers of every super-team on Earth!

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Captain Britain and MI13 #1
The Skrull invasion hits England as Captain Britain and the rest of MI13 desperately defend London from the Super-Skrulls. The American Black Knight is also on the scene but he fails to save bystander Dr Faiza Hussain from a Skrull laser blast. The Skrulls focus their assault on the Siege Perilous with the aim to destroy Otherworld, the source of Cap’s powers and England’s magic. Captain Britain diverts a Skrull missile away from the portal, but is caught in the explosion…
Secret Invasion: Thor #1
Beta Ray Bill is sent him crashing to Earth as a message to the Asgardians to stay out of their way. Thor charges up a storm to hide Asgard (which now hovers above Broxton) and lends his hammer to the recovering Bill to act in his stead. Thor returns to the human form of Dr Donald Blake and prepares to help a pregnant resident of Broxton give birth to her child.
Mighty Avengers #14
Flashback to the New Avengers’ press conference! As a trusted confidant, Skrull Edwin Jarvis was able to access the Avengers files and learn the Sentry‘s weaknesses. In the present day, in the Savage Land, a Skrull disguised as the Vision shape-shifts into the form of the Void (Sentry’s dark self). Sentry freaks out and flies off into space, shutting himself down. In New York, one of the Super-Skrulls attacks Avengers Tower and looms over Lindy Reynolds, the Sentry’s wife. With the Sentry mentally incapacitated, the Void has taken control of his body and saved her life…
New Avengers #41
Flashback to BREAKOUT! But first, in the present day Savage Land, Spider-Man runs into Ka-Zar and Shanna the She-Devil. They reveal how they discovered the conspiracy as far back as the New Avengers’ battle with Sauron.
New Warriors #14
Most of the New Warriors (now made up of mutants who lost their powers during HOUSE OF M), suit up with their new tech-based abilities to fight the Skrulls, but Night Thrasher doesn’t seem interested. He takes trip to an old safe house only to come face-to-face with Counter Force (a team made up the surviving original New Warriors). It’s a Warriors face-off…!
Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? #1 [3/5]
Classic-looking, blue-furred Beast is faced with fighting his old friend and fellow Avenger, the modern day Wonder Man. Instead, they fight for their lives against the dangers of the Savage Land, the two old friends aren’t sure of they are who they say they are. Rather than take any chances, Beast traps Wonder Man in a cave. That probably won’t hold him for long…
Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #2
In the Negative Zone, Lyja reveals she’s pissed off with the Human Torch for forgetting all about her when he returned from Counter-Earth (during HEROES RETURN). The Torch and Lyja kiss and make up before locating the Thing and the kids. Franklin figures the only way back home is through Prison 42 – the super-jail created by Mister Fantastic…
Secret Invasion: Home Invasion #1
The Skrull invasion has even extended to replacing family members in random homes. Kinsey Walden and her two best friends learn her brother is a Skrull and escapes to New York with the weapon he’s built. Skrull Hank Walden gives chase…
Secret Invasion: Home Invasion #2
Kinsey, Ali and Ethan find themselves in the middle of the Skrull invasion. Ali is impaled by a harpoon from a Skrull with the powers of the Marauders. Two mysterious figures emerge, but are they rescuers or Skrulls?
Incredible Hercules #118
The God Squad cut through the Dreamtime to find the Skrull gods, but a wrong turn leads them to Nightmare who strikes a deal with the group to learn what would give a god nightmares. Figuring they’ve been tricked to trap them in their nightmares, Hercules breaks free and releases the God Squad. Later, Hercules and Snowbird hook up…
Secret Invasion: Thor #2
Beta Ray Bill, Balder and the Warriors Three defend Asgard from the Skrull invasion made up of Godkillers – Skrulls bred to wipe out gods! Obviously. Dr Donald Blake helps baby Faith into the world, then returns to Asgard hammerless to find a Godkiller Skrull standing over a defeated Beta Ray Bill…
Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust #1 [5/5]
The Agents of Atlas come to the rescue when the Skrulls attack Portland International Airport and take a Skrull captive. The Uranian severs his head and combines his telepathic abilities with Venus‘ hypnotic powers to repel the Skrulls. The Human Robot obliterates them with his death ray. The Skrull lives on as just a head; unable to move, unable to speak.
Secret Invasion #3
Norman Osborn calmly tries to defuse Captain Marvel’s attack on Thunderbolts Mountain, immediately figuring that he’s a Skrull. In the Savage Land, ‘Spider-Woman’ tries to convince Tony Stark that he’s been a Skrull this whole time. New York City becomes a war zone with the incoming legion of new Super-Skrulls facing the outlaw Young Avengers and the Initiative recruits. Vision is one of the first to fall when his head is blown to pieces, then Proton‘s neck is snapped. Nick Fury and his all-new Secret Warriors arrive to help out…

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Mighty Avengers #15
Flashback to just after AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED! When the Avengers decided to call it quits, Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne (the Wasp), moved to England. When Janet got bored with him, Hank’s ego gave in and he slept with a hot young blonde who turned out to be a Skrull. The Skrull replaced Hank and headed to America where the Wasp had joined the Mighty Avengers (during THE INITIATIVE). ‘Hank’ helped the Avengers defeat Ultron and gave the Wasp a new serum that would allowing her to grow in size for the first time.
New Avengers #42
Flashback to BREAKOUT! After taking Nick Fury’s advice work as a double-agent for him, Jessica Drew was switched out for Queen Veranke by the Skrulls. Jessica’ arranged for the breakout at the Raft super-prison, only to end up being offered a place among them as part of a New Avengers line-up. So, she found herself working for SHIELD, Hydra the Avengers and Nick Fury all at the same time! When the Scarlet Witch went nuts again, it looked like the Skrulls’ mutant problem was about to solve itself…
New Warriors #15
The new New Warriors versus the original New Warriors fight is pretty short-lived. The new Night Thrasher unmasks and reveals himself to everyone for the first time as Donyell Taylor (brother of the original Night Thrasher, Dwayne Taylor, who died during CIVIL WAR). The teams join forces to break into a government facility and take down some Super-Skrulls while Thrash and Justice find proof that Dwayne Taylor is well and truly dead.
Secret Invasion: Home Invasion #3
Kinsey Walden and her friends are rescued by the Young Avengers during the Skrull assault on New York City, but they’re too late to save her friend, Ali. The teenagers are left to fend for themselves as the battle escalates. Proton is killed as Nick Fury’s Commandos arrive.
Captain Britain and MI13 #2
Dr Faiza Hussain discovers she has superpowers when she accidentally dismantles and reconstructs the Black Knight. The Skrulls invade Avalon. Pete Wisdom, John the Skrull and Spitfire are charged with defending the sword Excalibur. Wisdom’s attempt to draw the sword fails and the magical beings of Avalon are massacred by the Skrulls who claim full control of magic for themselves…
Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #3
Lyja reveals how she was approached by Veranke to have her revenge on the Human Torch. The Thing releases the Tinkerer from Prison 42 and convinces him to help them return to Earth, only for the group to be greeted by a devastated New York City…
Secret Invasion: Thor #3
Donald Blake returns to Asgard as Thor to take on the Godkiller Skrull, then drops Asgard on the Skrull invaders. Beta Ray Bill returns to space. Thor decides to join the heroes of Earth for the first time since his return…
Avengers: The Initiative #15
Crusader helps 3-D Man escape Camp Hammond, but the Skrull’s deactivation of all Stark Tech kicks in, sending 3-D Man’s Quinjet crashing into New Mexico. Crusader decides to aid the humans against the Skrulls, keeping his Skrull identity secret. War Machine (James Rhodes) goes into shutdown and is saved by Baron von Blitzschlag. Skrull Yellowjacket orders all recruits to New York City, leaving the base abandoned except for the new Ant-Man
Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers #1
The Runways and Young Avengers both knowingly have a Skrull in their line-ups. Having recently failed to convince Hulking to join them, the Skrulls want the Skrull/Kree hybrid dead. Despite the Young Avengers’ efforts, he’s ultimately saved by Xavin, the Skrull member of the Runaways. Now a trio of Super-Skrulls plan to execute them in the New York sewers…
Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers #2
Skrull Commander Chrell is all set to slaughter Hulkling and Xavin when the Young Avengers and Runaways show up. Chrell retreats and sends his assassin X’iv to kill both teams.
Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers #3
X’iv and Chrell beat the hell out of both teams until time-lost Runaway Klara Prast sends a tree up Chrell’s behind. Hulkling beats X’iv and Xavin incinerates Chrell.
Black Panther #39
Skrull Commander K’vvvr‘s last mission before retirement is to invade a pre-infiltrated Wakanda, lay waste to it and take the country’s Vibranium. A line of severed Skrull heads on spikes warns them off. Tech experts from both sides render all artillery useless, so both sides take to beating and stabbing on the battlefield…
Captain Britain and MI13 #3
A Skrull has gained control of Avalon and all of England’s magic and the only thing that stands between Avalon and London is the Black Knight, Faiza Hussain and the Royal Marines. Pete Wisdom frees the worst magical beings in existence to enlist Merlin who uses his magic to resurrect the recently defeated Captain Britain. And this time, he’s got a big sword…

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Secret Invasion: The Initiative #16
Ryder and Riot of the Skrull Kill Krew save 3-D Man from a beating from Skrull She-Thing by killing and eating her. 3-D Man joins the Krew as they all head off to learn more about the Skrulls form the original 3-D Man, Chuck Chandler. Starting in Arizona, they begin a journey to kill every Skrull on every Initiative squad in the 52 states. War Machine gets a recorded message form Tony Stark, telling him to evacuate Camp Hammond and trust no one. Skrull Yellowjacket declares the Camp Hammond the heart of the new Skrull Empire.
Iron Man: Director of SHIELD #33
War Machine abandons Camp Hammond and follows coordinates to a space station where he finds Suzi Endo ready to assist him. Suzi sees that Rhodey’s become more machine than man, but it allows him to transform the satellite into a massive suit of armour…
Secret Invasion #4
Having floated among the remnants of the Peak, Abigail Brand boards the Skrull space station where Mister Fantastic is being tortured. In the Savage Land, the Black Widow scares ‘Spider-Woman’ away from Tony Stark. Ms Marvel arrives in New York and becomes the target of Nick Fury’s shoulder-mounted cannon, leaving her at the mercy of the Skrull army and Skrull Yellowjacket. The Hood orders his gang of super-villains to arm up. And, on the streets, Thor and Captain America arrive!
Mighty Avengers #16
Flashback to NEW AVENGERS and THE INITIATIVE! The Skrulls tried to take out the real Elektra a number of times before she was successfully replaced. Skrull Elektra took over the Hand (separating them from Hydra) and hired Electro to attack the Raft. Her death at the hands of Echo was always part of Queen Veranke’s plan.
New Avengers #43
Flashback to THE WAR TO END ALL SKRULLS! The Skrulls aboard the escape pod are revealed to have implanted memories. Skrull Captain America believes he was captured around the time of the Skrull Civil War. In the Savage Land, present day, death darts prove ‘Captain America’ to be a Skrull after he breathes his last. Spider-Man talks Ka-Zar and Shanna the She-Devil out of poison-darting him to death, too…
X-Factor #33
X-Factor Investigations are hired by Darwin‘s father to find his missing son, but Longshot gets to him first. She-Hulk‘s trying to keep up with her friend, Jazinda (openly a Skrull), who seems to have a vested interest in Longshot, who is actually a Skrull. When She-Hulk crosses paths with X-Factor, she’s more interested in pounding M in the face…
Deadpool #1
The Skrulls announce their invasion to a baseball stadium, so Deadpool blows up their ship. When the chaos clears, he reveals he wants to join them!
Iron Man: Director of SHIELD #34
War Machine launches the Satellite Armour and kills hordes of Skrulls in space, then accidentally lands in Russia rather than Manhattan. He aids the Winter Guard against the Skrulls, despite them rejecting his offer, only to be captured and dissected by the Skrull scientists…
Incredible Hercules #119
Amadeus Cho’s injured coyote puppy, Kirby, reveals itself to be a Skrull and smashes the God Squad’s ship in pieces until he’s eaten by Atum the Demogorge. The group are stranded in a writhing sea of dead gods. Snowbird sacrifices herself to save the Squad from the horned god, Neooqtoq
Nova #16
Despite fighting as allies to save the universe (during ANNIHILATION and ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST), the original Super-Skrull (Kl’rt) convinces Nova (Richard Rider) to take him back to Earth so he can rescue his daughter only to betray him to the Skrull cause…
Guardians of the Galaxy #4
The Luminals question the Guardians of the Galaxy‘s authority on Knowhere with members like the violent Drax, the deadly Gamora and the questionable Adam Warlock on their team. Also, Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord) secretly used Mantis‘ powers to coerce the Guardians into becoming a team in the first place. When an explosion destroys the continuum cortex that allows the group to teleport through space, all evidence points to Drax…

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Secret Invasion: Home Invasion #4
Kinsey Walden is saved by Batwing, reunited with her boyfriend, gives Nick Fury pertinent information about a small part of the Skrull invasion plot (which he ignores) and runs into Monica Rambeau
Ms Marvel #28
Ms Marvel ‘s a one-woman army against the Skrull hordes in Manhattan and she’s taking great pleasure in killing as many as possible, until a Skrull Giant-Man comes along…
She-Hulk #31
She-Hulk can’t stop herself beating up M, Strong Guy and a legion of Jamie Madrox dupes. Jazinda’s loyalty to Earth is assured when she reveals that ‘Longshot’ is actually the holy Skrull Nogor the Talisman. As long as he’s alive and in one piece on Earth, the Skrulls will believe they have the right to win. Darwin protects Nogor, believing him to be Longshot, but Darwin realises his mistake when Nogor reveals his true identity…
Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man #1
The Initiative’s newest hero, Jackpot, screws up her mission to track down Walter Declun, making the front page of the DB! She heads over to their offices to rant at Dexter Bennett when Skrull ‘Spider-Man’ bursts in, looking for the real thing. When she challenges him, the Skrull displays the powers of six of Spidey’s deadliest villains…
Captain Britain and MI13 #4
Captain Britain chops the head of the magic Skrull off with Excalibur, then heads back to Earth to bully off for the final chukka, restoring magic to Great Britain. John the Skrull is put to death as a traitor to the Skrull race. Satannish grants Pete Wisdom one boon, so he chooses ‘no more Skrulls’, banishing the alien shapeshifters from England for eternity. But supernatural evil is free to roam the country, so MI13 opens its door to all UK super-heroes until the mess is cleared up. Faiza Hussain redraws Excalibur, making her the newest member of MI13.
Secret Invasion: X-Men #1
The Skrulls figure San Francisco won’t be overly defended, not realising the X-Men have just moved in. Cyclops intends leading the team to victory by any means necessary, while Nightcrawler‘s distracted by an alien beach ball…
Ms Marvel #29
Once Ms Marvel’s done ripping out the Giant-Man Skrull’s eye and impaling him on a pylon, she reunites with SHIELD Agent Sum from her Operation: Lightning Storm crew. They take a busload of civilians to the Raft prison for safety. But the super-prison for super-criminals isn’t safe, either. Something’s loose that even the Skrulls are afraid of…
Secret Invasion #5
Nick Fury gathers the Secret Warriors, Initiative recruits and Young Avengers in a secret base. Abigail Brand frees an intensely angry Mister Fantastic who figures out how to detect the disguised Skrulls. Maria Hill blows the crashed SHIELD Helicarrier so it doesn’t fall into Skrull hands. ‘Captain Marvel’ flies into space to attack the armada takes Mister Fantastic and Abigail Brand to the Savage Land, switching off the Skrulls’ disguises and killing them. Ronin (Clint Barton) suffers the most when he realises his wife, Mockingbird, isn’t back from the dead, after all.
Incredible Hercules #120
The remains of the God Squad face off against the Skrull gods, Kly’bn and Sl’gur’t. Atum the Demogorge bursts attempting to consume Sl’gur’t. Ajak gets his head blown off by Kly’bn. Amatsu-Mikaboshi is killed by the shapeshifting Sl’gur’t. Snowbird emerges alive and impales Kly’bn on the Demogorge’s spine. In Earth’s orbit, the Skrull Book of Worlds explodes and, with their belief weakened, Mister Fantastic breaks free. Hercules trashes the Skrull pantheon’s home and escapes with Snowbird and Amadeus Cho, unaware that Mikaboshi is alive and planning to use the dead pantheons for his own twisted cosmic revenge plot.
Mighty Avengers #17
Flashback! More than one Skrull has been Hank Pym as his Skrull counterparts fall prey to Pym’s own psychological issues. The first Skrull Yellowjacket lost its mind and was replaced with a clone of itself.

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
New Avengers #44
Flashback! The Skrull Emperor Dorrek VII learned how to avoid detection on Earth, using clones of Mister Fantastic and the Illuminati. Years and years of violent testing fails until ‘Reed Richards’ gives the solution to a Skrull disguised as his son, Franklin Richards.
Deadpool #2
The Skrulls reject Deadpool’s offer to join them and dissect him and pass his powers on to a band of Deadpool-Skrulls, instead. When he finally breaks free, Deadpool agrees to train the Skrulls with his powers and does so by ordering them to kill a squad of Skrulls. When the insane Deadpool Skrulls show DP’s signs of insanity, he escapes and contacts his employer, Nick Fury.
Deadpool #3
The Deadpool-Skrulls succumb to Deadpool’s healing factor, without having to keep any chancer in check (Deadpool originally agreed to join the Weapon X Program in an effort to cure his cancer). With all the Skrulls in Colorado dead, Deadpool accesses the data aboard the Skrull ship and tries to send it to Fury, but Norman Osborn intercepts the upload.
X-Factor #34
X-Factor Investigations and She-Hulk duke it out while the desperate Nogor the Talisman tries to convince Darwin that he might have a hint of Skrull heritage. Eventually, everyone teams up to bring Nogor down.
Nova #17
The Super-Skrull pretends to kill Nova so the armada around Earth doesn’t do the job for real. Nova heads to Project PEGASUS, has a little run-in with the newest Head of Security, Darkhawk, and learns the facility was attacked by Skrulls in an effort to locate the Quantum Flask. Nova gets amped up with the Flask and uses it against the next Skrull attack. But the Flash actually contains a living being… Wendell Vaughn, aka the original Quasar!
Thunderbolts #123
The Thunderbolts viciously repel the Skrull invasion in Washington. Moonstone defies Norman’s orders to kill Andrea von Strucker in favour of selling out to the Skrulls. The Skrulls seem to know this team is on the brink of madness and mess with their heads to make things worse…
Avengers: The Initiative #17
Ant-Man locates the Shadow Initiative (the black ops Initiative team) and, together, they assault the main command centre. Queen Veranke uses her ‘Spider-Woman’ pheromone powers to turn them against each other. While traveling across America, Jocasta and Devil-Slayer join 3-D Man and the Skrull Kill Krew on their mission…
Guardians of the Galaxy #5
Knowhere in on lockdown, but Drax is loose. Star-Lord struggles to keep the team together. A female Starhawk teleports in and tries to take Major Victory out of the timeframe. Adam Warlock finds out Cosmo is harbouring Skrulls. And Quasar (Phyla-Vell) learns Drax is trying to kill everyone on Knowhere…
Black Panther #40
The Black Panther is successfully repelling the Skrull invaders, but overlooked two infiltrators – his very own bodyguards, the Dora Milaje. And they’ve got the Panther and his wife, Storm, dead to rights…
Secret Invasion: Home Invasion #5
Kinsey Walden and her boyfriend, Ethan, arrive at Professor Mustek‘s laboratory and discover that Kinsey’s brother, Hank, was actually some sort of genius who pretty much turned himself into a superhero. At some point, he was replaced by a Skrull. They decide to track him down, but someone cuts the power…
Avengers: The Initiative #18
Skrull Dum Dum Dugan orders the sleeper agents on every Initiative team to reveal themselves and join the war. In Georgia, Ultragirl kills Skrull Thor Girl and joins the growing ranks of the Kill Krew. In Nick Fury’s safe house, Crusader gives a rousing speech to stir up the troops…
Thunderbolts #124
Norman Osborn proves himself to be more together, mentally, than we expected and leads his team to victory in Washington. Andrea von Strucker turns out not to be a Skrull, ruining Moonstone’s attempt to sell out to the Skrulls and forcing her to kill Andrea to cover her back. Swordsman flips out, becoming a potential threat to his teammates…

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man #2
Jackpot somehow protects the DB! staff from the ‘Sinister Six’ Skrull, but soon realises she’s out of her depth when Menace shows up to continue their feud.
She-Hulk #32
She-Hulk and Jazinda are holding Nogor the Talisman hostage, only for the original Super-Skrull to show up. He’s come to kill Jazinda, his own daughter, but has to tussle with She-Hulk. Nogor frees himself during the fight and all hell breaks loose…
Secret Invasion #6
The Skrulls announce their victory to the inhabitants of planet Earth, advising them to embrace change. The Kree universe-hopper, Noh-Varr (also known as Marvel Boy), meets the dying Skrull Captain Marvel who tries to convince him that the people of Earth are honourable and deserve to be defended. Abigail Brand, Mister Fantastic reunite with the Avengers and head to New York. Nick Fury’s Secret Warriors, the Initiative and the Young Avengers strike back at the Skrulls in Central Park. They’re soon joined by the Thunderbolts, the Hood’s gang of super-villains and, to everyone’s surprise, Thor and the new Captain America (James ‘Bucky’ Barnes)…
Mighty Avengers #18
Flashback to the start of SECRET INVASION! Nick Fury preps his team of super-newbies for their first ever mission: to kidnap SHIELD Director Maria Hill (or a Life-Model Decoy, anyway). He’s tested them, tortured them and called them names. Now they’re either good enough or they’re gone.
New Avengers #45
Flashback to HOUSE OF M and ANNIHILATION! The Scarlet Witch altering reality to make mutants the dominant species messed with Veranke’s plans, but she retained her true memories during the event. She tries to assassinate the Witch, but ends up witnessing her putting everything back the way it was. The depowering of mutants was good news for the invasion, but receives news of the Annihilation Wave destroying the Skull homeworld.
Ms Marvel #30
The most bestial and animalistic Super-Skrull has taken over the Raft. It was also somehow smart enough to perform scientific experiments on Tiger Shark. Ms Marvel lures it back to New York where it pounds on it’s own people – the other invading Skrulls – until it’s too knackered to stop her from delivering the killing blow. She finds a tattoo that reads “Hydra Prime 001” on its neck. Several months later (more likely a few weeks), in Hong Kong, Carol is attending a dinner party as ‘Catherine Donovan’ where she threatens to kill some dude named Ghazi Rashid unless he tells her about Ascension
Secret Invasion: X-Men #2
Cyclops’ psychics break the Skrulls’ psi-blockade. He unleashes his secret black-ops team, X-Force (right in plain sight), to grab a tissue sample for dissection by Beast. The sample is still attached to the rest of a dead Skrull. But, the psi-assault might’ve just cost Emma Frost her life…
Secret Invasion: Inhumans #1
Black Bolt was replaced by a Skrull (revealed during SECRET INVASION: THE INFILTRATION) and Maximus has claimed the Inhumans’ throne, only to find he’s bored being boss. More Skrull infiltrators attack Gorgon and Medusa, followed by a full scale assault on the Inhumans’ home on Earth’s moon. The real Black Bolt is alive and the Skrulls plan to use their prisoner to destroy worlds…
Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man #3
The ‘Sinister Six’ Skrull believes Betty Brant is Spider-Man. Jackpot brings Menace’s goblin glider crashing down on top of the Skrull, then tricks him into getting locked in the deep freeze at a fish-packing factory. A few nights later (after the invasion), Jackpot catches up with Spider-Man. The DB! hide their apology to her in their crossword and Walter Declun takes the credit for defeating the ‘Sinister Six’ Skrull.
She-Hulk #33
The Super-Skrull reveals that Jazinda was ordered to steal a Cyttorak Gem from the Kree. She swallowed the gem and gained immortality, then avoiding going home, disgracing her father. Nogor tries to convince the Super-Skrull to kill Jazinda and remove the gem, but the Super-Skrull throws Nogor across Minnesota and takes off…
Guardians of the Galaxy #6
Drax uses synapse disruptors to make everyone on Knowhere brain dead for a minute and a half in order to reveal the Skrulls The huddled Skrulls are actually deserters who didn’t want to take part in the invasion of Earth. The Guardians learn Star-Lord used Mantis to coerce them into becoming a team. Disgusted, they go their separate ways.

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Mighty Avengers #19
Flashback to just before SECRET INVASION! As Noh-Varr tried to commune with the Kree Supreme Intelligence, Captain Marvel returned! This inspired Noh-Varr to overthrow his oppressors at the Cube and make his escape. In the present, the Skrull Captain Marvel takes a devastating hit from a Skrull ship before crashing back to Earth, as he dies, he convinces Noh-Varr with his dying breath to fight for the good people of Earth…
Black Panther #41
Skrull Commander K’vvvr learns the captive ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Storm’ are actually Skrulls with vocal manipulator technology jammed down their throats, stuck in the form of the king and queen of Wakanda using ‘flesh transmuter’ technology. The real Panther and Storm skewer him through his chest and send the Skrulls’ ship right back to them, filled with the bodies of their soldiers with a message in blood on the walls of the ship to stay out of Wakanda.
Punisher War Journal #24 (tie-in)
GW Bridge of SHIELD has finally apprehended the Punisher, but the Skrull attack has disabled all Stark Tech and now he’s free again. He immediately starts killing the Skrull invaders. Stuart Clarke dons his old Rampage armour when he learns the Punisher killed his girlfriend (during THE INITIATIVE).
Secret Invasion: Inhumans #2
Attilan is under Skrull attack. Medusa uses the Terrigen Mists to torture Skrulls before the Inhuman Royal Family steal a Skrull ship and take the fight directly to the enemy. Meanwhile, the Skrulls reveal to the captive Black Bolt that they have his son Ahura captive and are more than happy to torture him to coerce the ex-Inhuman king into unleashing his planet-destroying powers on Attilan…
Secret Invasion: X-Men #3
The Skrulls start trapping thousands of San Francisco’s citizens in various buildings. The X-Men are sent to free the captives. Beast figures out a way to use the deadly Legacy Virus against the alien invaders…
Secret Invasion: Home Invasion #6
Kinsey Walden finally comes face-to-face with her Skrull ‘brother’. Kinsey is forced to use her real brother’s super-hero/villain gauntlets on the Skrull to throw him into space. The Skrull’s burning body returns to Earth and crashes next to them…
Iron Man: Director of SHIELD #35
James Rhodes escapes Skrull captivity and dons his War Machine armour once more. He destroys the alien ship and heads back to Russia to help the Winter Guard defeat their Super-Skrull foes. Crimson Dynamo ignores direct orders and allows War Machine to escape the Russian air force.
Secret Invasion: Inhumans #3
Medusa forms an alliance with the Inhumans’ hated creators, the Kree. Ronan the Accuser agrees to help them if they’ll give him Crystal as his bride. Next, the Royal Family split into teams to steal Skrull tech from Thundra and a Recorder robot from Rigel 3 to knock out the Skrulls’ communications systems…
Secret Invasion #7
The battle between the superhumans and the super-Skrulls rips through Central Park. Iron Man’s messed armour forces him to abandon the battlefield. Marvel Boy and Jessica Jones (who leaves baby Danielle Cage in the hands of the Avengers’ butler, Jarvis) join the fight. Skrull ‘Yellowjacket’ is killed by a bazooka shell to the eye. Wolverine sticks a few claws in Queen Veranke and Ronin fires an arrow through her face. The real purpose of the growth formula ‘Hank Pym’ gave to Wasp a little while back is finally revealed when her growth power unleashes some freaky energy that affects all the good guys and she can’t turn it off…!

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Thunderbolts #125
Before joining the battle in Central Park, the Thunderbolts wrap up their skirmish with the Super-Skrulls in Washington which Norman Osborn is able to spin into a pro-Osborn/anti-Stark piece when the press interview him live. When the T-Bolts join the fight in Central Park, Bullseye passes up an opportunity to kill his old nemesis Daredevil in favour of firing his bazooka into the eye of the Skrull ‘Yellowjacket’. When Iron Man leaves, Osborn steals the spotlight and leads the charge against the invaders…
Punisher War Journal #25
The Punisher, GW Bridge and Rampage are forced to join forces to take on a Super-Skrull. Punisher electrocutes Rampage in the face, blowing his armoured mask off and leaving him severely scared. Bridge brings the vengeful Stuart Clarke into custody while the Punisher escapes, again.
New Avengers #46
Flashback to just after THE TRUST! The Hood’s Syndicate of Criminals discovery that the Slug is a Skrull infiltrator cemented the group of lowlifes into a solid unit. And as the Hood was the only one who could see through the Skrulls’ charade, they turned to him for leadership once again. The Hood also learned the source of his powers is the dread Dormammu!
Secret Invasion: Home Invasion #7
Kinsey Walden teams up with Monica Rambeau and Sasquatch to find the Skrull’s secret base, containing a Super-Skrull with the powers of the Canadian Great Beasts. Kinsey blows up the Skull’s head and saves the two heroes. The real Hank Walden emerges…
Secret Invasion: X-Men #4
The Skrulls announce their plan to blow up the buildings with the 50,000 trapped civilians if the X-Men don’t surrender. Cyclops tells the Skrulls he’ll accept his surrender when the Skrull-killing version of Legacy Virus starts taking the aliens down. The civilians are freed and the X-Men are the big heroes of San Francisco!
Nova #18
Quasar is back, but just in an energy form. Dr Evelyn Necker successfully brings the Worldmind back online. Quasar, Nova and Darkhawk defend Project PEGASUS from the Skrull onslaught while Worldmind uses the Minion cyborgs to finish the job then summons his all-new Nova Corps to finish them off…
Secret Invasion #8
Using his magic hammer, Thor sucks the detonating Wasp into another dimension. Norman Osborn shoots Veranke’s head clean off. Thor and Iron Man destroy most of the Skrull armada in space, but one Skrull shuttle makes its way to Earth and opens to reveal the heroes and villains the Skrulls replaced, including the real Mockingbird. The return of the real Edwin Jarvis makes Jessica Jones realise she’s left baby Danielle in the care of a Skrull imposter. Mister Fantastic restores the Baxter Building. Everyone turns their back on Tony Stark as the whole Skrull crisis is blamed on him. Stark Enterprises is shut down. SHIELD is branded a failure and shut down. The Mighty Avengers are disbanded. Norman Osborn is rewarded for killing Veranke and given the keys to the Avengers and the Initiative. Some time later, Norman Osborn meets with his new allies (Doctor Doom, Loki, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Emma Frost and the Hood) in a secret chamber in Avengers Tower…
Secret Invasion: Inhumans #4
The Inhumans complete their missions. Black Bolt frees himself by communicating silently with his son and blowing the scientist Skrull’s head off by whispering in his ear. The other Skrulls in Attilan are defeated and Maximus hands the throne back to Black Bolt…
Secret Invasion: Home Invasion #8
Finally, Kinsey Walden has been reunited with her brother who’s actually willingly working for the Skrulls. She uses the energy bands to bring the Skrull hideout down around them, then heads to Central Park to witness the return of the missing heroes, then ends up in hospital.
New Avengers #47
Flashback to just before THE OTHER: EVOLVE OR DIE! Luke Cage recalls how he hired Jessica Jones to track down his father, only to be rejected by him. However, Luke and Jessica’s relationship continued as they eventually married and had a daughter. Luke expressed his concerns about how their lifestyle could affect their child. In the present day, Jessica Jones realises her and Luke’s baby, Danielle, has been taken by the Skrull ‘Jarvis’…
Avengers: The Initiative #19
Tony Stark gave a doomsday weapon to Dum Dum Dugan, not knowing he was a Skrull (during WORLD WAR HULK). 3-D Man, the Skrull Kill Krew stop him from sending Earth into the Negative Zone. The Skrull ‘Yellowjacket’ escapes the fight in Central Park and returns to Camp Hammond where he’s defeated by Crusader. 3-D Man sees Crusader is a Skrull and, believing him to be an infiltrator rather than a defector, blows a hole through his head, killing him.

Must ReadsTitle, Issue Number & Synopsis
Secret Invasion: Dark Reign #1
Emma Frost, Doctor Doom, Namor the Sub-Mariner, the Hood and Loki are summoned to Avengers Tower by Norman Osborn, offering them the opportunity to win their kingdoms back. If they choose to betray him or each other, they’ll have to face Norman’s ‘friend’ to deal with. Someone even an Asgardian god like Loki is powerful enough to fear. Afterwards, Namor and Doom who agree to side with each other against Osborn when they time’s right. Osborn returns to Thunderbolts Mountain where he’s confronted by the angry Swordsman. Osborn impales Swordsman with his own sword and throws his body out of a window (continues in DARK REIGN).
Secret Invasion: War of Kings #1
Black Bolt utilises Maximus’ echo-tech to launch the Moon-based city of Attilan into space to pursue the fleeing Skrull army. When Attilan’s path is blocked by a Shi’ar craft he destroys it. The Inhumans then land on Hala – the Kree throneworld – where Ronan the Accuser immediately surrenders the Kree Empire to Black Bolt. In Shi’ar space, Emperor Vulcan hears of the attack on the Shi’ar craft and decides to absorb the Kree and the Inhumans into this empire (continues in WAR OF KINGS)
Mighty Avengers #20
The real Hank Pym has learned his wife, the Wasp, died during the final battle with the Skrulls. On the way to her funeral, Ms Marvel tells Hank everything he’s missed. At the funeral, Hank publicly blames Tony Stark. Outside, Norman Osborn warns Ronin and the rest of the Avengers that they have 24 hours to register or they’ll face consequences.
Secret Invasion: Front Line #1
Front Line journalist Ben Urich reflects on the events of the Skrull invasion from the perspective of the people on the street, including taxi driver Jonathan Bryant, Dr Molly Young, Melanie Crane and her father, Vincent Crane. Ben’s interview with Dr Young at Empire State University Hospital was interrupted when a patient revealed themselves to be a Skrull…
Secret Invasion: Front Line #2
Dr Young was killed by the Skrull, but Ben escaped. Officer Bill Dawson of the NYPD lost a leg to a Skrull, but was helped by Lisa Dobson. Vincent and Melanie Crane were trapped in Avengers Tower with a carnivorous Skrull. Jonathan Bryant was rescued by the Young Avengers.
Secret Invasion: Front Line #3
Ben Urich ran into the full-scare war in Times Square, escaping into the subway with Jonathan Bryant and find a group of survivors and head into the tunnels. The Rolling Sevens Gang shot Jonathan. In Avengers Tower, the killer Skrull murders Vincent Crane and his colleagues…
Secret Invasion: Front Line #4
The Skrull in Avengers Tower fell out of an office window while chasing Melanie Crane. Ben’s group of survivors handed all their stuff over to the Rolling Sevens and made their way up into Avengers Tower, carrying Jonathan who was barely hanging in there. Ben headed over to Central Park and witnessed the mother of all fights between Earth’s heroes and villains and the super-powered Skrulls…
Secret Invasion: Front Line #5
Jonathan Bryant died while Ben Urich and Melanie Crane watched the exploding Wasp and a crashing alien ship. Two weeks later, in the present, Ben attends the funeral of his wife, Doris Urich. Cancer took her while he was busy reporting on the invasion. The announcement comes through that Norman Osborn is taking over from Tony Stark, spurring Ben back into reporting in the hope of taking Osborn down…
Secret Invasion: Requiem #1
Jocasta’s uploaded ‘Janet van Dyne’ persona seems to be coming to the fore, bringing out feelings for Pym who repeats the experiment that gave the Wasp her powers on himself. He then takes on the Wasp identity in honour of Jan.
Beta Ray Bill: The Green of Eden #1
Beta Ray Bill is back in outer space with his giant ship, Skuttlebutt, defending the Remnants from the Godkiller Skrulls who attacked Asgard. A group of Skrull monks decide to make Bill their new god. Beta Ray Bill reveals how he failed to protect his own people from Galactus and is now the last Korbinite and explains he’s not worthy of worship (continues in GODHUNTER).

The fallout from the main Secret Invasion series, the Avengers titles and the one-shot finale all featured a ✔. Fallout from the secondary tie-ins and other secondary fallout do not.

Must ReadsIssue & FalloutEvent / Crossover
X-Factor #35-39
The real Longshot returns, but no one believes it’s him; Val Cooper reveals the truth about her agreement with Jamie Madrox to Siryn and Rictor; Darwin joins X-Factor Investigations; Siryn’s baby is born with disastrous results; Darwin disowns his father.
Dark Reign: Elektra #1
Iron Man takes Elektra into SHIELD custody in order to nurse her back to health.
New Avengers #48
The New Avengers go through some line-up changes, adding Captain America and Ms Marvel as members; the real Spider-Woman begs to join the team as no one trusts her and she has nowhere else to go; Luke Cage turns to Norman Osborn to help find the missing Danielle Cage.

New Warriors #16-20
The New Warriors go on a mission through time to save Dwayne Taylor from death; the Warriors find themselves on an alternate Earth (Earth-81156) where Dwayne Taylor is Iron Man and rules as a fascist; Taylor is defeated by the New Warriors who return to their home reality and disband.
X-Force #7
Another strain of the Legacy Virus (stolen from Mister Sinister‘s labs) emerges.
Thunderbolts #126-127
Norman Osborn’s appearance at the Senate in Washington and his first public appearance in his new role is expanded; the end of SHIELD and the Mighty Avengers is announced; Norman Osborn also announces the closure of the Thunderbolts Program and forces Penance, Radioactive Man and Songbird off the team; Songbird becomes an underground freedom fighter opposing Osborn.
Dark Reign: New Nation #1
Nick Fury continues to train the Secret Warriors.

Uncanny X-Men #504-505
After receiving Norman Osborn’s invitation, Cyclops’ actions lead to Emma Frost’s decision to accept and head to Avengers Tower.
Uncanny X-Men Annual #2
Namor the Sub-Mariner is freed from SHIELD captivity (presumably by Norman Osborn in order to attend the Cabal meeting); before departing the first meeting of the Cabal, Emma Frost confronts Namor over him not remembering her.

Dark Reign: The Cabal #1
Immediately after the Cabal meeting, Namor and Doctor Doom continue to plot, though an insight into Doom’s mind reveals his plans to betray Namor, too.
Uncanny X-Men #506
The reason Emma Frost woke up is revealed, along with hints as to the identity of Norman Osborn’s “friend”.
Uncanny X-Men Annual #2
Emma Frost and Namor finally meet up and make a pact to help each other escape Norman Osborn when the time comes.
What If?: Secret Invasion #1
Uatu the Watcher explores alternate universes where the Skrull invasion played out differently; the Skrulls successfully invaded Earth on Earth-10219; the Skrulls succeeded in infiltrating the super-human community and took over secretly on Earth-21901; some other bizarre alternatives are explored.
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1
The off-panel voice on Jackpot’s phone is revealed to be the original Jackpot, Sara Ehret, who sold the identity to current Jackpot, Alana Jobson; Jobson dies while continuing to pursue Walter Declun; Walter Declun reveals how he survived being stabbed in the head by Wolverine.
Avengers: The Initiative Special #1
Hardball is revealed to be a completely different kind of traitor when he shows his allegiance to Hydra.
Avengers: The Initiative #20
Mutant Zero is revealed to be Typhoid Mary; the real Frog-Man and Razorback next appear; the real Hank Pym leaves Camp Hammond and the Initiative programme; a number of the Skrulls’ abductees start a support group; Tigra discovers she’s pregnant and Skrull ‘Yellowjacket’ is the father; Norman Osborn intends on stealing Tigra’s human/Skrull hybrid child; 3-D Man leaves the Initiative’s Point Men and is replaced by Stingray.
Avengers: The Initiative #21
Night Thrasher joins Counter Force who take back the ‘New Warriors’ name.
Amazing Spider-Man #585
Lily Hollister is revealed to be Menace, ruining her father’s credibility and his chances of winning the mayoral election; Vin Gonzales is revealed to be part of an NYPD plot to frame Spider-Man.
Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #1-5
Norman Osborn tries to lay claim to the Baxter Building.
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1
Spider-Man convinces Sara Ehret to take up the role of Jackpot again.
New Avengers #49
Danielle Cage is rescued from the Skrull ‘Jarvis’; ‘Jarvis’ is killed by Bullseye; Cage throws Norman Osborn’s alliance back in his face and warns him to stay away from his family.

Dark Avengers #1
A select few of Norman Osborn’s Thunderbolts (Bullseye, Moonstone, Venom and himself) take on new identities and join Osborn’s ‘Dark’ Avengers; Marvel Boy (Noh-Varr), Sentry and Ares also join Osborn’s team; Osborn returns Doctor Doom to Latveria; it’s revealed that Morgana le Fey was watching the Cabal’s first meeting.

New Avengers #50
The Hood’s Army occupy the outlaw New Avengers as per Osborn’s orders; Ronin (Clint Barton) decides the only way to stop Norman Osborn is to kill him.

She-Hulk #38
Norman Osborn sends another Cyttorak gem-bearer, Behemoth, to kill Jazinda; she’s rescued by She-Hulk and the Lady Liberators.
Mighty Avengers #21-23
Wasp (Hank Pym) starts his own Mighty Avengers line-up; Iron Man assists the new Mighty Avengers during their first mission; the death of the Demogorge allows Chthon to invade the Earthly plane.
Realm of Kings #1
Quasar regains his physical form when he travels through the Fault into the Cancerverse.
Ms Marvel #33
Ms Marvel continues to pursue Ascension.
Dark Reign: New Nation #1
Suzi Endo and War Machine continue to work together.

New Avengers: The Reunion #1-4
Ronin and Mockingbird decide to remain unmarried, but try to rekindle their romance; Mockingbird devises a strike team made up of SHIELD agents who were also replaced by Skrull imposters; it’s revealed that Mockingbird was replaced by a Skrull impostor just before Ultron’s attack on the West Coast Avengers and she wanted to begin divorce proceedings with Clint Barton (then known as Hawkeye), without his knowledge; Mockingbird experiences flashbacks of her time as a prisoner of the Skrulls.

Deadpool #5
Norman Osborn hires Tiger Shark (returned to his normal state) to kill Deadpool and cover up his data theft.
Invincible Iron Man #8-13
Tony Stark and Maria Hill go on the run; Norman Osborn sends various agents after them, including Tony’s friend War Machine, Namor the Sub-Mariner and the Hood’s minions; Stark takes drastic measures to stop the information on all the registered heroes from falling into Osborn’s
Ms Marvel #36
Ms Marvel’s flashforward and her confrontation with Ghazi Rashid is picked up.

Thunderbolts #128
Norman Osborn starts up a new black ops version of the Thunderbolts.
Deadpool #8
Norman Osborn sends his all-new Thunderbolts squad to kill Deadpool and hide the evidence of his deceit.

Guardians of the Galaxy #7-8
Rocket Racoon forms his own Guardians with a line-up that includes Major Victory, Groot, Mantis and Bug; Starhawk first hints at her reason for appearing in the present; ‘King’ Blastaar continues his efforts to take over the Negative Zone.

Nova #19
Worldmind reveals that he selected a new Nova Corps while Richard Rider due to the constant states of risk he put the power of the Nova Corps into; the new members of the Nova Corps are named and more members are added; Robbie Rider gets his wish and joins the new Nova Corps.

War of Kings: Darkhawk #1
Darkhawk unofficially leaves his position as Head of Security for Project PEGASUS.

Guardians of the Galaxy #9-10
Rocket Racoon forms his own Guardians with a line-up that includes Major Victory, Groot, Mantis and Bug; Starhawk first hints at her reason for appearing in the present; ‘King’ Blastaar continues his efforts to take over the Negative Zone;
Star-Lord rejoins the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Nova #20-23
Worldmind selects Ego the Living Planet to join the new Nova Corps; Richard Rider is temporarily fired from the Corps; Quasar gives the Quantum Bands to Richard Rider, turning him into the new Quasar; Malik Tarcel becomes Nova Prime.
War of Kings #1
Crystal marries Ronan the Accuser as agreed; the Inhumans go to war against the Shi’ar Empire.

Nova #23-25
Malik Tarcel becomes Nova Prime and takes on Gladiator of the Shi’ar himself.

War of Kings: Ascension #1
Commander H’jke Jeeku is revealed to have survived the Inhumans’ attack.

Guardians of the Galaxy #13
Drax, Gamora and Adam Warlock rejoin the Guardians of the Galaxy; Quasar rejoins the team in her new guise, Marytr.

Nova #26
Richard Rider is brought back into the Nova Corps, regaining his position as Nova Prime.

Guardians of the Galaxy #16
Starhawk reveals that a ‘great error’ in the present day is destroying the future of the original Guardians of the Galaxy (of Earth-691) that is constantly changing the future timeline and creating divergent realities that are made up of ever-shrinking universes; Starhawk is revealed to have been travelling to the past to eliminate the error.

War of Kings #6
Black Bolt detonates a Terrigen Bomb, killing himself and Vulcan, and widening a tear in space called the Fault.
She-Hulk: Cosmic Collision #1
Lyja returns to the positive matter universe.
Thor #600
Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers attack the exiled Thor on behalf of Loki.
Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter #1-3
Beta Ray Bill decides to hunt down Galactus to end his threat forever, only to end up saving his life; the Peak is revealed to have been restored; Voidian is revealed to be a threat and handed over to SWORD.
Avengers: The Initiative #25
Norman Osborn puts the Hood in charge of the Initiative, expanding his Syndicate of Criminals and giving him additional cannon fodder; to oppose Norman Osborn’s Initiative, the New Warriors/Counter Force become the Avengers Resistance.
Dark Reign: Hawkeye #1-5
Ben Urich continues with his efforts to expose Norman Osborn, pursued by Osborn’s new Hawkeye (aka, Bullseye).
Secret Warriors #1
The reason Nick Fury isn’t inclined to speak to Dum Dum Dugan and Valentina de Fontaine is that he’s learned SHIELD has been under the control of Hydra for some time and isn’t sure who to trust.

Eternals #9
Despite his death, Ajak returns.
War Machine #12
Suzi Endo helps transfer James Rhodes’ mind into a cloned body, free of cyborg enhancements.
Secret Warriors #6
Valentina de Fontaine unmasks as Madame Hydra, proving Nick Fury was right not to trust her.
Skrull Kill Krew #1
The Skrull Kill Krew continue to hunt the remaining Skrulls left on Earth, assisted by 3-D Man.

Deadpool #10-12
Hawkeye (aka Bullseye) becomes Norman Osborn’s last resort to silence Deadpool.

Thunderbolts #132
The Cube becomes the headquarters for the new Thunderbolts.

Punisher #5
The reason the Hood’s gang has so many members who were believed to be dead is revealed.

Dark Reign: Elektra #5
Elektra confesses to past misdeeds that she could have blamed on her Skrull counterpart.
New Avengers #54
The Hood loses Dormammu as a power source and has to turn to Loki to seek an alternative.
Black Panther #1
Namor tries to recruit the Black Panther into the Cabal.
Spider-Woman #1-7
To make amends for the role Veranke played while wearing her face, Spider-Woman agrees to work as an agent of SWORD, hunting down aliens hidden among the human population of Earth, including Skrull war criminals.
Avengers: The Initiative #28-30
The Hood offers to clone Dwayne Taylor to win the current Night Thrasher over; Donyell rejects the offer.
Dark X-Men: The Confession #1
Cyclops learns of Emma Frost’s Cabal membership and the pair decide to use it against Osborn.

X-Factor #40
Jamie Madrox is revealed to have taken temporary leave from X-Factor Investigations due to his inability to handle the consequences of betraying the team (as well as complications over the birth of his and Siryn’s child).
Uncanny X-Men #513
Emma Frost and Namor join Norman Osborn’s Dark X-Men.

Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus #1
Emma Frost and Namor turn against Norman Osborn; they escape Osborn’s powerful ‘friend’ by defeating the Sentry using the psychic white room Emma built him to contain his dark side; the Sentry leaves a sliver of himself inside her mind which forces her to stay in diamond form.

Dark Avengers #9
Lindy Reynolds tries to kill the Sentry.
Dark Reign – The List: Avengers #1
Ronin tries to kill Norman Osborn, but is captured and rethinks his actions.


Dark Reign – The List: X-Men #1
Norman Osborn sends Namor’s reanimated and mutated wife Marrina after him for his betrayal; Cyclops helps Namor begin to restore Atlantis.


Hulk #14
In an effort to gain political asylum in America following his failure to follow orders during the Skrull invasion, the Crimson Dynamo joins the Red Hulk‘s Code Red.
Hulk: Winter Guard #1
The Crimson Dynamo returns to Russia and the Winter Guard; Crimson Dynamo and Darkstar are killed on two separate missions and replaced with alternates.
Secret Warriors #12
Jerry Sledge’s father is revealed to be the Absorbing Man.
Secret Warriors #16
Hellfire secretly betrays the Secret Warriors to Hydra.
Uncanny X-Men #516
Beast learns of the existence of Cyclops’ X-Force team (among other secrets) and quits the team because of it.
Dark Reign – The List: The Amazing Spider-Man #1
Norman Osborn makes one, last desperate bid to kill Spider-Man.

Invincible Iron Man #14-19
Norman Osborn continues to pursue Tony Stark, eventually taking the mission into his own hands; Captain America (Bucky Barnes) and Thor come together once again to save Tony Stark’s mind and his life.
Incredible Hercules #129
The Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) and Queen Veranke are shown to be among the dead in Hades, though this may be an illusion.
Assault on New Olympus #1
Amatsu-Mikaboshi continues to expand his army of dead gods.

Incredible Hercules #141
Amadeus Cho’s worst nightmare comes true when Hercules dies.
S.W.O.R.D. #2
Jazinda is among the aliens apprehended by SWORD to be returned to their home planets, despite the fact hers no longer exists.
Siege Prologue #1 (Digital Comic)
Loki returns to his original form and manipulates Norman Osborn into agreeing to attack Asgard.

Siege: The Cabal #1
Doctor Doom finally betrays Norman Osborn; his Doombot stand-in is destroyed by Osborn’s ‘friend’.

Avengers: The Initiative #31
Norman Osborn invites the Taskmaster into the Cabal.

Dark Avengers #15
Norman Osborn orders Bullseye to kill Lindy Reynolds to release the Sentry’s full potential.

Avengers: The Initiative #35
Tigra gives birth to her Skrull/human hybrid child.

Siege #3-4
Norman Osborn’s powerful ‘friend’ is revealed to be the Sentry’s dark side,the Void; Asgard is destroyed by the Void; Norman Osborn cracks under the pressure of his new role when he tries to bring down Asgard, instead bringing about the end of HAMMER; as predicted by Moonstone, Norman Osborn becomes one of the most powerful men in the world and is reduced to a cackling maniac when he cracks under the pressure of his role; as predicted by the Skrulls, the Sentry self-destructs and loses control of the Void; Loki is killed by the Void; Thor is forced to kill the Sentry/Void; the Superhuman Registration Act is overturned, SHIELD is rebuilt and the real Avengers are reinstated.

Mighty Avengers #36
Hank Pym and Jocasta’s strange relationship ends when she returns to Ultron to keep him occupied and prevent him from being a threat to humanity.

New Avengers Finale #1
The Avengers finally shut down the Hood’s Syndicate of Criminals and apprehend him.

Dark Avengers #16
Norman Osborn is incarcerated.
Avengers Prime #1
Clint Barton reclaims his bow and arrows and Hawkeye identity.

Siege: Embedded #4
Ben Urich finally gets to report on Norman Osborn’s downfall.
Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades #1
Tigra’s son is named William Grant Nelson.
Avengers #1
Thor returns to the Avengers, alongside Iron Man, Captain America (Bucky Barnes) and others.
Hercules: Fall of an Avenger #1
Snowbird mourns the death of Hercules.
Chaos War #1
Mikaboshi becomes the Chaos King and initiates his plan to end all existence.

Chaos War: God Squad #1
A new God Squad forms to combat the Chaos King during CHAOS WAR.

Chaos War #5
Hercules ends the threat of the Chaos King by hurling him into another continuum; Athena’s motivations prove to be good as she sacrifices her own position as the Olympian Godhead in order to end the threat of the Chaos King.
New Avengers #7
Echo expresses her frustration about being forgotten by the Avengers.
Avengers Academy #7
Tigra asks the real Hank Pym to look raise her child if anything happens to him; Wasp/Hank Pym returns to his Giant-Man identity.
Invincible Iron Man #26
Tony Stark creates a new company, Stark Resilient.
New Avengers #11
Hawkeye and Mockingbird decide their relationship no longer works and go their separate ways.
Nova #31
Richard Rider downgrades the ranks of many of the new Nova Corps recruits until they have received proper training.
Annihilators #3
A faction of Skrulls instigate a plot to free their genetic cousins, the Dire Wraiths, from Limbo in order to kickstart the return of the Skrull Empire.
Secret Warriors #22
Alexander Aaron (as Phobos) is killed by the Gorgon; Nick Fury kills Hellfire for betraying the Secret Warriors.
Secret Warriors #28
The Secret Warriors go on their final mission; Valentina de Fontaine surrenders herself into custody.
Punisher: In The Blood #1-4
Stuart Clarke becomes the new Jigsaw, but ends up being killed by the original Jigsaw.
Incredible Hulks #621
Olympus is revealed to have been restored.
Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #1-6
Spinner is revealed to have survived the explosion at Camp Hammond; the Desert Stars (and, presumably, the Point Men and Mavericks) disband; the Initiative shuts down.
Battle Scars #6
Nick Fury is revealed to have a son who looks exactly like his disguise (making the use of his image inducer retroactively weird).
She-Hulk: Sensational #1
The Super-Skrull calls She-Hulk, looking for a rematch.
FF #21
Despite a surprisingly successful marriage, Crystal and Ronan the Accuser are ordered to separate by the Supreme Intelligence and Black Bolt as part of a truce, despite their wishes to remain together.
Mighty Thor #8
Atum the Demogorge is resurrected.
Avengers #31-32
The Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) returns; it’s revealed that she was transported to the Microverse by Thor.
Deadpool Annual #1
The other voice in Deadpool’s head is revealed to be Madcap (the two were merged after they’re both electrocuted by Thor, just before the Skrull invasion); Madcap and Deadpool are finally separated.
A+X #13-18
The Skrull K’thron tricks Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Cyclops into thinking Cadre K (a group of mutant Skrulls) are on Earth, looking for revenge over the Skrulls’ defeat during the ‘Secret Invasion’; K’thron is defeated.
Infinity #6
For his actions during the war against the Builders, the once-disgraced Super-Skrull (Kl’rt) goes on to become the Skrull Emperor, taking his throne on their new homeworld, Tarnax II.
Revolutionary War: Death’s Head II #1
Dr Evelyn Necker shows her true colours when she leaves Project PEGASUS to work for AIM again; this gives her the chance to create the Minion cyborg; Necker learns about her possible future and connection to Death’s Head.
Mighty Avengers #11
It’s revealed that Luke Cage’s father, James Lucas, had an adventurous past of his own.
Original Sins #5
Dum Dum Dugan is revealed to be an LMD (Life Model Decoy – the real Dugan died on a mission during SHIELD’s early days).
New Avengers #23
Namor forms a new Cabal alongside Maximus, Thanos, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, Black Swan and an alternate Terrax; the group focus on destroying alternate Earths and save Earth-616.
New Avengers #2-4
Hulkling is kidnapped by a group of Kree/Skrull hybrids called the Knights of the Infinite who want him to rule them.

Contest of Champions #5
Dwayne Taylor is pulled from the timestream at the moment of his death by the Collector, saving his life so he can fight in the Contest of Champions.
Drax #6
Drax and Cammi are reunited.
Spider-Woman #1-4
Spider-Woman is among a group of expectant mothers kidnapped by the Skrulls.

Illuminati #2
Andreas von Strucker (the former Swordsman) is revealed to have survived Norman Osborn’s vicious attack, explaining that his father ‘took care of it’.
Incoming #1
Hulkling accepts his role in the prophecy that a Kree-Skrull hybrid will unify the two warring races, creating the Kree-Skrull Alliance, taking the title Dorrek VIII.
Secret Invasion #1-5
The Skrulls successfully replace Nick Fury, as well as a number of key political figures in the US; Maria Hill and Iron Man work to uncover this new infiltration.

See how this story fits into the wider Marvel Universe continuity with these reading orders:

Notable collected editions that cover Secret Wars (2008-2009)…

Collected Edition TitleIncludes…
Secret Invasion by Brian Michael Bendis OmnibusMighty Avengers #7, 12-20

New Avengers #31-32, 39-49

Secret Invasion #1-8

Secret Invasion Prologue #1
Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion: Deluxe Edition
Secret Invasion #1-8

Secret Invasion Prologue #1
Avengers: The Initiative – The Complete Collection vol.1

Avengers: The Initiative vol.3: Secret Invasion
Avengers: The Initiative #14-19
Dark Reign: Accept Change

New Avengers vol.6 HC

New Avengers vol.10: Power
Secret Invasion: Dark Reign #1
Mighty Avengers by Bendis: The Complete Collection

Mighty Avengers: Secret Invasion OHC
Mighty Avengers #12-20
Mighty Avengers vol.3: Secret Invasion, Book OneMighty Avengers #12-15
Mighty Avengers vol.4: Secret Invasion, Book TwoMighty Avengers #16-20
New Avengers vol.5 HCNew Avengers #40-47
New Avengers by Bendis: The Complete Collection vol.4New Avengers #40-47

Secret Invasion: Dark Reign #1
New Avengers vol.8: Secret Invasion, Book OneNew Avengers #40-42
New Avengers vol.9: Secret Invasion, Book TwoNew Avengers #43-47
Agents of Atlas: Dark Reign

Agents of Atlas: The Complete Collection
Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? #1 [5/5]
Avengers: The Many Faces of Henry Pym

Mighty Avengers: Dark Reign HC

Mighty Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest
Secret Invasion: Requiem #1
Beta Ray Bill: GodhunterBeta Ray Bill: The Green of Eden #1
Black Panther by Hudlin: The Complete Collection vol.3

Secret Invasion: Black Panther
Black Panther #39-41
Captain Britain and MI13 vol.1: Secret InvasionCaptain Britain and MI13 #1-4
Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers – The Ms Marvel Years vol.2

Ms Marvel vol.5: Secret Invasion
Ms Marvel #28-30
Deadpool vol.1 HC

Deadpool vol.1: Secret Invasion

Deadpool by Daniel Way Omnibus vol.1

Deadpool by Way: The Complete Collection vol.1
Deadpool #1-3
Guardians of the Galaxy vol.1: Legacy

Guardians of the Galaxy by Abnett & Lanning Omnibus
Guardians of the Galaxy #4-6

Collected Edition TitleIncludes…
Incredible Hercules: Sacred Invasion

Secret Invasion: Incredible Hercules
Incredible Hercules #116-120
New Warriors: Secret InvasionNew Warriors #14-15
Nova vol.3: Secret Invasion

Nova by Abnett & Lanning: The Complete Collection vol.2
Nova #16-18
Punisher War Journal vol.5: Secret InvasionPunisher War Journal #24-25
Runaways: The Complete Collection vol.1

Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers
Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers #1-3
Secret Invasion: Fantastic FourSecret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1-3
Secret Invasion: Front LineSecret Invasion: Front Line #1-5
Secret Invasion: Home InvasionSecret Invasion: Home Invasion #1-8
Secret Invasion: InhumansSecret Invasion: Inhumans #1-4
Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man: Brand New Day – The Complete Collection vol.2
Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man #1-3
Secret Invasion: ThorSecret Invasion: Thor #1-3
Secret Invasion: ThunderboltsThunderbolts #122-125
Secret Invasion: War MachineIron Man: Director of SHIELD #33-35
Secret Invasion: X-MenSecret Invasion X-Men #1-4
Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust?Secret Invasion Saga #1

Secret Invasion: Skrulls #1

Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? #1
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She-Hulk vol.8: Secret Invasion

She-Hulk by Peter David Omnibus
She-Hulk #31-33

X-Factor #33-34
War of Kings Prelude: Road to War of Kings OmnibusGuardians of the Galaxy #4-6

Nova #16-18

Secret Invasion: Inhumans #1-4
War of Kings

War of Kings Omnibus

War of Kings: Road to War
Secret Invasion: War of Kings #1
X-Factor vol.6: Secret Invasion

X-Factor by Peter David Omnibus vol.2
She-Hulk #31

X-Factor #33-34

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