Top Ten Female-Led Comics

As requested by our very own super-Producer Mica, here Eric & Dave’s ten favourite comic books with female leads! But a number of fantastic femme feature characters have been mentioned in other Top Tens already, this year. So don’t expect the choices to be all the obvious ones! With spies, superheroes, adventurers and journalists leading... Continue Reading →

Secret Invasion (2008-2009) Reading Order

The shape-shifting alien Skrulls have infiltrated every government-sponsored super-team in America (see SECRET INVASION: THE INFILTRATION (2007-2008)). But it's not just the 50-State Initiative who are effected. The Skrulls have placed themselves among the outlaw heroes, the villains, the trusted members of society and even politicians. Is it possible to stop an invasion that's already... Continue Reading →

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