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Ahoy Comics


Writer: Mark Russell, Art: Richard Pace, Leonard Kirk

The book that turned the comics industry upside-down with “quite a bit of humor…[and] a lot of heart” (The New York Times) is back for its third act. Written and co-created by 2022 Eisner winner Mark Russell (Not All Robots, BILLIONAIRE ISLAND), SECOND COMING: TRINITY finds Jesus Christ, the Son of God, tackling his biggest challenge in 2000 years: babysitting a child with super powers! Meanwhile, his roommate—the superhero called Sunstar—faces his greatest enemy, and his own guilt, in a court of law. It’s “The Nanny” meets The Bible—with a superpowered baby!

Collects all six issues of the acclaimed miniseries.

BOOM! Studios

All-New Firefly: The Gospel According to Jayne Vol. 3

by David M. Booher (Author), Simona Di Gianfelice (Illustrator)

Jayne drifts in space, isolated except for the company of painful memories, starship debris, and guilt.

Meanwhile, a distress call from Requiem greets the crew, hinting at where the relics really came from… where did the monks find them, and what secret Alliance connection do they have? Captain Kaylee is determined to know.

Collects All-New Firefly #9-10 and All-New Firefly: Big Damn Finale #1


by LaToya Morgan (Author)

The legend and saga of Creed continues in graphic novels, under the creative direction of director and star Michael B. Jordan and Outlier Society!

Collects Creed #1-4.

Ghostlore Vol. 1

by Cullen Bunn (Author), Leomacs (Illustrator)

Tales from the living and the dead collide in this supernatural series from Cullen Bunn and Leomacs!

Collects Ghostlore #1-4

The Complete Klaus Deluxe HC

by Grant Morrison (Author), Dan Mora (Illustrator)

Before he became a myth… Before he became a legend… The complete, deluxe hardcover collection of the man who would be Santa Claus, and who dared to challenge the dark forces of magic and malevolence! From the genre-colliding mind of comics icon Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman, Luda) and the dazzling artistic talents of superstar Dan Mora (World’s Finest, Once & Future) comes a bold adventure into the lands of endless winter, where the sword-swinging adventurer known as Klaus and his wolven companion, Lilli, would begin a centuries-long journey to uphold his immortal mission… and make the world safe for everyone who holds the spirit of Christmas in their heart.

Collects Klaus #1-7, Klaus & the Witch of Winter, Klaus & the Crisis in Xmasville, Klaus & the Crying Snowman, Klaus & the Life and Times of Joe Christmas, and Klaus: Pen & Ink Edition.

Mighty Morphin / Power Rangers Book One Deluxe Edition HC

by Ryan Parrott (Author), Mat Groom (Author), Marco Renna (Illustrator)

The new Mighty Morphin team is on a collision course with an even deadlier Lord Zedd, who has a new mission and a new motivation–one that will change everything you thought you knew about our heroes! But even if the Mighty Morphin team can find a way to survive Zedd and their mysterious new enemies, they may discover the greatest threat to their future is the shocking secret of Zordon’s past!

Collects Mighty Morphin #1-8, Power Rangers #1-8, Power Rangers Unlimited: Edge of Darkness #1, Power Rangers Unlimited: Heir to Darkness #1, and a new short story!

Dynamite Entertainment


Writer: Suzanne Cafiero Artist: Jeff Zornow

Created and written by SUZANNE CAFIERO, illustrated by JEFF ZORNOW, and produced by longtime Misfits and Ramones collaborator JOHN CAFIERO, Sweetie Candy Vigilante is a honey-dipped horror/fantasy that tells the tale of Sweetie, an ethereal, well-meaning (yet unquestionably unhinged) blood relative of the mythological “candy man.” You know, the dude that takes the sunrise and sprinkles it with dew? Yeah – that guy. Dismayed by the decay of her community, Sweetie decides to enact a blood-caked, sugar-coated manifesto on society by using her proprietary family secrets to make the world a “sweeter” place – starting with her hometown, New York City!

Collects issues #1-6, including a gallery of original series covers by Zornow, Josh Howard, Nei Ruffino, Ned Ivory, Chrissie Zullo, Joe Simko, Godmachine and more, as well as a free MP3 of Osaka Popstar’s dynamic punk rendering of the Archies’ classic “Sugar, Sugar!


Writer: Dan Jurgens Artist: Benito Gallego

One of the most famous and recognizable characters in the history of fiction is back, starting with an adventure that returns us to the days before his birth, as well as to a time later in his life when a past wrong must be made right, no matter what manner of beast or obstacle stands in Tarzan’s way!

Collects issues #1-6.


Writer: Adam F. Goldberg, Hans Rodionoff, Jeff Zapata Artist: Jeff Zapata

The insane minds of Adam F. Goldberg, Hans Rodionoff and Jeff Zapata have joined forces to bring you the Garbage Pail Kids as you’ve never seen them before! Together with Dynamite Entertainment, they proudly present a tale more than 30 years in the making: Garbage Pail Kids: Origins!
Reprinting issues #1-3 of the Earth-shattering original series, this all-new hardcover collection not only relates the epic saga of how our GPK heroes came to be, but also reveals how Adam Bomb and his gang of good guys were instrumental in the outcome of World War II and the fate of humanity!


Writer: Dan Abnett Artist: Alessandro Miracolo

It is a time of British legend! A young Red Sonja, cursed by a suit of mysterious chainmail, seeks counsel from the mysterious Merlyn. She longs to be rid of her curse so that she might forge a future for herself full of action and adventure! Pursued by the loathsome Green Knight, if she survives her quest and gains entry into the Castle of Merlyn, what she finds there will be infinitely more than she bargained for!

Collects issues #1-5.


Writer: M.L. Smoker and Natalie Peeterse Artist: Dale Deforest

If Aiyana hears one more traditional Lakota story, she’ll scream! More interested in her social media presence than her Native American heritage, Aiyana is shocked when she suddenly finds herself in the magical Spirit World – with no cell coverage!
Pursued by the evil trickster Raven, Aiyana struggles to get back home, but is helped by friends and allies she meets along the way. Her dangerous journey through the Spirit World tests her fortitude and challenges her to embrace her Lakota roots. But will it be enough to defeat the cruel and powerful Raven?


Popeye Volume 3: The Sea Hag & Alice the Goon (The E. C. Segar Popeye Sundays)

by E. C. Segar (Author), Bong Redila

In the third volume of the E.C. Segar Popeye Sundays, Popeye and company embark on a gothic adventure on the high seas!

Macanudo: Optimism Is for the Brave HC

by Liniers (Author)

The second volume in Fantagraphics’ English-language collection of the internationally beloved newspaper strip.

First Second

The He-Man Effect
How American Toymakers Sold You Your Childhood

Author: Brian “Box” Brown

Brian “Box” Brown brings history and culture to life through his comics. In his new graphic novel, he unravels how marketing that targeted children in the 1980s has shaped adults in the present.



Mark Twain & Wander Antunes

The most honest town in America is tempted by a mysterious stranger passing through…

Hadleyburg, a town with the reputation of being the most honest in America, is visited one day by a mysterious man who has come to right a wrong that was once done to him by its inhabitants: too egotistical, they’d forgotten the basic rules of hospitality. His strategy is thus to strike where it hurts them most: shattering their reputation for probity…

A successful adaptation of Mark Twain’s famed short story.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin—Lost Years

by Kevin B. Eastman (Author), Tom Waltz (Author), Ben Bishop (Artist), S.L. Gallant (Artist)

In Last Ronin–Lost Years, new secrets of the Turtles’ past are revealed as we learn more about the devastating series of events leading up to the Last Ronin’s final battle, as well as its aftermath.

Collects the five-issue series and the TMNT: Lost Day Special

Sonic the Hedgehog: Knuckles’ Greatest Hits

by Ian Flynn (Author), Jennifer Hernandez (Illustrator), Tracy Yardley (Illustrator), Evan Stanley (Illustrator), Adam Bryce Thomas (Illustrator)

When the Blue Blur and Rad Red team-up, the bad guys better watch out!

Sonic the Hedgehog: Knuckles’ Greatest Hits contains Sonic the Hedgehog #3, Sonic the Hedgehog #10, Sonic the Hedgehog #11, Sonic the Hedgehog Free Comic Book Day 2022, and “Guardians” from Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 202

Star Trek: Defiant, Vol. 1

by Christopher Cantwell (Author), Angel Unzueta (Illustrator)

Spinning directly out of the Star Trek ongoing comic series, Defiant adds to this bold new storytelling future!.

The Dirty Dozen meets Star Trek in this new series from the creative minds of Chris Cantwell (Iron Man, Namor, Star Wars: Obi-Wan) and Angel Unzueta (Iron Man, Star Wars: Poe Dameron, the Flash)!

Godzilla Rivals: Round Two

by Keith Davidsen (Author), Blue Dellaquanti (Author), SidVenBlu (Illustrator), Ferio Wind (Illustrator), Philip Johnson (Illustrator)

Step into the arena as Godzilla’s most dangerous allies and scariest nemeses square off in a series of sense-shattering showdowns!

The second volume of Godzilla: Rivals continues the kaiju brawl by creators Nick Marino, Sean Dove, Blue Delliquanti, Feriowind, James F. Wright, Phillip Johnson, Keith Davidsen, and SidVenBlu.

Dungeons & Dragons: Saturday Morning Adventures

by David M. Booher (Author), Sam Maggs (Author), George Kambadais (Illustrator)

Long before the world turned upside down and new generations discovered D&D, six kids boarded a magical roller coaster and were transported to the Forgotten Realms!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Armageddon Game

by Tom Waltz (Author), Vincenzo Federici (Illustrator)

The next big TMNT event is here! As the Rat King sets the game in motion, the Turtles are forced to respond and Mutant Town is put at risk.

Collects all eight issues of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Armageddon Game

Godzilla Rivals: Vs. Mechagodzilla

by Mark Martinez (Author, Artist)


Transitions: A Mother’s Journey

by Élodie Durand (Author), Evan McGorray (Translator)

When Anne learns that her 19-year-old is a transgender man, she struggles to understand her son’s new identity. A new landmark in nonfiction comics, Transitions is a sympathetic, informative, and moving story of a family’s journey to acceptance.

Rose Wolves

by Natalie Warner (Author, Artist)

This wordless two-color graphic novel is an enthralling fable about disability, companionship, and transformation, set in the haunting beauty of the wild. One day, a little girl picks an unusual flower from an unusual bush in the forest. Overnight, the flower blooms and turns into a magical creature: a rose wolf, missing a leg just like she is missing an arm. Together, the new friends must go on a journey to find where they belong.

NBM Publishing

Red Harvest

Michael Cherkas

Red Harvest is the fictional story, based on true stories as related to the Ukranian-Canadian author, of Mykola Kovalenko, a Ukrainian immigrant to Canada, who was the only member of his family to have survived the famine. Through his memories, we witness the horrors of what happened to his family and fellow villagers in the “breadbasket of Europe” as they struggled—not only to make sense of the war that was being waged against them—but, ultimately, to survive.

Titan Comics

Doctor Who Once Upon A Time Lord

Writer: Dan Slott Artist: Christopher Jones

An epic story that sees companion Martha Jones captured by the insatiable Pyromeths, and her only hope for survival is to keep them distracted with sensational untold tales of the Tenth Doctor facing off against his greatest foes– both classic and new!

Tengen Hero Wars Vol.1

Writer: Yasu Hiromoto Artist: Kubara Sakanoichi

Perfect for fans of alternate history and historical fiction! After receiving a mysterious invitation to ‘come play in Heaven’ Oda Nobunaga and his sister are transported to a mysterious new world where the mightiest warriors from history will meet to do battle! Here the pair will meet legendary figures such as Napoleon, Julius Caesar, Zhuge Liang and plenty of others, to see who will be crowned the greatest of all time!

ATOM: The Beiginning Vol.6

Writers: Masami Yuuki, Osamu Tezuka Artist: Tetsuro Kasahara

With their new cutting-edge robot ‘U-Ran’ now complete, the engineers enter the World Robot Fighting Championship! Challengers from all over the world bring their best creations, to face down in a deadly battle of steel and cunning! Created by Masami Yuki and Tetsurō Kasahara, Volume 6 of ATOM: The Beginning introduces an iconic character in U-Ran, the young sister of the titular Astro Boy!

The Night Eaters: Her Little Reapers Vol.2

Writer: Marjorie Liu Artist: Sana Takeda

Four months after their nightmare encounter in the abandoned house, Milly and Billy have started to explore their family’s supernatural heritage — and they’re starting to discover it’s a vast and shadowy one, full of powerful creatures and supernatural elites. Eisner Award-winning and bestselling author Marjorie Liu and illustrator Sana Takeda continue the story of Night Eaters in Her Little Reapers, spinning an epic tale of gods and monsters!

Inside The Mind Of Sherlock Holmes

Writer: Cyril Lieron Artist: Benoit Dahan

Sherlock Holmes fans can sink their teeth into this brand new original tale, which uniquely portrays the inner workings of the greatest detective’s mind as he works to solve the case!

Afro Samurai Vol.1-2 Boxed Set

Writer & Artist: Takashi Okazaki

Samuel L. Jackson (the voice of Afro in the anime) says: “Gotta figure out a way to get this on the Big Screen!!! My Man Takashi Okazaki did his thang with this one!”

A manga classic that is essential reading for all fans of the medium and afro-Japanese-futurism. This is the ultimate boxed set that collects both volumes of the director’s cut editions, and also includes two exclusive illustrated art cards!

Disenchantment: Untold Tales: Treasury The First Vol.1

Creator: Matt Groening

ere lies the first of THREE all-new, all-comic volumes chronicling the stories you didn’t see on screen. Adventure above the clouds, in the forest, and beyond the seas… well, beyond one sea. But it’s a new one! There are Beans to meet and beans to eat and beans to plant and Beans who just can’t. There are giants in the sky and beers on tap, a unicorn and something that is not at all a unicorn. Including “educational” and “informational” inserts to enhance your reading pleasure!

ExtraOrdinary Anniversary Edition Vol.1

Writer: V.E. Schwab Artist: Enid Balam

Set in the years between VICIOUS and VENGEFUL, “ExtraOrdinary” follows a teenage girl named Charlotte Tills who survives a bus crash and becomes EO–ExtraOrdinary, gaining the ability to see people’s deaths in reflective surfaces. But when she looks into her own future, she sees a murder. The man responsible? None other than self-proclaimed hero and notorious EO killer Eli Ever, currently in prison forthe murder of Victor Vale. Refusing to accept her fate, Charlotte pieces together what little she can glean from the reflections and sets off to find–and change–her future–before it comes for her. This collection also includes the special World Comic Book Day, issue #0, which serves as a primer on Eli Ever, the antagonist at the heart of the Villains series, and the hunter at the heart of this comic arc.

The Great Yokai War: Guardians Vol.1

Writer: Yusuke Watanabe Artist: Sanami Suzuki

After giant kaiju threaten to destroy Japan, the guardian spirits of the nation, known as ‘Yokai’ appear before the young boy Kei… They tell him he is the descendant of the legendary monster slayer Watanabe no Tsuna, and may be the only person who can stop the catastrophe. Great Yokai War Guardians is the epic manga adaptation of the hit movie!

Dooms Day Comic: A Doctor In The House? Vol.1

Writer: Jody Houser Artist: Roberta Ingranata

Celebrating the 60th anniversary and a new era of Doctor comes Doom’s Day, the tale of an assassin who only has 24 hours to live! As part of the BBC’s multimedia crossover event!


One Piece, Vol. 104

by Eiichiro Oda

As the battle between Luffy and Kaido enters the final round, everyone in Wano puts their lives on the line to protect their home. But even if Luffy can actually secure victory, will there be anything left for a new shogun to rule?

Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible, Vol. 10

by Nene Yukimori (Author)

Summer is over, and a new semester has begun. Soon it’s time for the event of the season—the school festival! Thanks to Kubo, Shiraishi is thrust into the center of their class project, a haunted house. While Kubo is happy to see Shiraishi join in the fun, conflicting feelings arise around his newfound popularity.

Blue Box, Vol. 7

by Kouji Miura (Author)

A badminton guy falls for a basketball girl. Do these sports-crossed lovers have a chance?

The Elusive Samurai, Vol. 9

by Yusei Matsui (Author)

In war-torn medieval Japan, a young samurai lord struggles to retake his throne, but not by fighting. Hojo Tokiyuki will reclaim his birthright by running away!

Queen’s Quality, Vol. 18

by Kyousuke Motomi (Author)

Fumi Nishioka lives with Kyutaro Horikita and his family of “Sweepers,” people who specialize in cleaning the minds of those overcome by negative energy and harmful spirits. Fumi has always displayed mysterious abilities, but will those powers be used for evil when she begins to truly awaken as a Queen?

My Special One, Vol. 4

by Momoko Koda (Author)

Dating Japan’s top idol means Sahoko doesn’t get to spend much time with Kouta. Resigned to the fact that she won’t see him for a while, Sahoko goes on her school trip to Kyoto, only to find herself on a surprise date with her boyfriend!

Black Clover, Vol. 33

by Yūki Tabata

In the battle for humanity, Yami, Nacht, and Yuno give it their all against the king of devils, but it may not be enough. It’ll be up to Asta and Leibe to surpass their limits together and finally avenge their mother!

Sakura, Saku, Vol. 1

by Io Sakisaka (Author)

A mysterious boy comes to Saku Fujigaya’s rescue when she falls ill on a train, but he leaves before she can thank him. After this experience, Saku never ignores strangers in need of help to emulate the boy who helped her.

Helck, Vol. 6

by Nanao,Nanaki (Author)

Once Helck finishes the unbelievable tale of his loss and betrayal, he pleads for Vermilio to accept his one request. To return his trust, Vermilio reveals her true identity—a secret that she had believed would keep the Empire safe. Meanwhile, the new Demon Lord’s castle is under siege by a group of awakened human soldiers!

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle, Vol. 22

by Kagiji Kumanomata (Author)

Kidnapped by the Demon King and imprisoned in his castle, Princess Syalis is…bored.

Mao, Vol. 14

by Rumiko Takahashi (Author)

When Nanoka is transported back in time to a supernatural early 20th century, she gets recruited by aloof exorcist Mao. What thread of fate connects them? Together, they seek answers…and kick some demon butt along the way!

D.Gray-man, Vol. 28

by Katsura Hoshino (Author)

D.Gray-man is the story of Allen Walker, who roams a fictional 19th-century Earth in search of Innocence, a mysterious substance used to fight demons known as akuma.

Seraph of the End, Vol. 28: Vampire Reign

by Takaya Kagami (Author), Yamato Yamamoto (Illustrator), Daisuke Furuya (Contributor)

After trumpets of the apocalypse proclaim the fall of humanity, vampires arise from the shadows to rule the earth. Yuichiro wants just one thing—to get revenge by killing each and every vampire.

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, Vol. 12

by Haro Aso (Author), Kotaro Takata (Illustrator)

Having been caught in a compromising position with another girl, Akira wants nothing more than to clear the air with Shizuka. But when zombies break free of the hold of their boat, the two of them fall overboard and are washed up on a deserted island. Akira is excited for the chance to knock another item off the bucket list, while Shizuka is anything but. Could this rough patch lead to a heartfelt discovery?

Takopi’s Original Sin

by Taizan5 (Author)

Cute little alien Takopi lands on Earth. What is his mission? To be taken to our leader? No. To spread happiness throughout the universe!

The first person Takopi meets is depressed fourth grader Shizuka. (Or is it…?) Takopi is determined to do whatever it takes to make Shizuka smile again. But his misguided attempts to help her by using his advanced technology to turn back time only result in mayhem and death.

Radiant, Vol. 17

by Tony Valente (Author)

The world is overrun with monsters called Nemeses—and a young boy infected by one will stop at nothing to defeat them all!

Dark Gathering, Vol. 4

by Kenichi Kondo (Author)

After a dangerous encounter with a malevolent spirit, Keitaro Gentoga wants nothing to do with the supernatural. Unfortunately for this reluctant ghost magnet, he’s stuck helping Yayoi Hozuki, a strange young girl who’s intent on capturing Japan’s most terrifying ghosts and ghouls.

Choujin X, Vol. 4

by Sui Ishida (Author)

Best friends Tokio and Azuma do everything together, even if most of the time it feels like Tokio is just stumbling along in Azuma’s cooler, more talented footsteps. But when they’re attacked one night by a superhuman mutant called a choujin, Tokio finally has a chance to shine—by turning into a choujin himself!

Disney Twisted-Wonderland, Vol. 2

by Kana Toboso, Yana,Toboso, Yoko,Hazuki, Wakana,Toboso, Sumire Kowono, Sumire,Hazuki, Wakana,Komoto, Sumire,Kuwono

Yu is formally enrolled in Night Raven College. He’s even a prefect…of Ramshackle Dorm. But that doesn’t mean things are getting any easier for him. When his classmate Ace shows up on his doorstep after getting in trouble, Yu faces his biggest challenge yet!

Heart Gear, Vol. 2

by Tsuyoshi Takaki (Author)

In a postapocalyptic future, a human girl and an android travel the world in search of a mythical utopia to protect those they love.

Megumi & Tsugumi, Vol. 4

By Mitsuru Si

Alpha Megumi and omega Tsugumi are now a true-blue couple looking to take the next step in their relationship, but Megumi’s dad is still not on board with his son dating an omega. To make matters worse, there’s another alpha— masquerading as a beta—who’s been sniffing around Tsugumi, trying to make him his mate! Megumi thinks he’s come up with a plan to solve all these problems, but before he can bring it to fruition, he and Tsugumi get in a fight!

Jujutsu Kaisen, Vol. 21

by Gege Akutami

Hakari and Panda head for Tokyo No. 2 Colony in search of Kashimo. When they enter, they get separated, and Hakari faces Charles, a culling game player and wannabe manga creator! Meanwhile, Panda encounters Kashimo and finds himself overwhelmed by their difference in strength!

Too many to chose from?! Check out our INCOMING! November Collected Editions for what we recommend spending those hard earned pennies on!

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