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Top 10 Most Wanted DC Omnibus Editions

Top 10 Mark Waid Comics

Top 10 Most Wanted Marvel Omnibus Editions

Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

Top 20 Comics of 2022 Part 1

Top 20 Comics of 2022 Part 2

10 Geeky Questions – Jan 23′

Silver Surfer Epic Collection: Freedom

Batman: Strange Apparitions

Fred Kennedy

Podcast: Eric catches up with Dead Romans creator Fred Kennedy

Geekable / Omniverse Team Up

Podcast: Geekable invite Eric & Dave over to talk all things comics!

Daniel Freedman

Podcast: The writer of Birdking, Raiders, and our #1 book of 2022, Kali!

JH Williams III

Podcast: Multi-award winning artist of Batwoman & Sandman: Overture and creator of Echolands

Mike from The Hardcover Comics

Podcast & Video: Mike from YoutTube’s comic collecting duo, The Hardcover Comic, shares some treasured items!

Lou Koller of Sick of It All

Podcast & Video: Hardcore legend Lou Koller talks about the upcoming Sick of It All tour and shares some of the key comics in his impressive collection!

Collected Editions for April 2023

Collected Editions for March 2023

Collected Editions for Feb 2023

Collected editions for Jan 2023

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