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SPOILER REVIEW Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3

Comics Speakeasy: Comic Con Special March’ 23

Comics Speakeasy: 10 Geeky Questions – Jan 23′

Avengers #267-269 – The Once & Future Kang

Silver Surfer Epic Collection: Freedom

Batman: Strange Apparitions

Pepe Larraz

Podcast & Video: Acclaimed comic book artist Pepe Lazzaz took a break from drawing commissions at this year’s Portsmouth Comic Con to chat about his Big Game series with Mark Millar, his love of fantasy and sci-fi and designing the X-Men!

Becka Kinzie

Podcast & Video: Horror comic writer & artist Becka Kinzie catches up with Eric before the launch of her new kickstarter series

Omniverse/Geekable Team-Up – Jerome Opeña

Podcast & Video: The Omniverse Comics Guide and Geekable Podcast join forces once again! This time talking to the immeasurably talented Jerome Opeña

Mike Del Mundo

Podcast & Video: Artist on Spawn: Unwanted Violence, Thor & 3/Worlds/3 Moons

Fred Kennedy

Podcast & Video: Eric catches up with Dead Romans creator Fred Kennedy

Geekable / Omniverse Team Up

Podcast: Geekable invite Eric & Dave over to talk all things comics!

Daniel Freedman

Podcast: The writer of Birdking, Raiders, and our #1 book of 2022, Kali!

JH Williams III

Podcast: Multi-award winning artist of Batwoman & Sandman: Overture and creator of Echolands

Des Taylor

Podcast & Video: One of our favourite creators working in comics today… Des Taylor enters the Omniverse!

Kevin Boyd

Podcast & Video: This week the Omniverse Comics Guide welcomes comic historian and director of comic relations for Fan Expo, Kevin Boyd.

Daniel Freedman

Podcast & Video: The writer of Birdking, Kali & Raiders talks about some of the comics that made their mark on him

Nick Ricci – Geekable Podcast

Podcast & Video: Nick Ricci from the most upbeat comics podcast on Earth shares five treasured comic runs from his collection

Ian Richardson – Penciller, Inker & Covers

Podcast & Video: Artist Ian Richardson shares some of the comics and art that inspires him daily from his very own comic collection!

Adam Grabarnick – Running Out of Space Podcast

Podcast & Video: Adam Grabarnick of the Running Out Of Space podcast & YouTube channel shares some of his favourite comic books and collectables

Mike – The Hardcover Comic

Podcast & Video: Mike from YouTube’s comic collecting duo, The Hardcover Comic, shares some treasured items!

Lou Koller – Sick of It All

Podcast & Video: Hardcore legend Lou Koller talks about the upcoming Sick of It All tour and shares some of the key comics in his impressive collection!

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