Top Ten Geoff Johns Stories

He’s been the co-founder and co-chairman of DC Films, he’s been the Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment. But most importantly of all, Geoff Johns has been one of the most prolific writers at DC Comics in the last 25 years, and what shines most in his story-telling is just how knowledgeable and respectful he is of the DC Universe.

The award-winning writer is best known for taking DC characters – from the all-star names to the lower tier characters – and elevating them, bringing new life into these beloved heroes and their respective mythoi (yup, that’s the plural for mythos, turns out!). So if you weren’t already a fan of the Green Lantern, the Justice Society of America, the Flash, Teen Titans, Superman, Aquaman or Hawkman before the 2000s, there’s a good chance that it was Geoff Johns who converted you!

Things are a little different this time around, as life-long Johns fan Eric Anthony runs through ten of his favourite tales from one of DC’s most talented scribes, giving Dave Molyneaux some pointers on what he can look forward to in his ongoing DC Universe chronological read-through…

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