Book Of The Month Club – Silver Surfer Epic Collection: Freedom

Back for another BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB, Eric and special guest Adam Chapman hitch a ride on the Silver Surfer’s board on a trip through the Marvel cosmos, written and directed by Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers. This series would mark the first time Norrin Radd was free to travel the spaceways since he was imprisoned on earth by Galactus. What and where does this new frontier take the Surfer, and do Adam and Eric want to stick around for the ride?

To read along pick up Silver Surfer Epic Collection: Freedom

Collecting Silver Surfer (1982) ‘#1, Silver Surfer (1987) #1-14, Super-Villian Classics #1, Parts of Epic Illustrated #1, and Marvel Fanfair #51

Much of this book has been covered in entries THE WAR OF THE ELDERS OF THE UNIVERSE & I DIE LIKE THE STARS

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