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Indie Events & Crossovers by A-Z

At War With Unity (2013-2014)

Valiant: When X-O Manowar claims his own country, Toyo Harada summons Livewire, the Eternal Warrior & Ninjak have to convince him otherwise before things go nuclear

Final Orbit (1998)

Image/WildStorm/Dark Horse – Crossover: The WildCATs face some very familiar Aliens as StormWatch face their final days

Harbinger Wars (2013)

Valiant – Major Crossover: Bloodshot, the Harbinger Foundation and the Renegades collide when Generation Zero escape Project Rising Spirit 

Joe Golem and the Drowning City (2018-2019)

Dark Horse – Continuing Story: Joe Golem finally gets to the bottom of his origins when a supernatural incursion threatens the submerged New York City 

Mission: Improbable (2014)

Valiant – Crossover: Archer & Armstrong are in Bloodshot’s sights when he’s assigned to deposing the new leader of the Sects

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