Starro Reading Order, 1960-2011: The Earth One/New Earth Eras

Starro, the malevolent starfish-shaped alien conqueror, has been a longstanding antagonist in the DC Universe, often posing a formidable threat to Earth and its heroes. Sharing its debut with the Justice League of America’s inaugural appearance, this mind-controlling extraterrestrial entity has continued to evolve through the decades, with its origin finally revealed not long before the universe-altering FLASHPOINT event.

One of DC’s strangest villains, Starro hit the spotlight in the mainstream with an appearance in the 2021 James Gunn film ‘The Suicide Squad’, though the character has also featured in the animated ‘DC Super Hero Girls’, ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’, ‘Teen Titans GO!’, ‘Young Justice’ ‘Battle of the Super Sons’ and more!

Due to these appearances, Starro’s method of taking control of his victims by spawning multiple ‘facing-hugging’ starfish was only introduced in 1981 1hen Brian Boland drew the covers for Justice League of America #189-190 before the story was even written. Gerry Conway incorporated the idea into the story and it’s been part of his bizarre repertoire, ever since!

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Must Reads: Story arcs marked with a ✔ are must-read stories from this time period, along with any key related stories and often-forgotten tales that are worth a read.

Chronology: Every appearance of [character/team] from this period is included in chronological order, mapping out their timeline rather than just the order the issues were released.

Anthology Issues: When an issue contains multiple stories, the relevant story is denoted with square brackets. For example, [2/5] refers to the second story of the five stories in that issue, so you don’t need to read the other four.

Want to keep it simple? Here’s the core reading order without story descriptions, page-by-page breakdowns – just the stories:

  • The Brave and the Bold #28
  •      Justice League of America #27
  •      Justice League of America #65
  • Adventure Comics #451 [1/2]
  •      Green Arrow 80th Anniversary #1 [3/12]
  • Justice League of America #189-190
  •      New Teen Titans #16 [2/2]
  •      Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew #1 (1982)
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths #9

  •      Justice League of America 80-Page Giant #1 [6/7]
  •      DC Universe Legacies #3 [1/2]
  •      JLA: Year One #4
  • Justice League Europe #25-28
  • JLA Secret Files and Origins #1 [1/4]
  • JLA/Avengers #1
  • JLA #22-23
  •      JLA: Welcome to the Working Week
  •      Green Arrow #33
  •      Son of Vulcan #4
  •      Infinite Crisis #7
  •      Justice League of America #3-4, 7
  • Teen Titans #51-54
  •      Captain Carrot and the Final Ark! #2-3
  •      Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps Secret Files and Origins #1
  •      DC/WildStorm: Dreamwar #5
  • Booster Gold #13-14
  • R.E.B.E.L.S. #1-8
  • R.E.B.E.L.S. Annual #1
  • R.E.B.E.L.S. #9-15
  • R.E.B.E.L.S. #23-28  

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Chronology: Every appearance of Starro from this period is included in chronological order, mapping out their timeline rather than just the order the issues were released.
Spoilers: The issue/story overviews may include spoilers, so be warned!

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Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesEvent / Crossover
The Brave and the Bold #28 (1960)
The alien creature Starro arrives on Earth, transforming three starfish into his likeness; Aquaman, Batman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Manhunter from Mars, Superman and Wonder Woman oppose him together, officially joining forces as the Justice League of America.

1st appearance: Starro the Conqueror, Snapper Carr, Justice League of America
Justice League of America #27 (1964)
A Starro spawn is seen in the JLA’s Secret Sanctuary.
Justice League of America #65 (1968)
The Starro spawn is among the villains freed from stasis in the JLA’s Secret Sanctuary by Dr Tomek Ovadya Morrow; the Justice League defeat Dr TO Morrow and return Starro and the others to stasis.
Adventure Comics #451 [1/2] (1977)
A small part of Starro is revealed to have been left behind in the sea when he last came to Earth; the pollution in the sea helps it grow into a new Starro which comes into conflict with Aquaman with assistance from the Green Lantern.

Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesEvent / Crossover
Green Arrow 80th Anniversary #1 [3/12] (2021)
Starro cameo; a Starro spore is briefly seen in the JLA trophy room while Green Arrow battles aliens.
Justice League of America #189-190 (1981)
The Starro who faced Aquaman and Green Lantern quickly takes control of the population of Manhattan, including key members of the Justice League; the remaining members of the League rely on Hawkman’s tech in a desperate bid to prevent the Conqueror from spreading his control over the entire planet.
New Teen Titans #16 [2/2] (1982)
Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew #1 (1982)
Superman is transported to an alternate universe (Earth-C) where part of the Starro who Aquaman recently faced has been transported to; Superman teams up with the Zoo Crew to defeat him and returns to his own universe.
Crisis on Infinite Earths #9 (1985)
Starro is among the villains gathered by Lex Luthor and Brainiac; Starro is later seen battling Superman and Hawkman.

Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesEvent / Crossover
Justice League of America 80-Page Giant #1 [6/7] (2009)
Starro controls a band of pirates, but is opposed by the time-lost Wonder Woman and Steel.
DC Universe Legacies #3 [1/2] (2010)
Starro cameo; following the restoration of the multiverse (during INFINITE CRISIS), Wonder Woman and Superman are considered to be part of the original Justice League of America who face Starro when they make their debut.
JLA: Year One #4 (1998)
Starro cameo; part of Starro is dragged away from the scene following his clash with the Justice League; Flash recalls his fight with the creature.
Justice League Europe #25-28 (1991)
Starro turns to the Justice League for help, which Kilowog accepts; the Justice League defend London when Starro’s true plans for the League are revealed.
JLA Secret Files and Origins #1 [1/4] (1997)
Despite sporting their new line-up of the world’s biggest-hitters, the JLA fall under the sway of Starro the Conqueror; under the Spectre’s advice, the JLA are forced to think of a new way to defeat him.
JLA/Avengers #1 (2003)
In the Marvel Universe (Earth-616), the Avengers defend New York City when Starro attacks; the Avengers investigate what’s behind superhumans jumping between the Marvel Universe and New Earth (the DC Universe).
JLA #22-23 (1998)
Starro returns to Earth, reducing the Justice League to a dream-like state.

1st appearance: Justice Leagion A (Aquaman, Batman, Starman/Farris Knight, Wonder Woman).
JLA: Welcome to the Working Week (2003)
A Starro spawn is seen aboard the JLA’s Watchtower.

Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesEvent / Crossover
Green Arrow #33 (2004)
A Starro spawn tries to escape the JLA Watchtower, but it’s stopped by Plastic Man, Green Arrow and Superman.
Son of Vulcan #4 (2005)
Starro cameo; a Starro spawn is seen in Funky Flashman’s secret lair.
Infinite Crisis #7 (2006)
Starro cameo; a Starro spore is briefly seen among the Secret Society of Super-Villains.
Justice League of America #3-4, 7 (2006-2007)
A modified Starro spawn is used to control the villain Trident when he’s used as a pawn against the Justice League.

New identity: Arsenal/Roy Harper as Red Arrow
Teen Titans #51-54 (2007-2008)
Starro returns and tries to conquer Earth, this time facing opposition from the Teen Titans and Batman’s time-travelling Titans Army.
Captain Carrot and the Final Ark! #2-3 (2008)
Starro rises on Earth-C again, working with Rash Alpaca on a plot to wipe out almost the entire planet’s land mass; the Zoo Crew, along with members of the Justice League of America from New Earth, convince Starro to leave.
Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps Secret Files and Origins #1 (2008)
Starro cameo; one of Starro’s probes is revealed to have been selected for membership into the Sinestro Corps.
DC/WildStorm: Dreamwar #5 (2008)
Starro cameo; trapped in Tranquility, Wonder Woman and Wetworks battle Starro and the terrorist forces of Cobra.

Must ReadsTitle, Synopsis & First AppearancesEvent / Crossover
Booster Gold #13-14 (2008-2009)
Starro takes control of Rip Hunter and his time travel technology in an attempt to alter the past; Booster Gold and his sister Goldstar travel through time timeline to set things right.
R.E.B.E.L.S. #1-4 (2009)
Vril Dox II forms a new band of REBELS to oppose a mysterious power who’s taken of the LEGION; Dox recruits and finds allies in the Omega Men, Supergirl and Brianiac 5 as they discover Starro is the master of the LEGION.

1st appearance: Ciji, the High Vanguard (Acarinus, Blackfang, Brunt, Chronar, Limina, Smite), Astrild Storm-Daughter, Tribulus, Wildstar, Xylon
Justice League of America 80-Page Giant #1 [1/7] (2009)
Starro cameo; a Starro spore is briefly seen in the Justice League Cave.
R.E.B.E.L.S. #5-8 (2009)
R.E.B.E.L.S. Annual #1 (2009)
R.E.B.E.L.S. #9 (2009)
Vril Dox II rallies the Khund against Starro; the true face and origin of Starro the Conqueror is revealed and he gathers his forces to conquer the universe.
1st appearance: Starro the Conqueror/Cobi
R.E.B.E.L.S. #10-11 (2010)
While the REBELS’ war against Starro continues, the clash between the Black Lanterns and the Sinestro Corps spills over onto the battlefield; Adam Strange and Captain Comet join the fight.

R.E.B.E.L.S. #12-14 (2010)
The REBELS begins the quest to kill Starro, with the Omega Men, Adam Strange, Captain Comet and a number of alien races joining forces against him; Vril Dox learns the truth about Starro the Conqueror.
R.E.B.E.L.S. #15 (2010)
Starro the Conqueror facing execution and fights for his life against Despero.
R.E.B.E.L.S. #23-28 (2011)
Starro the Conqueror seeks revenge against Vril Dox II and the REBELS, including new members Starfire and Lobo as he makes his last-ditch attempt to control the universe.

More Starro to follow:

  • STARRO, 2011-Present: The Prime Earth Era

Must ReadsTitle, Issue & SynopsisEvent / Crossover
Action Comics #703 (1994)
New Earth’s Superman battles the Starro of an alternate universe who defeated the Justice League when the team made their debut.
JLA: Created Equal #1 (2000)
In an alternate universe, the Justice League face Starro who proves to be immune to a mystery plague; it’s implied that Starro is female or lacking any gender.
Justice League Adventures #5 (2002)
Justice League Unlimited #24 (2006)
Additional adventures of the DCAU (Earth 12) version of Starro include clashes with the Justice League, expanding on the universe established in the animated series.
DC: The New Frontier #6 (2004)
Starro cameo; on Earth-21, after their recent trials, the newly-formed Justice League battle Starro.
Bizarro World [28/34] (2005)
A super sentai version of the Green Lantern faces the kaiju Starro.
Energy & Safety Adventures with the JLA [1/6] (2008, DC Comics/ConEdison)
The Justice League face a horde of Star Conquerors in this out-of-continuity tale.
Justice League of America/The 99 #2-3 (2011, DC/Teshkeel Comics)
The Justice League of America team up with the 99 and oppose Starro.

Collected Edition TitleCollects…
Teen Tians: Titans of TomorrowTeen Titans #50-54
R.E.B.E.L.S. vol.1: The Coming of Starro  R.E.B.E.L.S. #1-6
R.E.B.E.L.S. vol.2: Strange Companions  R.E.B.E.L.S. #7-9
R.E.B.E.L.S. Annual #1
R.E.B.E.L.S. vol.3: The Son and the Stars  R.E.B.E.L.S. #10-14
R.E.B.E.L.S. vol.4: Sons of Brainiac  R.E.B.E.L.S. #15-20

Collected Edition TitleIncludes…
Justice League: A Celebration of 60 YearsThe Brave and the Bold #28
Justice League of America Archives vol.1The Brave and the Bold #28
Justice League of America: The Silver Age Omnibus vol.1The Brave and the Bold #28
Aquaman: Death of a Prince – The Deluxe EditionAdventure Comics #451
Absolute Crisis on Infinite EarthsCrisis on Infinite Earths #9
Crisis on Infinite EarthsCrisis on Infinite Earths #9
Crisis on Infinite Earths – The Deluxe EditionCrisis on Infinite Earths #9
Justice League International Omnibus vo.2Justice League Europe #25
Justice League International Omnibus vo.3 [coming 2024]Justice League Europe #26-28
JLA vol.1JLA Secret Files and Origins #1  
JLA vol.3JLA #22-23
JLA by Grant Morrison OmnibusJLA #22-23
JLA/AvengersJLA/Avengers #1
JLA/Avengers: The Collectors’ EditionJLA/Avengers #1

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