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Spider-Girl & MC2 – Collected Editions Reviews

Spider-Girl Vol. 1: Legacy

The earliest adventures of Spider-Man’s daughter from the future – SPIDER-GIRL! May “Mayday” Parker learns the lessons her famous father learned years before – with great power, there must also come great responsibility. 

Collects Spider-Girl (1998) #0-5. 

May “Mayday” Parker (aka Spider-Girl) doesn’t have her father’s over-whelming sense of responsibility, or his skills, or his street smarts.

But she was born with super spider genes and she’s doing her best to make her parents proud. Her learning curve is harsh, but that’s what makes this series so much fun.

A fresh take on the Spider-world that grabs you from the start. The second person POV dialogue parts are a bit weird at first but I got used to it after a while.

This volume left me wanting more. (Good thing as the series goes on for a loooong time after this collection ends)

I’m saying that only 3 of the 6 issues I’d say are essential here, but the rest are still fun and add to the overall story.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5

Review: by Lee Reed, @Reeds_Reads

Spider-Girl Vol. 2: Like Father, Like Daughter

Her name is May “Mayday” Parker, and she recently learned her father was the original Spider-Man. The good news is that she’s having the time of her life as she hones the amazing spider-like abilities she inherited from him. The bad news is that some of her roughest, toughest battles lie ahead – against the likes of Ladyhawk, the Kingpin of Crime, Mr. Nobody, Crazy Eight…and her own parents?!

Collects Spider-Girl (1998) #6-11.

Great stories here as Spider-Girl continues to grow as a character including more details on how Spider-Man retired to take care of family and the injuries that caused him to hang up the webs. 

Peter growing to accept May in the role, while still being very overprotective is a nice touch. 

We get a time travel story with Mayday travelling to the 1960s and meeting her father back when he was “puny Parker” in school.  

The following team up with Spider-Man, Spider-Girl and The Human Torch was just silly fun. 

And really that’s the easiest way to explain this series. It’s fun, light and a breeze to read. 

This collection was a lot of fun. It read like an old Spider Man comic, full of teenage drama and hokey villains. The father/daughter element adds an interesting touch to a standard superhero romp. 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5

Review: by Lee Reed, @Reeds_Reads

Spider-Girl Vol. 3: Avenging Allies

The adventures of Spider-Man’s daughter continue as Mayday Parker faces defeat and disgrace at the hands of Darkdevil, the Avengers and the man named Kaine! Plus: Beset by problems in her civilian guise, Spider-Girl teams up with the always-sensational Speedball to take on Mr. Abnormal, the most flexible felon of all!

Collects Spider-Girl (1998) #12-16, Annual #1.

These comics are so well-written. It’s remarkably easy to fall into the story for a few hours. Spider-Girl’s third volume hits a great turning point in the series with Mayday Parker’s family (adult Peter and Mary Jane) finally coming around to fully accepting their daughter’s heroics.  

There’s always a nice mixture of action and emotional scenes. They balance out brilliantly. But, of course, what would a great storyline be without an amazing lead protagonist? I’m so in love with Mayday Parker. Her character is so fantastic. She has a few cringe-worthy moments, especially some boy moments, but, hey, she’s a teenager. It’s bound to happen. 

Plot wise, after meeting and auditioning for the new lineup of the Avengers (a fun What If style future team), Mayday faces off against the single greatest threat she has faced thus far: Kaine.  

The rapidly aging, but still ferociously strong clone of Peter Parker has returned and has a secret connection to Mayday beyond being her father’s clone. With Peter worried about his clone’s return and the mysterious Darkdevil advising that she avoid the man, May decides to try and prove herself against this new threat.  

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5

Review: by Lee Reed, @Reeds_Reads

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