NEW RELEASES! December ’23 -Indie & Alternative Collected Editions


Zombie Makeout Club vol.2

by Peter Richardson (Author, Artist)

Powered by the mysterious phenomenon of “Black Blood” and effortless gorepunk aesthetics, various youngsters in Death City find themselves tangled up together and pitted against the mysterious organization that seeks to harvest their bodies and abilities.

Collecting Volume 2 of the popular Webtoon in print for the first time.

The Awl Vol 1

by Choi Gyu-seok (Author, Artist)

Set in the latter half of the 2000s, against the backdrop of “Pureumi”, a fictional superstore chain in South Korea, the work unfolds with a focus on two protagonists: Yi Su-in, who has been instructed by the corporation to dismiss workers unjustly;
and Gu Go-sin, a labor activist.

Terror Man Vol 2

by Dongwoo Han (Author), JinHo Ko (Artist)

When Jungwoo’s abilities allow him to predict the collapse of a department store, his ordinary persona is not enough to convince those around him to evacuate. With the help of his caretaker, a Russian woman with a mysterious past, he teams up with a seedier element of society to become…Terror Man!

Get Schooled Vol 2

by Yongtaek Chae (Author), Garam Han (Artist)

With the lack of discipline in schools out of control, Hwajin Na and the Educational Right Protection Bureau have to put the toughest bullies in their place. But it’s hard to protect the other students and faculty when the administration has completely given up on taking back the school. Even if Hwajin is the right man for the job, he will soon find out that it isn’t just students who have never been disciplined that will get in his way.

Collecting Season One of the hugely popular Webtoon in print for the first time!

Alien Books


by Agustin Graham Nakamura (Author, Artist)

Two detectives from Buenos Aires, Mosca and Maia, come to a small town in Patagonia, at “the end of the world”. What is commonly known as Antarctica. They meet Joel, the suspect of an apparently common bank robbery case, who can’t recall his own name and keeps drawing confusing symbols pointing towards “the South”. They immediately acknowledge that something far more intriguing is at play here. As they’ll drive towards Antarctica, they’ll uncover secrets kept hidden for hundreds of years, holding the future of human kind at stake.


Script: Rodolfo Santullo Art: Leandro Fernandez

Pimps, crooks and gauchos call it home even though it’s dirty, greasy and violent. Welcome to a ruthless world where violence is the only love language. A Sin City-esque graphic novel brought to you by Leandro Fernandez (The Old Guard) and Argentinian best-selling novelist Rodolfo Santullo.

Eternal Warrior Classic Omnibus

By Jim Shooter (Author) Barry Windsor-Smith (Contributor) Kevin VanHook (Contributor) Mark Moretti (Contributor) John Dixon (Contributor)

For a thousand generations, Gilad Anni-Padda has defended the innocent and dealt out justice as the Eternal Warrior – the undying champion of the Geomancers, the Earth’s chosen Fist and Steel. An unsung veteran of every war ever waged, Gilad’s hard-fought quest from the ancient world to modern day Los Angeles will force him to the forefront of the Valiant Universe – and into a brand new kind of battle alongside the likes of Bloodshot, X-O Manowar, and his own long-lost brother, the one and only Armstrong.

Book of Shadows

By Cullen Bunn (Author) Vincente Cifuentes (Contributor)

Shadowman. Eternal Warrior. Punk Mambo. Doctor Mirage. The supernatural protectors of the Valiant Universe unite for the very first time to stand against a terrifying ancient threat: Exarch Fane. No one is safe as the fearsome foe has his cold hands on the Book of Shadows.

BOOM! Studios

The Neighbors

(W) Jude Ellison S. Doyle (A) Letizia Cadonici (CA) Miguel Mercado

When Janet and Oliver Gowdie move to a quaint mountain town, their teenage daughter Casey and two-year-old Isobel become part of a horrific chain of events that will forever change their family . . . It’s impossible to know who to trust or who is still human.

Collects The Neighbors #1-5.


Christmas Carol, A

by Jose-Luis Munuera (Author)

In 19th century London, on Christmas Eve, the greedy, selfish misanthrope Scrooge encounters the ghost of his dead partner, who warns him that three spirits will visit him to make him change his ways before he is damned forever. Charles Dicken’s story is universally known, but in this adaptation by Munuera, Ebenezer becomes Elizabeth, and that simple yet fundamental difference, with all the social baggage it entails, may make her rather more unrepentant than her original model…


Red Sonja & Vampirella Meet Betty & Veronica Vol. 2

by Amy Chu (Author), Maria Sanapo (Artist)

Get ready to boogie through time and space as Betty and Veronica find themselves on a trip to… Drakulon?!! Fresh off solving the murder spree in Riverdale, they take a ride with Vampirella and Red Sonja back to Vampi’s home planet. Twin suns! Rivers of blood! Wicked sunburns in the making! You’ve never seen a spring break like this before. But is it a one-way ticket for the fantastic foursome? Stay tuned to find out!

Elvira Meets Vincent Price

by David Avallone (Author), Juan Samu (Artist)

The two titans of horror and comedy unite in comics for the very first time! Dynamite Entertainment Proudly Presents… Elvira Meets Vincent Price!

Vampirella Vol. 4: Red Mass

by Christopher Priest (Author), Ergun Gunduz (Artist)

THE LONG NIGHT concludes Dynamite’s record-breaking 50th Anniversary Celebration of the swingiest of modern space vampires! Our dark heroine is finally home from her Interstellar journey but pursued through the cosmic Gateway by the enigmatic vampire-murdering SHANE who follows a twisted agenda all his own to seek out the oldest and deadliest of the undead and set in motion events which will change Vampirella forever!

Collects issues 22-25 plus 7,8, 15

Vengeance of Vampirella Volume 4: After the Fall

by Tom Sniegoski (Author), Michael Sta. Maria (Artist)

The war between Order and Chaos has come to an end, and as the dust settles, humanity begins the process of rising from the ashes. Vampirella, forever changed, must begin a journey across the barren landscape of a world ravaged by the supernatural…
But is it too late for her to regain her lost humanity?

Collects issues 20 thru 25


by Fred Van Lente (Author), Vincenzo Carratu (Artist)

The hit series returns, cuz you can’t kill a never-ending army of zombies…you can only hope to beat the $%&# out of them! After tragically losing their first Chosen One against the zombie plague, Vampirella, Miss Fury, and what remains of the Project Superpowers look for a new savior — but Ash Williams is an even more reluctant Deadite hunter than usual! This time, the Army of Darkness has ray guns, super powers and a brilliant new general: Evil Sonja, who takes her role of Queen of Hel quite seriously!


Milky Way Hardcover

by Miguel Vila (Author), Jamie Richards (Translator)

An aspiring yuppie romance is tested when a young couple cross paths with a very unlikely femme fatale in the form of an older single mother and ice cream server.

Walt Disney’s Silly Symphonies 1935-1939: Starring Donald Duck and the Big Bad Wolf

by Ted Osborne (Author), Merrill De Maris (Author), Al Taliaferro (Artist)

The 1930s were the heyday of Disney’s second-ever newspaper comics feature: the full-color weekly Silly Symphonies! Fantagraphics’ latest volume showcases Donald Duck’s extended run as star of the strip: from his pranks on Goofy to his battles with Mickey’s naughty nephews―and the unforgettable debut of Donald’s own riotous relatives, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, first created for this strip by artist Al Taliaferro! Also in this volume: the perilous pork pursuits of Zeke the Big Bad Wolf, who with the Three Little Pigs also made his comics debut in Silly Symphonies! Plus dog tales with Pluto… and two tales of Elmer Elephant, one plotted by comics maestros Carl Barks and Walt Kelly! Full-color illustrations throughout


Star Trek, Vol. 2: The Red Path

by Collin Kelly (Author), Jackson Lanzing (Author), Mike Feehan (Illustrator), Rachael Stott (Illustrator)

Sisko returns to Deep Space 9, and it’s the family reunion we’ve all been waiting for—or is it? As Sisko reckons with the sins of his past, the Theseus travels to a mysterious corner of Cardassian space to uncover the secrets of the Prophets…and learn how far the Red Path have infiltrated the galaxy!

Godshock, Volume 2 collects Star Trek issues #7–10 and the 2023 Star Trek Annual by writers Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing (Star Trek: Year Five) with artists Mike Feehan and Rachael Stott.

My Little Pony: 40th Anniversary Celebration–The Deluxe Edition

by Sam Maggs (Author) Jeremy Whitley (Illustrator), Tony Fleecs (Illustrator)

Now, MLP superfans Sam Maggs and Keisha Okafor are joining forces to craft a story about the children who bought the original My Little Ponies, in a tale full of friendship, magic, and toys! Plus, bonus stories by My Little Pony legends Tony Fleecs and Jeremy Whitley.

Best of Godzilla Vol. 1

by James Stokoe (Author), Bobby Curnow (Author), Chris Mowry (Author), Dean Haspiel (Artist), Dave Wachter (Artist), Simon Gane (Artist)

Find out why Godzilla is the undisputed King of the Monsters with these specially picked comic issues from series such as Godzilla: Legends, Godzilla in Hell, Godzilla: Rage Across Time, Godzilla: Rulers of Earth, Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths, Godzilla: Cataclysm, and more!

Godzilla: Best of Gigan

by Various (Author, Artist)

The world will tremble in fear when one of Godzilla’s most ferocious foes arrives! When the technologically enhanced Gigan arrives from space, all other monsters beware! It’ll take the strongest humans, machines, and protectors of Earth to stand up to the brutal blades of Gigan

Collects Godzilla: History’s Greatest Monster #11, Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #6 & 7, and Godzilla: Rage Across Time #1.

NBM Publishing


Arthur de Pins

The day after “Black Friday” at Zombillenium, the employees have carte blanche to devour the visitors, encouraged by management who intends to profit from these gains in new souls. To thwart Charlotte and Aurelian’s sinister plans with her resistance network, Gretchen must first settle accounts with her past.

ONI Press

Kaijumax Book Three: Deluxe Edition: 3

by Zander Cannon (Author, Artist)


Collecting all 12 issues of Seasons 5 and 6, this annotated complete edition spans the vast physical, temporal, and socioeconomic distances between the corrupt Kaijumax prison, the impartial halls of cosmic justice, and the burning skies of a three-pronged alien invasion. From the tony suburbs of the Nebula of the Eternal Sunrise to the monster-battling pits of Tokyo’s underworld, follow the rise, fall, and cruel education of Kaijumax regulars Electrogor, Pikadon, Hermie, Nobuko Matsumoto, Daniel, Sharkmon, Sprinkles the Unidragon―and all your favorites! May their grotesque fates haunt your dreams for millennia to come!

Rick and Morty: The Space Shake Saga: 1

by Alex Firer (Author), Fred C. Stresing (Artist)

What if Goldenfold, not Rick Sanchez, were the supreme intelligence in the universe? Rick, Morty, and all realities face the oppressive power of mathematics, and Rick may never get that perfect milkshake.

Scout Comics


(W) Louis Southard (A) David Hahn (CA) Julianne Griepp

Welcome to the Midnight Western Theatre! Set in the days of the Wild West, a mysterious adventurer known as the Woman in Black sets out to right wrongs and tackle the problems no one else can! Accompanied by her vampiric partner, the gothic duo must confront everything from outlaws, monsters, and even each other!

Collects issues #1-5 of Midnight Western Theatre.

Titan Comics

Rivers of London Vol. 11: Here Be Dragons

by Ben Aaronovitch (Author), Andrew Cartmel (Author), James Swallow (Author), José María Beroy (Cover Art, Artist)

CSI meets Harry Potter in this graphic novel from Ben Aaronovitch – writer of the bestselling Rivers of London supernatural police procedural crime novel series, Andrew Cartmel author of the Vinyl Detective and New York Times best-selling author, James Swallow creator of the Marc Dane series, and writer of five best-selling Warhammer 40,000 novels.

Collects Rivers of London: Here Be Dragons #1-4

The Michael Moorcock Library the Multiverse Vol.1

by Michael Moorcock (Author), Walt Simonson (Artist), John Ridgeway (Artist), Mark Reeve (Artist)

The first graphic novel in this ground-breaking series written by the legendary Michael Moorcock and illustrated by one of the true masters of the comic arts, Walt Simonson. Collecting the first six issues of the Multiverse series, the story sees diverse heroes from Moorcock’s sprawling Eternal Champion series united in a common quest to stop the criminal mastermind Silverskin from destroying the multiverse.

Doctor Who: Doom’s Day. A Doctor In The House?

by Jody Houser (Author), Roberta Ingranata (Illustrator)

This lonely assassin from the 51st Century is hunting for her survival, and there’s only one person who can save her: the Doctor.

The Great Yokai War: Guardians Vol. 1

by Yusuke Watanabe (Author), Sanami Suzuki (Author)

The hit manga adaptation of the 2021 movie of the same name, The Great Yokai War: Guardians is the epic adventure of Watanabe an seemingly ordinary student who inherits the power of legendary monster hunter, to defeat the monstrous yokai rampaging towards Tokyo!

A Call To Cthulhu

by Norm Konyu (Author)

Part comic book, part artbook, part children’s storybook, A Call To Cthulhu is a fun, irreverent trip through the classic stories of HP Lovecraft, the influential horror writer, and a perfect introduction to his work for your little terrors! His stories and Cthulhu Mythos would inspire later writers such as Stephen King and Alan Moore, and today form the backbone of many movies, TV series, books, comics, and games.

The Poetry of Ran Vol.1

by Yusuke Osawa (Author)

Perfect for fans of romance, poetry, and action, The Poetry of Ran is the story of warrior poet Torue who meets disgraced monster hunter Ran, and decides to compose an epic ballad of his deeds!

The Tribute

by Benjamin Legrand (Author), Jean-Marc Rochette (Illustrator)

A soldier must go native to access a strange source of energy, but before long, he finds himself fighting to defend the alien world.

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