Portsmouth Comic Con Spotlight Feature

The Omniverse Comics Guide headed to Portsmouth Comic Con 2023 to take a look at some of the incredible talent, intriguing Kickstarter projects and to chat with some of the creators over the course of the hot and sticky June weekend!

Andrew Clemson

As a UK based comic writer, Andrew is best known for the elves & espionage fantasy series Damsel from DISTRESS and sci-fi comedy series Star Bastard.

As a freelance worker Andrew is always looking for more collaborations.

Check out ClemsonComics.com or his Kickstarter page for more!

Matthew Hardy

UK based comic writer working with Mad Robot Comics, Heavy Metal & Broadcast. We got a chance to pick up our own copy of Thunder Child!

Check out Matthew’s Instagram & Kickstarter for even more goodies!

Will Morris

Will has previously published Castle Gaillard and The Call of the Wild, but we managed to catch up with his beautiful new project Gospel! The story of Matilde – a hero in need of opportunity who finds the devil come knocking instead.

Pre-order your copy of the Gospel trade paperback now and follow Will on Instagram.


As a Scottish based comic writer & artist Ver is currently working along side Quindrie Press with her fantastic awared-nominated stand-alone piece Wolvendaughter.

To find out more about Ver, head to her Patreon and see even more beautiful works, then visit Quindrie Press to order her comics!

Clark Bint

UK based illustrator Clark Bint has worked with Titan Comics, Heavy Metal and BHP Comics. We caught up with him with on his most recent collaboration with Jordan Thomas – Frank at Home on the Farm.

Head to ClarkBint.com for more on his latest projects!

Jordan Thomas

Writer Jordan Thomas is currently producing Weird Work through Image Comics, Xino at Oni Press and most recently Frank at Home on the Farm via Scout Comics.

For even more on Jordan check out his Instagram or to pick up your own copy of his works head to his Kickstarter.

Eoin Marron

Eoin Marron made his debut proving the art for Sons of Anarchy: Redwood with BOOM! Studios. He’s also known for his creator-owned series Killer Groove with Ollie Masters at AfterShock Comics.

For more info check out EionMarronArt.Squarespace.com.

Paul Cornell

Writer Paul Cornell has hd a lengthy career in both comics and TV, having worked on Doctor Who & Elementary. Comics fans will know him from numerous projects at Marvel, DC, Image & Dark Horse, including Captain Britain and MI13, Saucer Country and Action Comics. His most-recent release is most recently on The Witches of World War II with TKO.

Find out more about Paul by heading to PaulCornell.com.

Cavan Scott

Cavan Scott is a New York Times best-selling author whose work includes novels, television, comic books and award-winning audio dramas. He has written for a huge number of high-profile franchises including Star Wars, Batman, Doctor Who, Assassin’s Creed, Pacific Rim, Transformers, Back to the Future, Star Trek, Vikings, Adventure Time and more.

His creator-owned series include the supernatural spy thriller Shadow Service from Vault comics and The Ward, an urban fantasy medical drama from Dark Horse.

For more on Cavan head to CavanScott.com.

Paul Fry

UK based comic illustrator whose name has adorned the covers of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2099 and Star Wars titles.

Visit Paul’s website FrysAmazingTales.com and follow him on Instagram.

John-Aul Kamath

The London Horror Comic is publisher and writer John-Paul Kamath’s ongoing love letter to horror anthologies of the 50’s and 70’s, but with modern twists, settings and cultural commentary thrown in. And it’s all wrapped perfectly within a blanket of thrills and child-like madness.

For the full low-down, head to LondonHorrorComic.com.

Reckless Hero

We managed to catch up with the guys from Reckless Hero showing off their awesome series of comics including The Last Sheriff, Operation Boom and Knights Vs Pirates.

Visit their online store at RecklessHero.com.

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