Hulk Reading Order: Future Imperfect (1993-1998)

Presenting the final five years of Peter David’s original run on the Hulk. There are big changes in Rick Jones' life, secrets of the Pantheon are revealed, the Hulk goes through another change and meets a future version of himself. And a climactic battle with Onslaught literally sends the Green Goliath in more than one... Continue Reading →

When Attuma Strikes! (1964-1965) Reading Order

The barbaric Atantean called Attuma makes his debut, making his intentions to rule the undersea kingdom of Atlantis abundantly clear! Don’t let those bunny ears fool you – this warlord is more that capable of stealing the throne from Namor Sub-Mariner and of going go toe-to-webbed-toe with the Fantastic Four. And even if luck isn’t... Continue Reading →

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