Geekable: Loki S2, E3-4 Dissection

Anas returns to Geekable, this week, to talk about the sheer epicness of PlayStation’s Spider-Man II game! But, of course, we have questions… Will there be Daredevil DLC? How's Wolverine's game going to tie into the same universe? How will Spider-Man III be the "Avengers Endgame" of the story?? What characters do we want to... Continue Reading →

Geekable: Loki S2, E2 Discussion

Didn't go to New York Comic Con this year?? Fret not! Join Nick and Anas as they go over the highlights so you are prepared for all the awesome Marvel comics coming our way in 2024 and beyond! Avengers news! X-Men announcements! The Ultimate Universe! Vampires waging war! Scarlet Witch! Daredevil! Buckle up true believers.... Continue Reading →

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