Showdown (1983) Reading Order

Lex Luthor and Brainiac had been long-standing foes of the Man of Steel for some time. But Action Comics #544 would mark a change of pace them both, upgrading them and making them even more formidable to mark Superman’s 45th anniversary. SCROLL DOWN to the bottom for the KEY COLLECTED EDITIONS for this event! Minor... Continue Reading →

Forever Evil (2013-2014) Reading Order

ARGUS formed the Justice League of America to take down the Justice League if they ever stepped over the line. But little did they realise, another version of the League was trying to break through from Earth 3! The Crime Syndicate have fled their reality and taken over the Prime Earth. In fact, they’ve been... Continue Reading →

Y2K (2000) Reading Order

It’s the dawn of a new Millennium! And one of Superman’s deadliest foes is about to get an all-new, all-powerful makeover. Who could pose enough of a threat to Metopolis that it would encourage Lex Luthor to side with the Man of Steel? And when it’s all over, what will become of the City of... Continue Reading →

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