The Quest For Neptune’s Trident (1965) Reading Order

Another flashback to the ‘60s Marvel overview from our friend Marvelman901! Following a classic clash with Daredevil, Namor the Sub-Mariner finally lands his own regular spotlight feature in the pages of Tales to Astonish (sharing the series with the Hulk). And the first arc meets the theme of… well, pretty much every Namor stories that... Continue Reading →

When Attuma Strikes! (1964-1965) Reading Order

The barbaric Atantean called Attuma makes his debut, making his intentions to rule the undersea kingdom of Atlantis abundantly clear! Don’t let those bunny ears fool you – this warlord is more that capable of stealing the throne from Namor Sub-Mariner and of going go toe-to-webbed-toe with the Fantastic Four. And even if luck isn’t... Continue Reading →

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