Harbinger Wars (2013) Reading Order

Both Toyo Harada‘s Harbinger Foundation and the US Government’s Project Rising Spirit have been competing with each other to locate psiots – children with developing superhuman abilities – for decades. The fight to claim these kids is about to come to a head when Generation Zero break loose and take over Las Vegas. Both additional external threats could interfere with the plans of both organisations, with the unstoppable Bloodshot having turned against PRS and Peter Stanchek‘s Renegades opposing Harada’s Harbingers. It’s about to turn into a bloodbath in Sin City, especially when HARD Corps join the fray…

Major Crossover: With a main mini-series and numerous tie-in issues, Harbinger Wars is considered to be a major crossover. Though the main mini-series can easily be read on its own.

When an issue contains multiple stories, the relevant story is denoted with square brackets. For example [2/5] refers to the second story of the five stories in that issue, so you don’t need to read the other four

Want to keep it simple? Here’s the chronological reading order without story descriptions, or spoilers:

  • Bloodshot #10
  • Harbinger Wars #1
  • Harbinger #11
  • Harbinger Wars #2
  • Bloodshot #11
  • Harbinger #12
  • Bloodshot #12
  • Harbinger Wars #3
  • Harbinger #13
  • Harbinger Wars #4
  • Harbinger #14
  • Bloodshot #13

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Title & Issue NumberSynopsis
Bloodshot #10Fighting through hired agents outside the Project Rising Spirit base in Nevada, Bloodshot and Kara Murphy leads the psiot kids they inadvertently liberated to an abandoned military compound; despite some of the psiots wanting to kill him for capturing them in the first place, Bloodshot is ready to defend them when Dr Emmanuel Kuretich alerts Toyo Harada to their whereabouts…
Harbinger Wars #1

The US Government question the directors of Project Rising Spirit over their psiot team’s recent, questionable mission in China. The Bleeding Monk telepathically offers guidance to Peter Stanchek; a conversation which is interrupted by Toyo Harada. Bloodshot frees a number of psiot kids from a PRS facility, while PRS’ own band of priots known as Generation Zero make their own escape. Harada offers to take the kids into his own custody, but Bloodshot warns him off at gunpoint…
Harbinger #11In 1969, Toyo Harada considers an alliance with PRS when he learns the Bleeding Monk can’t see their future or anything about them; in the present, the Bleeding Monk tells Peter Stanchek to seek out the psiot kids; after a disastrous drunken night at a bar, Faith Herbert convinces her fellow Renegades to find the kids.
Harbinger Wars #2Generation Zero crash a PRS helicopter into the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas hotel and take control of a government strike team sent in to kill them. They know PRS implanted bombs in their brains and may not have long to live, but they’d prefer to die free. In the desert, the proximity of Toyo Harada activates Bloodshot’s Harada Protocols, unlocking new abilities and forcing him to try and kill Harada who sacrifices one of his own people to survive. The HARD Corps are reactivated by PRS to down Bloodshot. And the Renegades head to Vegas…
Bloodshot #11Bloodshot fights Project Rising Spirit’s Harada Protocols while his body battles Toyo Harada. Kara struggles to convince the psiot kids to avoid the fight with the Harbingers. Bloodshot activates his back-up plan to survive the fight with Harada and overcomes his programming before being rescued by the psiots. Kara decides they all need to head to Vegas…
Harbinger #12In 1969, Toyo Harada found PRS spies in the Harada Foundation, then divided to kill PRS director Leopold Carter and destroy PRS. In the present, Peter’s team – dubbed the Renegades by Faith – make contact with Generation Zero. But it doesn’t go to plan and Torque causes major problems when he makes a move on the Telic. One of the Zygos Twins tells Kris Hathaway that Bloodshot is coming to kill them all.
Title & Issue NumberSynopsis
Bloodshot #12Bloodshot stops off at a slaughterhouse to pick up enough protein to heal himself. Kuretich has laid a trap there for him, with troops hacking him apart when he ventures inside while others fill the humvee containing Kara and the psiots with gas. Baxter creates his giant monster to break out of the humvee, then Clem turns the troops on each other. Bloodshot sends out a psynaptic burst which takes down Kuretich and his troops. He returns to Kara healed.
Harbinger Wars #3James gets a scrambled message from his twin sister and believes Bloodshot is coming to Vegas kill Generation Zero. PRS get the HARD Corps back online and drop them into Vegas where they start killing psiot kids. The Renegades attack Bloodshot before he can reach the Bellagio. In Earth’s upper-atmosphere, Toyo Harada reawakens…
Harbinger #13In 1969, Hunter & Griffon accompany Toyo Harada when they confront PRS head-on. In the present, the Renegades attack Bloodshot before he can reach the Bellagio. While they manage to halt the humvee and hold their own against Bloodshot, Faith soon realises the psiots who’ve come with him aren’t looking to be rescued…
Harbinger Wars #4Toyo Harada regroups with his Harbingers, revealing they are the ones who’ve been jamming PRS’ signal to the bombs in Generation Zero. In the chaos at the Bellagio, Baxter’s monster eats Clem, more Generation Zero kids die and HARD Corps are outsmarted, costing them half their team. The US bombers sent to take out the Bellagio (including Generation Zero’s hostages) are destroyed by Monica Jim. Toyo Harada destroys what’s left of PRS, then offers Generation Zero and the other psiots sanctuary. Faith was mind-controlled in the conflict, but is now missing. Eight weeks later, PRS Acting Director Morris Kozol is promoted to CEO and given $116 billion by the US Government to rebuild PRS. The Bleeding Monk admits to Toyo Harada that he lied to Peter Stanchek and taunts Harada over the disaster in Vegas.
Bloodshot #13Bloodshot continues to fight his programming but his clash with the Renegades prevents him from keeping the psiots out of Toya Harada’s hands. After Peter Stanchek narrowly defeats him, Harada shreds his body and insinuates Bloodshot will now be working for him. Soon after, Kara follows coordinates Bloodshot gave her and finds a stash of cash in the desert which she uses to help her hospitalised brother.
Harbinger #14

In Las Vegas, present day, the Renegades’ attempt to save the psiots from falling into Toyo Harada’s hands ends in disaster, but they escape with their lives. In 1969, Carter of PRS revealed himself to be a powerful psiot, killed Griffon & Hunter and unleashed a psionic blast that forced Harada to retreat into his own mind. The world believes Harada dead and Harada Industries were dissolved. Two years later, Harada’s followers found him alive, the Bleeding Monk restored his mind and Harada swore to play the long game to defeat PRS.

Title & SynopsisEvent / Crossover
Bloodshot and HARD Corps #14-17 (2013)
Bloodshot escapes the Harbinger Foundation and reluctantly returns to Project Rising Spirit in return for information about his past; Bloodshot leads the new HARD Corps against Toyo Harada.
Harbinger #15-25 (2013-2014)
Peter Stanchek leads the Renegades against the Harbinger Foundation.
Bloodshot and HARD Corps #22-23 (2014)
Bloodshot turns against Project Rising Spirit and finds himself up against HARD Corps.
Imperium #1-16 (2015-2016)
Toyo Harada’s Harbinger Foundation and Project Rising Spirit go up against each other in their ultimate showdown.
Generation Zero #1 (2016)
The young psiots of Generation Zero continue to exercise their freedom.
Bloodshot USA #1-4 (2016-2017)
Morris Kozol is killed when Project Rising Spirit clash with Bloodshot.
Harbinger: Renegade #5 (2017)
Generation Zero are faced with the threat of HARD Corps once again.

Harbinger Wars 2 #0-4 (2017-2018)
Under orders from the US Government, Omen and HARD Corps hunt all Harbingers, looking to remove them with deadly force.
Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #1-8 (2018-2019)
Bloodshot’s definitive origins are finally revealed, including Project Rising Spirit’s involvement.
The Harbinger #1-8 (2021-2022)
Following the second ‘Harbinger Wars’, Peter Stanchek resurfaces operating without his fellow Renegades.

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